Salem Creed

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She's Got It Where It Counts, Kid.
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Salem Creed
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

14 ABY

Date of Death:


Physical Description





1.7 meters


73.9 kg







Personal Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood,Evant Taelyan, Koryn Thraagus, Xen'Mordin Vismorsus, Xantros


Jedi Order

Lightsaber Color(s):

Blue Training Saber

Chronology & Political Information



Commanding Officer of 9th Legion - Creed's Fist/Personal Sith assassin known as (The Shadow) for House Scholae Palatinae/ House Scholae Palatinae - Keeper of the Empire – Salem Creed


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


House Scholae Palatinae

Known masters:

Varkain 'Corin' Athanas



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Salem Creed is a Guardian and member of House Scholae Palatinae and is the Apprentice of Quaestor of House Scholae Palatinae and Sith Warlord Xen'Mordin Vismorsus. He was born in 14 ABY.

Salem is an aspiring Dark Jedi of the Sith Order with the dream of becoming a Dark Jedi Knight. Since the day Salem arrived to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, his passion has grown even more for the Brotherhood and for the Darkside of the force. To this day Salem is working very hard on fulfilling his dream of becoming a Dark Jedi Knight. Salem is only loyal to the brotherhood and the dark side of the force, he will help the Brotherhood to victory and success in the future.

Character History

Amidst the goings-on and the constant political turmoil on the planet Coruscant, DarJinn Agonis was born in 14 ABY, to a wealthy family of four including himself. DarJinn's parents were politically involved, his father Rajju Agonis a Senator and his mother Sheema Agonis involved with her husband in various ways. When DarJinn was a child, his sister Shakati was discovered by the New Republic Jedi to be a force-sensitive lifeform and at a young age joined the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4. With his sister mainly out of the picture, DarJinn was given the undivided attention of his parents, mainly his father Raiju. Being a member of the Galactic Senate, Raiju was a very powerful man and he supported his family and their lavish lifestyle in what little countryside Coruscant had, the Manarai Mountains. Though the Agonis family lived there, DarJinn and his dad spent many days (and long nights) in the city at the Senate Building.

When it was time for DarJinn to attend school in 20 ABY, his father immediately enrolled him in a local Academy that focused on oratory and rhetoric. DarJinn struggled through the rigorous six year program, but eventually graduated near the top of his class. At only the age of 12, DarJinn had become a well-spoken, charismatic individual with the ability to persuade and inspire even adults. Though he was not old enough to attend his father's alma mater from his teenage years, Raiju managed to pull some strings and landed DarJinn a spot as a student of the Political Science Academy in the City, a school devoted entirely to political science and the arts, in hopes to raise his son to follow in his politically inclined footsteps. Not only was Raiju keen on living vicariously through his son, should he become a politician, he had a great desire to carry on the family name in politics. At first, DarJinn was excited at the prospect of becoming like his father and even rose to the top of his classes, but as he got older and more aware of his own identity, DarJinn started to see life through his own eyes, and his ambitions quickly changed.

Even in the prestigious Academy, DarJinn became acquainted with a group of trouble makers, some like-minded young men who felt the same as he did. In fact, one of them named Fremoc Oraga was the son of a Nautolan Ambassador, who was great friends with DarJinn's father. Immediately the two became close friends, and spent many a night commiserating about their unhappy lives. But Fremoc, like DarJinn, was spirited and soon he and DarJinn began to venture out into the City, often visiting the lower levels of Coruscant and mingling with the low-level crime “lords” down there. One day when DarJinn was only 15, he stumbled upon an old abandoned warehouse. As he and Fremoc explored the area, he found empty crates strewn about with the symbol of Devil's Kin, an old group of assassins that suddenly went rogue and off the map around the year 22 ABY. Before the two students left the area, they found an old com-link that they assumed belonged to one of the members of the Kin. DarJinn took it and they left the warehouse, but little did he know that that com-link would eventually give him entrance into the most powerful Brotherhood of Dark Jedi ever created.

The Eyes Of The Sith

It had been two days since DarJinn and his classmate Fremoc Oraga had left the abandoned warehouse. When they first stumbled upon the empty halls, they saw only vacancy and loss, but once they found that comlink, they knew things would change. Because he had been the one to spot it, DarJinn kept the comlink for himself, but together the two would spend hours looking over it, trying in vain to crack the complex security code. Though they had the same level of training, Fremoc was exceptional at code breaking, and far better than DarJinn. Still, he had a tough time getting past the first security measures of the communication device. The two would meet after school at the warehouse, mostly just to spend time pouring over the comlink. It had become an obsession for them, especially to DarJinn who needed to know from where it had come and to whom it belonged. For all he knew it was a piece of junk belonging to a smuggler or some other low-life, but something inside of him told him it was important. Little did he know, once unlocked, it would send a transmission to the most powerful group of Dark Jedi ever, the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. One night, as DarJinn looked at it alone, he felt a sort of pulse coming from the device. As he took it into his hands and closed his eyes, his own heart began to race as voices filled his mind. Suddenly, as he gazed upon the comlink with an odd, twisted pleasure, as if the very device was a lover of his waiting to be ravished, DarJinns eyes slowly turned odd shade of amber, fading into yellow quickly from aqua. Dropping the comlink at his feet, DarJinn stepped back in fear, cursing the device. But something about it called to him, and he couldn't part with it for long.

