Scholae Palatinae Powers

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You must unlearn what you have learned.
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For decades, the Krath Sorcerers of Scholae Palatinae spent their time researching arcane magicks and techniques. Teaching their specialities to Journeymen while honing their own skills. Master Alchemists like Natth a'Niel Palpatine, Master Scholars like RevengeX Palpatine and Master Sorcerers like Arania Lawakiro Palpatine spend their time these days in labs, libraries and classrooms, teaching what they know to the new members.

Yes, the Children of Palpatine have indeed been blessed by powerful members of all Orders. However, as also seen in the Houses, CSP is and has always been somewhat ruled by some of the strongest Krath of the Brotherhood.

It happened in the aftermath of the Unification War and the defeat of Omancor Crask by Darth Ashen, the Grandmaster visited the clans with the Spoils of War. These spoils were dominated by twelve small holocrons found in the private quarters of the Jedi Master. Emperor Thran Occasus received, in name of Clan Scholae Palatinae, two Holocrons and immediately the study of these artefacts was underway. Over several months, the wise Elders and Leaders managed to divine the content and discover that each contained a forgotten Force Technique or Force Power.

Naming the artefacts was done based on their contents and CSP went on to add two Holocrons to its vault. Aside the Holocron of Vengeance, the clan now also has a Holocron of Nature (containing details on the Technique called Plant Surge) and a Holocron of Detonation (containing details on the Technique called Combustion).

Force Techniques

Plant Surge

Plant Surge Tier 3

Discovered in the Holocron of Nature and generally regarded as a light side power by the unimaginative, this power allows the force sensitive to control and accelerate a plant's growth to ensnare, immobilize, or even cause harm to an opponent. This power ranges from causing vines to create a barrier to tying an opponent up and even bending trees to keep foes occupied based upon the users skill with the Force.

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First Tier (Dark Jedi Knights): The user can manipulate lesser vegetation to their ends.

Second Tier (Equites): The user can manipulate branches, vines and the like to their ends.

Third Tier (Elders): The user can manipulate entire trees to their ends.


Combustion Tier 1

Found in the Holocron of Detonation, this violent Force Power is learned by those who wish to cause an object to explode by sheer force of will. The user's strength in the force dictates the size and density of what they can affect with this power. The item will often glow red for a moment before exploding.

Main article: [[Combustion|Combustion]]

First Tier (Dark Jedi Knights): The user can cause small and low density objects, like bottles and glasses, to explode violently.

Second Tier (Equites): The user can cause larger and denser items, like shipping crates and blocks, to explode violently.

Third Tier (Elders): The user can cause larger and denser items, like durocrete walls and durosteel shipping containers, to explode violently.


This page contains the Force Powers of Scholae Palatinae as accorded by Grandmaster Muz Ashen after GJW 9. The details are located in the following GM Report