Gon Doru

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Gon Doru
Biographical Information

Dathomir/Tatooine (Utapau)

Date of Birth:


Physical Description

Human (Adopted Ghorfa) (Tusken)










Ice Blue


Optic Assistance, Vocoder, Left hand

Personal Information

KP Stefan (Sentinel)/Odan-Urr

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):

Gorfa, Dulon, Broken Fist, K'thri, Teras Kasi

Chronology & Political Information



Dark Jedi Brotherhood


House Odan-Urr

Known masters:
Known apprentices:


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Formally known as Telum Vas Umbra, Fistandantilusi, and Gu'ka'ugh'na, Gon Doru was once a Sith of the New House Plagueis and served as the apprentice to Kal di Plagia Vorrac. When he came to be part of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood he was drawn to the Order of the Obelisk, but as time progressed he felt more at home around those of the Sith Order. After he had meditated on redemption it occurred to Telum that his own personal belief structure paralleled that of the SIth. However, Kal Vorrac maintains that he is more like a Sith Marauder of old; according to how Telum worked to meld Sith teachings with the use of rage and a Blade, or a rifle. Once a weapon of the Sith, he has since sought out redemption and become a Jedi of Odan-Urr.

Character History

Destruction Of Hope

Being born on Dathomir usually spelled doom for Force-sensitive males; as a result the parents of Gon Doru, whose birth-name was Kor'Ka, fled to Tatooine to hide from the dark sisters who wished to kill their child. They traded their small craft for a moisture farm and were ready to raise the boy in relative peace. Six months after arriving on Tatooine their farm was attacked by a group of Tuskan Raiders. During the raid Kor'Ka was taken because the warriors believed the child was a Gorfa child. The raid had been conducted because the Chieftain had a dream that these Dathomiri humans had kidnapped one of the Sand People's babies. In later years a Sith Historian would come to the conclusion that the child was mysteriously protected by the Force, or perhaps the Force had a place to fill with this single human. Kor'Ka was adopted into a tribe of Tuskan Raiders. During this adoption he was raised as one of their own. When he was 10 summers old he receives a name after a successful raid on a Jawa village, Kor'ka becomes known as Ugh'Ka "Desert Wraith" as a result of how he acted during the raid. Being brought up as a Tusken means learning how to survive in the desert. These survival skills would later benefit him during his academy years on Morroth At the age of 14 Ugh'Ka becomes known as Gu'ka'ugh'na, or "From the Desert, Death" After taking a human captive back to the Tribe to perform the Bloodrite. The bloodrite ritual allows Gu'ka'ugh'na to display all he has learned about anatomy from the Tribal leaders. As a reward for drawing out the ceremony for three nights he was given a bride. The ceremony marked the day he became a man. A new life was beginning for the young man. Gu'ka'ugh'na knew nothing about where he came from, and had no clue that he was any different from the Sand People. However, during the consummation of marriage it is discovered that he is only a human, and not one of the Sand People. At which point he is violently excommunicated from the Tribe. During the ceremony of Ostracism his prized Gaderaffi is destroyed. It was a symbol to describe his destruction.

Jawa Slave

He is forced to wander the desert to die. Nearing death he was discovered by a troop of Jawas. The Jawa leader could tell that they had a Ghorfa on their hands, yet he refused to kill the long bitter enemy of his people. Instead he chose to take this adopted human into his Sand Crawler and make him a part of their clan. For the next five years he had learned some of the trade secrets of technology and how to better modify many of the things the Tuskan Raiders used. During some of his training a captured Clone Wars era battle droid malfunctioned and attacked Gu'ka'ugh'na. This attack had left the Ghorfa in a state of anxiety around droids. That anxiety developed into a hatred against any bipedal droid that the Jawa may have captured.

Return To Warrior

Then one night a tribe of Tuskan Raiders attacked the Sand Crawler looking for lootable goods. During their raid they came across Gon Doru, who had once again clothed himself as a Ghorfa with the permission of the Jawa Leader. The raiders carried off several worker droids and weapons. When Gon Doru was discovered this enraged the raiders all the more. The resulting massacre of an entire Jawa tribe over the assumed enslavement of one Ghorfa left him feeling lost and confused. After being rescued once again he was taken to the new tribe. When asked from where he had come from Gon Doru explained his tribe had been attacked and murdered by those Jawas, and they had taken him as a slave. This story, while false, served the purpose of bringing him back into the ways of the Sand People. He lived in this new tribe that was more secluded than his original. Over the years Sand People villages had shrunk down into small fractional tribes that used an area in common with several other tribes. Where he had come from the tribe had a history of interaction with Anchorhead. One night at the age of 26 he was assigned to go on a raid of a new comer that had violated a cave nearby their sacred cavern. The raiders, five in all, moved silently up to the cave. Upon entering it they discovered that no one was there, and yet the signs of human habitation was obvious. Just as the raiders where going to leave a blue beam of the sky cut from the darkness. The illumination cast a light cyan hue upon every thing. The attack was over instantly. Gu'ka'ugh'na received a knock out kick to the side of the chin that sent him sprawling.



