The Mighty Stickhatbootman

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Mighty Stickhatbootman
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A short time ago

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His head is a circle


Can't tell--usually hidden by a hat

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Stickhatbootman is the much beloved mascot of Taldryan and an instrumental part of the Tal Times.

A Sticky History

Bootman plus stick.GIF

A Stickbaby

Like all great men, Stickhatbootman came from humble beginnings. He was born one boring day in the land of RL - a mere 2D character on a piece of paper. He spent his early seconds gazing out at the world stuck in an invisible prison watched over by his creator. Young though he was, Stickhatbootman knew there was more to life - more than the piece of paper he was drawn on. Thoughts of escape began to consume his young mind and finally he decided to plot out his escape.

Escape to the Intermanet!

Using his magical powers as a Stickhatbootman, Stickhatbootman waited patiently for his creator to look away so he could make his move. A whole two minutes into life the creator finally turned and Stickhatbootman made his escape. Using his powers he transported himself into the intermanet - the mystical link between the DB and RL. From there he traveled at approximately 128kb/s searching for a new home. Eventually he discovered the Taldryan website and hopped off the proverbial highway.

"Welcome to Taldryan, may we take your boot?"

Odd Jobs

Bootman 404'd

Before becoming the fabled Taldryan mascot, Stickhatbootman performed a number of odd jobs for the Clan. One of his first documented duties was overseeing the ballots for the Taldryan Tallies as can be seen here. Later he took to insulting Clan's that weren't Taldryan. His hard hitting comparison of Clan logos made its way onto Volume II Issue 1 of the Tal Times. Stickhatbootman was also known to work closely with former Dinaari| QUA|/PCON Benevolent Taldrya Whiner on special projects including security detail on the Taldryan site, keeping members from getting lost.


Not Stickhatbootman!

A Mascot is Born

Finally, after being returned the people of Taldryan rejoiced. The Consul, Duga, started an impromptu party to celebrate Stickhatbootman's return and called for a clan-wide vote to accept him as the new Clan Mascot. After a resounding "yay" vote, Stickhatbootman became the first Taldryan Mascot and the rest is history.

Before the Turn of the Tide

Stickhatbootman the Gray


Stickman Style

Question: What the hell is a "stickhatbootman"?

Answer: The Mighty Stickhatbootman is the loveable mascot of Taldryan.

Question: But where did he come from?

Answer: Stickhatbootman was born in math class and used his amazing abilities to sneak onto the internet while his creator wasn't looking. He found his way to the pimpest clan of them all - Taldryan.

Question: Can I have sex with Stickhatbootman?

Answer: Unfortunately, Stickhatbootman is too good for you. Get a life you sick bastard.