Relentless (heavy cruiser)

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Production information


Technical specifications
  • Destroyer
  • Cruiser
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The heavy cruiser Relentless was in service to the Scholae Palatinae Fleet, assigned to the Starstealer Task Force. In practice, the warship was one of the most heavily deployed vessels in the Clan Fleet.


Service to the Palpatines

The ship was commanded by Captain Salina Duval, previous navigational officer of the Dark Predator. Although a bit reckless in the eyes of Clan leadership, clearly she had a large streak of luck, since she has handled her ship well in all sorts of training simulations. Given her maverick personality type, she was been given the task of being the vanguard of fleet operations, and was the first to be deployed wherever the Clan needs the presence of a warship but did not need the overwhelming firepower of a Star Destroyer. Thus, her crew rapidly gained valuable operational experience, although somewhat diluted due to the constant crew member rotations. The crew had been officially been rated as Regular.


During periods of large-scale combat, the Relentless served as a mobile force, usually tasked with flank security or flanking maneuvers. At other times, the ship was usually deployed as an escort for valuable cargo runs or as a representative of the Clan in various capacities. However, its main mission was to be the vanguard for the fleet, jumping in first, assessing the situation, and reporting back if necessary. In such a role it is usually was accompanied by at least a squadrons' worth of Clan hyperspace capable starfighters to provide local security.

Assigned to First Flotilla, along with the Excidium II, the Dauntless and the Dagger.