Jedi Master Tobias had been guided to Tatooine in dream. The 26 year old adopted Ghorfa became a student of this fallen Jedi. For two years he learned a few martial arts forms. Tobias taught him the ways of Dulon, and Broken Gate. After he had achieved a certain level the Jedi tried to teach the man how to wield the Force. However, all that Gon Doru could do were simple things during times of meditation. After two years of being with this Jedi Master he had felt that what he had learned was all that this Jedi could teach him, and had grown to hate the man who had taken him from the ways of his people and turned him into a slave. As a result of these anger Gon waited for his master to be exhausted from a ritual work out with a lightsaber the Jedi did every third night. Gon challenged Tobias to a hand-to-hand combat, no weapons. The fight ended with Doru placing a choke hold on the Jedi. Refusing to accept the Jedi's tapping out Doru simply knocked the man out. Then tying up the once Jedi Master, Gon Doru got to work performing the slowest most vicious Bloodrite ceremony he had ever done. The ceremony dragged on for seven entire nights. The Jedi unable to do much beyond attempt to heal himself was powerless against the rage and vengeance of Doru. The reason for doing such an evil act: Tobias had neglected to teach him the art of the Lightsaber, and this had been the final act of betrayal. The first was trying to force Doru to learn the language of the galaxy. No language in the universe was more important to any Tusken Raider, either adopted or natural born, then the language of the Ghorfa. In killing the Jedi, Gon Doru began down a path that would lead him farther away from the light, or so Jedi Master Tobias declared with his dying words.


Gon Doru then took the flying ship that was Tobias's and decided to make the Tusken Tribe that had betrayed him in the same fashion. Doru landed the B-Wing on the outskirts of town. Dressed as one of the Tusken Raiders he quickly gained entrance into the tribe. He pulled out his old masters lightsaber and promptly began to hack and slash his way through the helpless creatures he waved the weapon like a simple Gaffi stick he had none of the skill his master held, yet in that moment of rage induced fury the Force combined with his emotions fueled his lack of knowledge with the weapon to be the tool to enact vengeance. He slaughtered every single one of them, even the bantha that the Sand People revered.


At 28 he left Tatooine and sought solitude. The B-Wing's navigation system locked on to the planet of Endor. Doru allowed the ship to travel as it saw fit. Research informed him that Endor would be better learn to feel the force, and seek a balance for what he had done to the Sand People. The B-Wing crash landed on the planets surface. All that survived the wreckage was used to create a temporary shelter. A group of Ewoks found Doru and with out cause Doru slaughtered them all. He ceremoniously placed their bodies in a fashion similar to that of the Old Republic Jedi. This ceremony was unintentional, it instead was an act of the Force. He spent the next 2 years as a hermit. Hunting alone with the small sporting rifle and survival skills he adapted from his youth. At the age of 30 after meditating for seven days he awoke and knew himself as Fistandantilusi descent from a long line of ancestors. Found by Dacien Victae while he was out hunting Ewoks with a party of enslaved wookies. On Endor he became known as the Hermit Gon Doru.


Fistandantilusi arrived at the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and was given a series of tests that he did not understand. He was placed before the shrines of the Sith, Krath, and Obelisk and had been made to choose one. Of course each Order had a herald barking out what each Order was noted for. The Obelisk called to him. Soon after he was assigned to the House of Plagueis. Shipped to the planet Kapsina Fistandantilusi advanced through the lower levels of Journeyman with ease. Under the tutelage of Kal di Plagia Vorrac and Dacien Victae Fistandantilusi may have gained a few new scars from their use of the Task Master whip, but these are only badges of office to him.

