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27 ABY


36 ABY


Sigil 2


Yuuzhan Vong

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100 Feet


300 Feet


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Built by the Vong during the Vongforming of Sigil 2, Si'Tilk served as the center for enemy activity on the planet during the Vong Incursion. It was built at the site of the destroyed Diadem Fortress, whose ruins and dead were used to feed the biots responsible for the base's growth. Originally built and implanted with a young yammosk to coordinate the Vongforming efforts of the world, it was abandoned along with the rest of the Jungle when the fleet assaulting the Jusadih System departed to aid in the Invasion of Coruscant.

In time, it came to be a haven for the forces deployed on the planet that had been left behind, who would reorganize under Samael Korrynth and Sarak Shai as the Dark Crusaders of Yun'Harla. These Vong heretics believed that if they destroyed House Plagueis, their sins would be forgiven and their faith restored, and so they Shaped it in unconventional and even forbidden ways to suit their needs. While the site served as a hidden base for many years, impossible to scan and monitor amid all the other lifeforms of the jungle and too deep in the jungle to be easily reached or found, it was nevertheless found when Sarak defected after being betrayed by the Dark Crusaders during the Taking of Si'Tilk, and it became the site of the conflict's final bloody battle. Following the conflict, with its yammosk is dead, it was largely modified and retrofitted to serve as a stronghold of the Ascendant House. The facility was destroyed following the Horizons Crisis in 36 ABY.


  • Si'Tilk was first created as a Vong outpost in GJW8, where it was mentioned only.
  • The base was almost lost until the rewrite of Aerun as Sigil 2, which included Si'Tilk as a landmark.
  • Si'Tilk was fleshed out and repurposed entirely for the Taking - it is now kept as a replacement for Diadem Fortress.