The acquaintance

And so it continued for many weeks. But Fremoc, a more sensible person than DarJinn, began to grow weary of the useless comlink. He insisted it was a waste of their time, and instead focused his attention on transforming the warehouse into a training ground for a group of warriors he envisioned within his mind. It was simply an idea, but the more Fremoc withdrew from the comlink, the more he desired to push forward with his plan of founding an order of warriors under his command. But, only three weeks after the Warehouse Incident, it was a new day and things were about to change. One day, as DarJinn was walking to school he felt a sort of odd feeling that someone was following him, DarJinn thought it was his wild imagination and kept walking. As he kept walking he felt it again, Darjinn stopped for a moment to look back and see if it was just his imagination or if someone was really following him. DarJinn saw nothing, and with a sigh he resumed walking again. As DarJinn was almost to school, out of nowhere a shadow flashed before his eyes. “Who's there?” DarJinn yelled into the air as he spun on his heels. “Show yourself!” The shadow appeared before him swiftly and suddenly a force hold tossed DarJinn into an ally. As he hit the ground, DarJinn picked up a large piece of debris, a hollow pipe, and readied himself for another attack. Suddenly, the shadow appeared before him in a person wearing a cloak. DarJinn gulped hard and brandished the pipe again, his hands shaking with fear. The figure in front of him mysteriously disarmed DarJinn, sending the pipe flying a few feet into the air behind DarJinn. “Fear.” The cloaked man said, his deep and clear voice ringing in DarJinns ears. “You have much of it. DarJinn gulped again and sputtered, “Who...who are you? And how did you do that...” He pointed to the pipe behind him. His voice was shaky and he was rather confused. “My young friend,” he said, taking a few steps toward DarJinn, “the Force can lead us to the discovery of many abilities.” “Then you're a Jedi? You're...a good guy?” The words sounded silly as he spoke them, but fear ruled DarJinn and he could not think clearly. A smirk appeared on the cloaked man's face, “Of sorts. Good,'s all a point of view. But me? I am of the Dark." Surprisingly, DarJinn remained calm and a sense of confidence came over him. “Is it hard to learn the ways of the Force...of the Dark Side?” The cloaked man smiled again,"My young friend, do not let your confidence deceive you. You have much to learn.” DarJinn remained silent, and the man continued, “Come with me and I will take you to a place where you can learn everything there is to know about the Force. Come, take my hand...” The cloaked man shot his right arm out, his hand protruding from his cloak. It was a crooked and twisted hand, either by age or damage, but, like the comlink from the warehouse, it seemed to draw DarJinn in. “But...” He stuttered, unsure how to respond. “Take my hand, DarJinn, and you shall fear no one...”

The Path To Power

DarJinn made the biggest decision of his life, a life more than that of an ordinary person, even a senator. DarJinn chose his path and went with the Mysterious cloaked man, never to look back. The cloaked man took DarJinn to his secret ship that was about to take off in a few moments. As DarJinn looked upon the amazing ship amazed and excited for his new path, his true destiny, never to look back the cloaked man and DarJinn went aboard. The cloaked man looked back at DarJinn as they boarded the ship,"welcome my young friend, this is your first step towards ultimate power"; DarJinn looked at the cloaked man wanting to know more,"May I know a little bit more about you sir," DarJinn asked the cloaked man. The cloaked man stared at DarJinn with a smirk on his face,"My young friend, I am a recruit", DarJinn confused,"A recruit?, a recruit for what?" DarJinn asked the cloaked man. The cloaked man looked back at DarJinn,"Yes, a recruit, a recruit to the most powerful brotherhood, the Dark Jedi Brotherhood,"; DarJinn was surprised, DarJinn knew his sister was a force sensitive and he never noticed anything in him that made him one, for he thought he was just another plain person living in the world. DarJinn asked the cloaked man,"Why me? I have nothing to do with the force, I'm just another plain human being living in the world", The cloaked man replied," Is that what you think my young friend?", DarJinn confused," I don't feel anything of the sort running through me, if I felt the force in me I would know as my sister did when she was young", the cloaked man replied with a smile," My young friend, there is more to you than you know", DarJinn replied," More to me than I know?, what do you mean by that?", as the ship started to take off the cloaked man replied,"In time you will know my young friend, in time"; As the ship took off, DarJinn, never to see his home world of Coruscant again, looked back one more time, then looked forward never to look back again.