Tor'Fel Hazzan

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Tor'Fel Hazzan
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:


Physical Description





1.6 meters


60 kg





Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):

Single crimson blade

Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):
Chronology & Political Information

Commander and Deputy Commander Air Group


Dark Brotherhood Era


House Tarentum

Known masters:




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Pre-Brotherhood Years


Bakhranah was a Noghri hunter for his clan, and like the rest of his species, he strived to be the best. His fellow clan mates always envied his ability to sense creatures in the area, and also because of the affection of a prime female by the name of Khareklam. It was because of this envy that Khabarak, an older male Noghri, called for a hunt with him to determine his honor for a position to guard Lady Vader. Bakhranah eagerly accepted.

It was on this hunt that Khabarak lead him deeper into the woods, and right into a ambush that the older male had set up. Khabarak and three other males attacked tenaciously, but were each systematically killed. Bakhranah rushed back to his dukha, but only to find out that the other Noghri had accomplices and had turned his entire clan against him. Finding against him, the dukha stripped him of his clan name, and exiled him without honor. Granted a single ship, he left his homeworld and plotted a jump to the farthest world that his fuel could achieve, Duro.

Once he arrived, he was approached by a Duran named Jad Bodge. Bodge ended up talking Bakhranah, who was still reeling from the dukha’s decision, into selling his ship and services towards Jad’s new business.

Unfortunately, the second they entered Jad’s ship, Bakhranah was slapped into slave shackles and was thrown into a cargo hold. Weeks went by before he was on a planet that he didn’t know, and sold into the service of a Hutt.


He never learned the Hutts’ name, but became his property nonetheless. He was placed under the care of a Human named Tornel, and was stripped of his Noghri name, citing that it was to difficult for the announcers to pronounce. Replacing his birth name with the name of Tor’Fel, it was given to him to give credit to his slave master for his wins.

With a new identity, Tor’Fel began training and competing in a hand-to-hand bloodsport that catered to underground gambling ring. That was when it was learned he had an affinity for close combat. He quickly became a popular fighter and prime choice for the elite class of galactic society. It was around this time Tor’Fel was approached by a cloaked figure named Kyden Nakios, a male Hapan that was awarded his families estate in the wake of the brutal murder of his family.

Kyden talked with Tor’Fel as much as he could buy, and began to convince Tor’Fel of a worthy life that was waiting for him to grab.