Tol Ziveri

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She's Got It Where It Counts, Kid.
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Tol Ziveri
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

11 ABY

Physical Description





1.8 meters


70 kgs




Black with Yellow Specks

Personal Information
Fighting Style(s):

Dulon 3/5; Hapan3/5; Jeswandi 3/5; Shadow Fist 2/5

Chronology & Political Information

Smuggler; Fighter Pilot; Close Quaters Specialist


Krath Tyro in Prophecy Phyle


New Republic Era; Dark Brotherhood Era and New Jedi Order Era


Clan Arcona;House Qel-Droma;Prophecy Phyle



[ Source ]

NRI Report

Subject: Tol Ziveri

Year of Birth: 11 ABY

Species: Lethan Twi'lek

Distinguishing Marks: Scar over left eye

Criminal Record: Theft - 25 ABY - Charges Dropped (Witness Missing)

Criminal Ties: Tenloss Syndicate - Joined a faction operating out of Black Dust Tavern in 26 ABY

Past Positions: Smuggling Escort Pilot

Current Position: Flight Leader (Death Squadron)

Current Location: Unknown (Missing since 31 ABY)


  • Wanted for questioning in several different illegal seizures and destruction of cargo vessels.
  • Wanted for questioning regarding several murders and missing persons.
  • Disappeared in 31 ABY.


Tol is average size with a fairly toned body. His skin is red and he has black eyes with yellow specs. Tol has a scar over his left eye that he received during his childhood. He is much more attractive than most Twi'lek males. Tol's lekku hang down outlining his face. He has two simple black wraps around his lekku. He normally wears dark clothing and usually a cloak.


While in his fighter, Tol is calm and collected. He is very good at considering his options and acting quickly. Tol waits for the exact right moment to fire on his opponent. He relies more on his flying ability to dodge his opponents rather than on sheilds.

When in close quarters fighting, Tol is cold and ruthless. He has ordered his men to slaughter everyone on board a vessel, when the captain didn't answer a question to his satisfaction. After watching half his crew die, the captain broke down and told Tol everything he wanted to know. Tol then had his men kill the rest of the crew and forced the captain to watch, Tol then sliced the captains throat and activated the distress signal, so that others would see what he had done and know not to cross him.

To spite his ruthlessness in battle, Tol is easy going. He treats his subordinates with respect and sees to it that they all get an equal share of their earnings, refusing to take more than his men receive. Tol is more interested in power than credits. He is very respectful to his leaders, knowing what happens if you cross a crime lord. Tol knows that you have to have powerful friends and an abundance of allies to achieve great power.

Tol's History

Early life

Tol grew up on Ryloth. He had an interesting childhood being the son of a smuggler and the fact that he was Lethan didn’t hurt. He was kidnapped when he was 12 by a rival gang and held for 2 weeks. Some members of the Ziveri clan were able to free him before he was killed. Two of the clan members held down the boss and Tol cut off his lekku. He stood over the crime boss as he wrenched in a pool of his own blood until his life drained away. Tol felt a rush as he saw the crime boss take his last breath.

The next week his family moved to Socorro. Tol passed time on the planet by pick pocketing the people in the market. When he turned 14 he had a run in with the law. While walking through the streets, he slammed into a large Human and slipped his credits from him. As he walked away a hand grabbed his arm. Tol turned to see the Human standing over him. The Human man knocked him to the ground with a powerful strike. Tol reached for a knife in his boot when the man kicked him in the face. Tol awoke in a cell. His lip was split open and there was a cut across his left eye. He was acquitted of all charges when the Human witness mysteriously disappeared.

Life of Crime

When Tol turned 15 he was "officially" taken into the family. He started off smuggling spice from Ryloth to Socorro. He would fly escort for the freighters. He learned to fly a Chir'daki and eventually climbed the ranks of the escort pilots. He was considered the best by the age of 16. At the age of 17, he was on a routine run when the shipment was ambushed by a group of 8 Weequay pirates. Tol’s two wingmen were destroyed but, not before they were able to shoot down 4 pirates. Tol managed to kill the other 4, but his fighter was critically damaged. He was able to punch out and was picked up by the freighter.

When Tol was 18, the boss of his family was drinking in the cantina when a rather large Zabrak forced his way past the body guards and drew a blaster. Tol jumped up and tackled the boss and was shot in his right leg. When he hit the ground he jerked his blaster from its holster and shot the Zabrak in the head. Tol passed out before the Zabrak hit the ground. He woke up in a bacta tank in a shady medical office with a medical droid hovering around him.


While recovering, Tol was plagued by nightmares of his family being murdered. When he was healed, the boss called him to his home. The Zabrak’s gang had tracked down his family and killed them all while they slept. Tol tracked down all the members of the rival gang for the next three years and killed them all. When he was finished he returned to the only family he had left. The boss pulled him into his office and made Tol flight leader of a death squadron, he was tasked with tracking down rival gang's transports and capturing or destroying them. Tol became known as being ruthless and efficient in battle. He proved to be just as deadly in close quarters when slaughtering the crews of the vessels that he boarded. A large bounty was placed on his head and this is when the Dark Jedi Brotherhood approached him.