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Rook Oorok
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Synalla Oorok


Vooko Oorok

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Born on Uvena Prime of the Seswanna System, during a rapid pack expansion. Rook Oorok made a name for himself as the leader of the Amber Leaf Hunting Party and is a veteran of the Eridian Wars. A lethal cunning and technological prowess had catapulted him to the forefront of his pack and it became, in essence, job security, as he continues to excel at what he does. Following the flow of credits, his skills have been put to use by those able to afford his high price-tag. In high demand throughout the Galaxy, a Jedi Clan, one of seven warring clans of the Brotherhood has contracted him to hunt for them, to train their younglings in combat and tech, and to fill the archives of the Praxeum with valuable intel. His loyalty has been bought and he finds a unique comfort in serving Clan Odan-Urr.

Amber Leaf Legacy

Growing Pack

On Uvena Prime, two Shistavanen Hunters' dreams had come true when Synalla Oorok was finally, after a dry spell, able to give birth to a litter of strong and healthy pups. Five in total, there was an Alpha named Gorin, an Omega named Fooka, and two twins called Sooki and Loko. However, the runt of the pack slowly won favor and became the fan-favorite as the father, Vooko Oorok, witnessed the pups growing determination, strong-will, and superb senses as he aged, he was called Rook. Naturally, this created jealousy amongst the siblings with in-fighting and constant competition. Though small, Rook was impressive, even more-so as he secured his place as an apex predator. While the siblings struggled to keep up but remained loyal and loved their brother, Rook. Gorin despised him and the two became bitter enemies, vying for an Alpha position.

On The Hunt

Amber Forest

Growing up in the Amber forest glades, Rook became the apple of Vooko's eye and a true hunter. Befriending locals, Rook put his skills to the test as a provider, organizing and leading a ragtag group of hunters known as the Amber Leaf Pack. While they were deemed miscreants, runts, or cast-aways, they had nothing to lose but everything to gain. Gain they did. They garnered fame and earned respect throughout Uvena Prime, winning the highest praise of the Alpha Supreme and Chieftain Doogo. They were known as the Hounds of the Dale but this didn't sit well with one in particular, a jealous brother.

Battle of Eridian Plains

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Wolf Of Urr


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