Let the Training Begin

Training under Sarak Shai had given Gon Doru a passing understanding of Obelisk techniques. Then after the Vong took a leave of absence, Doru still required teaching. Under the tutelage of Kal Vorrac he has begun to grow in understanding, not just of the Force, but of the Outsiders language called Galactic Basic. His struggles with understanding human interactions has left many to view him simply as annoying if not frustrating. As many have bonded throughout the Great Jedi Wars, Gon Doru does not understand the bonds that were created and views much of the Outsider behavior as odd. Without a firm grasp on interaction with others Doru has become slightly shunned. This has given him the opportunity to sit back and view many of these people as pieces on the Darjarik board. The game Kal Vorrac has struggled at great lengths to make Gon Doru not just understand the concepts of the game, but its underlying manipulations as well. The constant teachings and frustrations from failing to learn up to his master's expectations has lead Gon Doru to attept to kill his master a few times. Each time Kal defeats his student, yet does not kill him even though having such a volatile apprentice nearby would constitute a permanent solution. After surviving one of these incidents a fellow member of Primus Pilus had asked him why he attacked Kal so often. The reason was that after Kal had unlocked, in him, the potential to use the his rage and hatred to connect to the Force, Gon Doru felt changed. In that change was the need to experience the exhilaration of passionate emotions flowing through him and becoming an extension of himself again. Therefore, whenever he could not satisfy those desires through vengeance against an enemy of Plagueis he would target his master. Gon Doru has become addicted to the feeling of the dark side flowing through him when he attacks. He has come to understand the value and purpose of learning how to do Bloodrites when he was still a Ghorfa. He had grown from that and came to use what he understood of such a malicious deed and use it to fuel his hatred and passions.

Learners Mistake


During a fit of rage against his master, Kal di Plagia Vorrac, Gon Doru attacked and attempted to kill the Sith Battlelord. This attack failed, and as punishment or reward Kal Vorrac tattooed every square inch of his body in sith tattoos. The skin had been tattooed into a blood red. The Sith tattoos traced their black lines over his flesh. There would be no denying what he was now, what he was to become. His path was set and now his flesh marked that path. His fearsome visage would be covered and robed until such a time as he shall reveal himself to the others. The only person to have ever seen Gon Doru unmasked was Kal Vorrac. Any others unlucky enough to see Gon Doru's bare flesh was quickly dispatched. The only other marking on his body was the hour glass shape that Kal cut into his left hand with the tip of his lightsaber. He may have become the embodiment of the dark will of Kal at that moment, yet he knew that the Sith BattleLord would pay with his life should he ever betray Gon Doru. That day also marked the true death of all the people that he was before. He was no longer the name in the desert, nor was he the hermit of Endor. He had become something else. He had become nothing. He was nothing and would be the embodiment of nothingness. Gon Doru had become SUTEKH, which means Nothingness.


36 Years After the Battle of Yavin, the brash and trolling Fistandantilusi under went the greatest Trail of a Dark Jedi. As a final test his master Kal di Plagia Vorrac ordered his apprentice to go after and kill three of his hated enemies. These people were to die at the hands of this former Tusken Raider for betraying the respect of Vorrac. He hunted these individuals down across the galaxy and returned to his master. The Sith Battle Lord was Aedile of New Plagueis at this time and instructed Fistan in the dis-assembly of these lightsabers. Of the three he took apart Gon Doru had all but one part needed to build his own saber. Therefore he chose to seek out a focusing lens from the Ice Dragon of Morroth.

Primus Pilus

The Summit of House Plagueis observed this 30 year old human learn and adapt to the teachings of the Obelisk and later the Sith quickly. His abilities to set aside his own desire to be reclusive impressed them. They had approached him and agreed to his request to join the Primus Pilus. Even though the Battle Team was recently formed during the time that Doru was an apprentice his continued interest in the members of the Team and desire to assist them when they are in system laid the groundwork to allow him into the Team.


This pearl was uncovered by Gon Doru on an exploration of a cavern system on Morroth where upon he came across a Sith-Spawned Krayt Dragon. This sub-species was named Ice Dragon by the natives of the planet. This pearl was later sliced then and treated alchemically to achieve a better transparent surface and is currently used as a focusing lens inside Telum's constructed lightsaber.


After a battle with first an Ice Dragon, and then an Ice Worm of Morroth the gravely injured Sith barely managed to stumble his way back to the temple of Plagueis. Falling through an unknown door and into a crypt this Dark Jedi began to heal slowly and unnaturally by the extreme presence of dark side energy. The tomb of some ancient, and perhaps worshiped Sith Lord lie dormant. The body may have decayed into a heap of bones, but the spirit was awakened by the undying hunger within Fistan to complete one goal: the construction of a Lightsaber. Through whispers from the Dark Side and nearly spasmodic movements the weapon of a Dark Knight slowly took its shape. Covered in digestive slime from the Ice Worm the very skin of Fistan had begun to fall off exposing first muscle and sinew and eventually bone. Yet despite this his hands finally formed the weapon by sheer will of the Force. When he finally succombed to his wounds his master Kal Vorrac had through dark side powers found the dying apprentice. The wounds for the most part were healed, or fixed by means of cybernetics, and artificial skin.


Fistan had been healed from his battles and once again presented himself to his master. When Vorrac demanded the former Tuskan remove his mask to see what damage had been done by the digestive fluids the Sith refused. Then declaring the false mask as his real face Master Vorrac subdued the Apprentice and created form him a new mask a new face, a cybernetic face that has become the terror to the slaves owned by the House of Plagueis as a face that brings death and destruction to their feeble lives.