Robert James Durden

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Robert James Durden
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Black afro



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Armory Saber Green

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Mechanic, Smuggler


Obelisk Trooper of Battle Team Blue Mist of House Galeres


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Clan Arcona



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Character History

Robert is a Guardian who resides within House Galeres of Clan Arcona. He was born in 11 ABY on Panatha. Growing up, even as a Epicanthix Robert was still large for his race, and at only 10 years of age Durden was about 6 feet tall. Durden was born in the sleepy mountain village of Nibelheim, but he grew up isolated from the rest of the village children. He felt himself to be somehow better than them, though all he really longed for was friends and attention. His mother, having difficulties, had put him in the temporary care of friends.

At the age of 11 he discovered a new way to play the Centressar strings and crafted a custom way of playing them. He made what he called a guitar, by lacing the strings over a solid body and custom made shape of wood. 4 years afterwards James went touring on the Outer Rim doing a few gigs here and there, but later stopped due to his tendency to get in bar fights and beat people when drunk, once killing his girlfriend beating her to death with a bar chair for talking to another man in the bar. After that incident, he found it hard to gain steady employment and experienced financial hardship.

Seeing his only option, Durden headed back to the only job he ever knew, while looking for a club on Sepros. Durden crossed paths with a young man, mistaking him for the man his ex-girl friend had talked to the night in the bar. Briefly speaking to him, he came to find out the man's name was Vorion and then proceeded to get into a fist fight with him. After getting the feeling that the man was just toying with him, he taunted Vorion into showing what he could really do. For about 12 minutes of being beat around with the Force, he stopped and the man spoke for the second time. "The Force is there, but one has to show you how to use it. Yes, maybe in due time."


Robert is generally a happy and friendly person when not drunk, he loves to joke and kid around, known for his crude humor. But he is also known for his unique sense of fashion and wardrobe wearing various scarves, rings, medallions. He is truly a unique individual, and folks have described him as being Jolly Joe, but is still notorious for his hot temper. He is always looking for a fight and never turning one down even when out numbered and knowing he'll lose.

Upon his promotion to PRT, Robert aka Rusty (a nickname given to him by his mother) took his first ever lightsaber and named it Enobrac.

Finding Eleanor

One day, while on a drunken rant, Robert got himself kicked out of a bar and ended up in an old ship yard. Even drunk, Robert spotted an old, rusted Jedi starfighter. Seeing this ship and and what it could be, he named it Eleanor.

Metting The Captain

At age 20, Durden was on tour playing in the bar The Drunken Drummer located on the moon of Nar Shaddaa where he met a gorgeous Miraluka smuggler captain named Adalia. He came to find out that she captained the smuggling ship known as Serenity. They got to talking and she offered him a job as hired muscle, a heavy lifter, and also as a second mechanic.

Rusty talking to the captain

Rusty also had smuggler's armor custom made to hide his identity, and he wore it whenever he was working with Captain Adalia and the other smugglers.

Durdens custom armor

The Wife

Robert saved a very pretty young woman named Belinda Rosa Durden (At the time Belinda Rosa) one night in his favorite bar, The Drunken Drummer. Belinda fell for his good looks, rare voice, and one of a kind personalty. However, Rusty saved her only to later pass out due to drinking to much. Belinda took him back to her house, kicking off their intimate relationship.