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Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

24 ABY

Physical Description





1.53 Meters


95 Kilograms





Personal Information
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Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


House Odan-Urr

Known masters:

Gon Doru



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Shorurra is a Padawan of Odan-Urr and one of its youngest members. Born on Kashyyyk, he is the son of one of The Chosen and thus relocated to New Tython as a young Wookiee alongside his mother. After the founding of the colony of Gradrrbecca, he lived with the Wookiees briefly before moving to the Arca Praxeum to seek out Jedi instruction and learn the ways of the Force.

Character History

Young Life

Shorurra was born in the Jungles of Kashyyyk. His father, a strong warrior, was chosen to become a member of an elite Wookiee unit by a mysterious Wookiee, always shrouded in a cloak when around his Village. Shorurra had a peaceful life on his home world but was rudely uprooted when his parents decided to migrate to the new colonies on New Tython. His father was hand chosen to represent his family as a member of the Chosen.

Growing up on the forest planet of Kashyyyk gave Shorurra an adept knowledge of Flora and beast lore. He rapidly became friends with the local animals even taming a small Bantha that he rode around and called Greccadur.

At the age of nine, Shorurra was relocated away from the village that he had grown up in and into the Shadowlands of Kashyyyk, his father Dryan, was a great warrior of his clan and sought to train Shorurra in combat long before his hrrtayyk.

The Shadow Lands

While living in the Shadow Lands, Shorurra was trained to hunt, gather, and track wild beasts. His father taught him the art of wielding a Ryyk Blade and hunting with a bow and arrow. Silence however was never his strong suit, but he had an innate talent for making beasts allies and using Katarn as hunting partners.

It was not long before Shorurra was a very adept hunter, killing many of the native fauna. It seemed that he was able to kill most creatures with the help of his Katarn sidekick, however it was not long before he found himself alone. When he was eleven, Shorurra was faced with his final challenge before leaving his homeworld of Kashyyyk. He was romping through the forest in his usual nonchalant manor when he was ambushed by a low hanging Gorryl Slug It quickly wrapped itself around the young Wookiee's head and attempted to kill him. When his father heard the muffled scream from mere meters away he rushed to the aid of the young Wookiee. Killing the Gorryl Slug and peeling it from Shorurra's face, he was able to save the young Wookiee's life but the hair on his head was permanently turned a bright white making a mask around his eyes and down the back of his head.


It was not easy for Shorurra to leave his home and go to the Jedi Praxeum, leaving behind his former life to pursue the way of the Jedi. He joined the Jedi order after witnessing the heroics of the Jedi Lambow in the battle of New Tython. After joining the Jedi order Shorurra began his studies under the tutelage of his master Gon Doru.

Physical Description

Shorurra is small for his age looking small and juvenile. His grey streaked brown hair is sleek but still is always tangled and messy. He has a few stripes of white cascading from the top of his nose around his eyes and down the back of his head. His hazel green eyes have small flecks of brown throughout.


Shorurra is a very young Wookiee, and thus has very little experience with the Galaxy. He is very energetic and positive, but is also quite naive. With his growing skills and training, he is eager to help the Jedi and go on adventures throughout the Galaxy. Though he is exuberant, he is also quite reckless and foolhardy, and his upbeat attitude can often get him into trouble.