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Old Republic / Expansion era

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"The dark is generous.Its first gift is concealment:our true faces lie in the dark beneath our skins, our true hearts remain shadowed deeper still. But the greatest concealment lies not in the protecting our secret truths, but in hiding from us the truths of others."
― A lost passage

Old Republic and Past Lives

Egregious has no recollection of his place of birth or his linage. His memory of his past has been augmented by his abnormally long stasis. From What he can remember he was first a slave before he connected with the force. Egregious was being abused in a mining colony in deep space, he decided to fight back. The young pureblood was being beaten for spilling an ore cart. Egregious used the force to torture and kill these aggressors. After he displayed his force ability to his slavers they quickly returned him to the Sith academy on Korriban. Quickly, Egregious rose in his powers with the dark force teachings of the Sith inquisitor. He was sent on many missions to retrieve ancient dark objects and relics.

A Quest For Knowledge and Understanding

After serving the empire Egregious rose in their ranks. His recollection is sketchy at best after the long hibernation in the Oubliette . This artifact from the old republic held Egregious in stasis. The long confinement and the power with in the Oubliette itself cut Egregious off from the force. Egregious last recollection was that he was sent to investigate the secret hidden lab of Naga Shadow. The thoughts of glory captivated the young Darth councilmen, with hopes of power. However the Dark council had eluded Egregious and had other plans in mind.

It's A Trap!


While exploring the abandoned cave complex on the dark side of Khar Delba, deep in the bowls of the moon. Egregious was entranced by something he had never felt in the force before. A Sith meditation sphere. One that had not been completed but still had the ability to crudely communicate with the young dark lord. The secret hidden lab of Naga Shadow captivated the young Lord with hopes of power. However the sphere wanted to selfishly keep the young lord close by and to quell the feeling of abandonment. The sphere had been driven mad by being abandoned for all those years. The sphere’s mind was however broken since it was isolated in the hidden lab for centuries. The desperate contact was overwhelming for the eager sith. Its promises for power and completion corrupted the young lord and made him betray his comrades. It was not long until Egregious was tricked by the sphere to enter an Oubliette (stasis Casket). Unknowingly, Egregious was told that to solidify his powers into mastery he needed to be infused with raw dark energies. Filled with the quest for raw power, Egregious fell for the tricks of the Dark Eye. As Egregious now recalls the dark eye told him to enter the now known Oubliette of Naga Shadow. Unfortunately since neither being had the skill or the will the oubliette carried out its last know command, to provide stasis for the next 1000 years.

Long Cold Ride Throughout Time and Space


Little is known of what happened next to the oubliette. Lost and then found, sold and then stolen all through time. Egregious was now an object. Rumors suggest that infamous Mirialan smuggler,Hylo Visz, was known to be active in the area. And with the Crimson Fleece at her command nothing could stop this opportunistic being. After this, apparently all information is lost with the fall of the Sith empire, and the republic’s consistent effort to erase all Sith artifacts from existence. Egregious calls his finding second birth; he recalls he was lying on an imperial Moff’s floor. Apparent data downloaded from recent holo news source suggest it was Moff Abran Balfour. The moff had collected Egregious’s oubliette.


The Great Escape

The oubliette was opened as it was intended, but something went seriously wrong. For Egregious had no recollections of his past. However instantly he knew he was in mortal danger. Klaxons and flashing lights ruled the room he had found himself in surrounded by imperial forces. Taking great focus he tried to escape but he however failed. Since when he tried to call on the force, he realized it had abandoned him. He was taken into imperial custody where he was constantly accused of stealing the contents of the oubliette. Being tied to a chair and tortured once again reconnect Egregious with his anger. An old friend embraced the sith and he felt the force slowly creep within his cells of his being. As the interrogating officer leaned in to administer an other dose of serum Egregious slammed his forehead to the bridge of his nose. With a flick of his finger and the will of the force he released his bindings. Being naked but free Egregious quickly gained the upper hand. Taking hostages and securing himself in a corvette class shuttle he began to flee off world. As soon as he made his escape, his stolen ship acquired crippling damage leading him to perform a blind hyperspace jump. After Egregious reverted from hyperspace he was forced to put his craft down on the planet of Yridia. Crashing his ship in the ocean near Castle Tarentum, where he was quickly captured by the clan of Tarentum of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Down and out in Yardia IV


Tarentum captured Egregious as he was clinging to the wreckage of his downed craft. Feeling the dark side, and having no allies Egregious decided to let things play out. He was quickly put into captivity, and questioned thoroughly. After his craft was salvaged and was then searched did his ancient light saber and robes were found. Only then did Sith Bloodfyre start to listen to Egregious. The craft is self lead to believe that Egregious did steal it. Egregious was then released on one condition- He was to train under Merlance.

Tarentum and Egregious!

After being released into Merlance's tutelage, Egregious advanced in ranks of the Brotherhood. Having devoted himself to the teachings of the Shadow Academy, Egregious has earned his rite to be in Tarentum. His dedication to promoting the house has been recognized by the house leadership and was recently promoted to Rollmaster of Tarentum. Serving under Anshar and Dranik Egregious is committed to increasing the rolls of the house and mentoring the newest members.

Strange Days and Dealings

Egregious lead a group to help investigate the mountious temple of De’hnaalia. While the original builders are unknown, many think the fortress of De’hnaalia was built by now extinct locals long ago to take refuge in, store weaponry, and as a seat of power. Used later on by pirates for must of the same reasons. Current dating suggests the fortress is thousands years old; possibly predating the Galactic Republic. Evidence to support this was found in one of the caves deep in the catacombs under the fortress. With great effort the members of Tarentum destroyed the Tarcotak. However what the beasts origin and true propose is still a mystery. Anshar used an unknown technique to further kill the beasts spirit presence. Further investigation is still being preformed by the members of the house. The courageous efforts of Jason Hunter, combined with the quick thinking of Egregious, Jason Hunter sacrificed his arm and planting a thermal detonator in the chest of the beast, through the hole created by Egregious's exploding Vibro-sword.