Plaid Sadira

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Plaid Sadira
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

12 ABY

Physical Description







142 lbs.




Blue (natural), Red (Dark Side influence)

Personal Information
Chronology & Political Information
Known masters:

Wuntila Arconae



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Plaid Sadira is A Jedi Padawan in Clan Odan-Urr.

Character History

Early Life

Plaid Sadira was born to a Zabrak politician and his wife on the planet Iridonia. His father, Saal, was considered the most stalwart and principled legislator in the Iridonian government, and as a result, he managed to make many political enemies among not only his colleagues, but also among gangs, Hutts, and several corporations that he refused to cater to during his tenure. At one point during his political career, he refused to vote in favor of a piece of legislation that would loosen restrictions on trade between the Iridonians and certain elements within the Hutt Clan, as he did not want to legitimize the Hutts. He went as far as to bring the issue to the floor of the Iridonian Senate, putting the Hutts on blast in an unprecedented display of courage and political tenacity. He delivered the scathing oratory in front of the Hutt's own representatives, which deeply angered the leaders of the Clan. As a result, Saal and his wife Saku were both assassinated within the next month, leaving Plaid, who was staying the night at a friend's house during the attack, orphaned at 9 years old.

Plaid was taken under the care of his godfather, Bendo Torin, who had been Saal's friend and ally in the Senate. Growing up under the care of Bendo and his daughters, Plaid flourished in his studies and developed an especially close relationship with Bendo's daughter, Aris. Plaid eventually fell in with the wrong crowd, and began to spend most of his days gambling in Iridonia's lower district and chasing after the foreign girls who chose to loiter in the area. Around the age of 17, he met Tarus Bal, a smuggler from the planet Rishi that happened to be refueling on the planet. Despite pleas from Bendo and Aris, Plaid enlisted in Bal's crew, and left his home world in search of adventure and escape from his former life.

Life as a Smuggler

After joining Tarus' crew, Plaid began to live a risky and adventure-filled life. Whether he was breaking through First Order blockades or robbing wealthy crime-lords, he was always in the middle of the action. The crew consisted of the Tokka, a wookiee and a former spy; Meena Vao, a Twi'lek slicer; Jace Ordo, a Mandalorian mercenary; Jammer, an R2-unit astromech droid; and Shaesa Benesa, a Zeltronian and former Imperial agent. Tarus, the captain, was a former agent of Jabba the Hutt, and was very open and easy on his crew, easily gaining their respect and immense loyalty. Manning a VCX-100 light freighter known as the Crimson Patriot, the diverse group of smugglers enjoyed life together and continued to thrive from their excursions.

Their was, however, some eventual blowback from the actions of the crew. Repeated operations against the Czerka Corporation's dealings in the Outer Rim began to draw the ire of the corporate bosses. A secret bounty was placed on Tarus' head, and the crew began to withdraw from operations in the outer rim, moving into Hutt Space and basing themselves in Nar Shaddaa, with the hopes that it would provide a good cover as they waited for the pressure to fade off of them. However, they were eventually tracked down by Saylen Nord, a ruthless human bounty hunter from the planet Christophsis. He engaged the smugglers after splicing his way into their apartment, managing to shoot and injure Tokka, but he was tackled by Jace, who attempted to wrestle him onto the ground. Unbeknownst to the team, the bounty hunter was accompanied by a pair of IG-100 Magnaguards and an IG assassin unit. The droids carried out a surprise attack after infiltrating the apartment from the windows, and Plaid, Meena, and Shaesa were forced to fend them off. The skirmish ended with the apartment in flames and the crew fleeing to their ship as Saylen lay unconscious inside the building.

As they were now wanted for questioning by the authorities on Nar Shadaa, the crew decided to lay low once again, this time on the lower levels of Coruscant, the former capitol of the Galactic Republic. After a brief stay here, they were told of the flourishing Kaldean Confederacy in the Dajorra System and set a course for the planet Selen, hoping to seek refuge there in exchange for their services. Within weeks, Plaid was given a role as the apprentice of former consul Wuntila Arconae, as a result of Wuntila sensing his connection with the Force. The rest of the crew were given amnesty by the Selenian government and were allowed to function as privateers.

Life as a Sith

Plaid's training as a Sith brought along with it a great deal of internal conflict. The lust for power and the ability to enhance personal gain greatly appealed to the young Zabrak; however, the trampling of innocents and the lack of justice caused Plaid to have several conflicting thoughts about his new role. As the son of a passionate politician that was dedicated to the tenets of justice, freedom, and compassion, Plaid was forced to reevaluate all of the ideals that were instilled into him by his father. Despite all of these things, he hesitantly embraced his training, becoming a potent force-wielder and a skilled duelist. Wuntila, a giant of a man who was both respected and feared among his fellow Arconans, was an excellent teacher. While his training methods seemed unorthodox and at times, even harsh, his strictness forced his new apprentice to excel at rapid speeds. Not only did Wuntila train the young Sith physically, but also in the intellect; the former Consul was an intellectual at heart, who passed on his ideas of philosophy, and his extensive knowledge of political maneuverability, to his new apprentice. Plaid was expected to hone his skills as a duelist, but he was also expected to sharpen his mind, and treat it as a weapon.

While never developing an extremely casual relationship, the two did indeed begin to develop a bond, based on mutual respect and a shared interest in propagating their power and furthering their dominance and philosophy. The two began to go on missions that ranged from anything to espionage to investigating ancient Sith locations (on one expedition, the two were even forced to do battle with an ancient Tarentatek). These missions began to cement Plaid's place at Wuntila's side, and his power grew exponentially, causing him to cast off most of his doubts and conflicts about his new life.

As the two continued to strengthen their shared bond through this training, Wuntila began grooming Plaid, hoping to project his new apprentice into the position of Quaestor of House Galeres. Plaid was also fond of this idea, and the plan was set into motion. However, this bid for power was put on hold, and ultimately abandoned, as a result of one new factor: the Twelfth Great Jedi War.


Clan Arcona saw a lot of the frontline action during the war.

Redemption: Joining Odan-Urr

Physical Description

Plaid has a moderate muscular build. His white skin is splattered with the tribal tattoos of his lineage, typical of his species. Also typical of Zabraks are his horns: 6 horns form a crown around his head, with some smaller horns in between. His low-ridged nose rests just above his natural-shaped mouth, which often finds itself in a neutral expression; his red eyes, the left eye accompanied by a vertical scar, do nothing to subtract from this rugged but youthful impression. The first two-thirds of his head is bald; the back of his hair is covered by a cluster of pulled-back, thin dreads. His natural hair color is black, but some of the dreads themselves are dyed white.

As far as apparel goes, Plaid has adopted a variant of the Jedi robes provided to him by Clan Odan-Urr. In battle, however, he prefers to don his custom Phase-II clone trooper armor.



R3-B5 is Plaid Sadira's personal astromech droid. The droid is programmed with a male designation, and he belonged to a Jedi during the Clone Wars. Plaid Sadira rescued the droid from a burning transport during his days as a smuggler, and he and the droid have been together ever since. Despite being an R3 unit, R3-B5 has not received a memory wipe since his days in the Old Republic. He has been modified to have much greater independence and personality parameters than most astromech droids, and while this can sometimes lead to frustration for Plaid on the occasions that R3
disobeys him, it is often an asset during moments when the droid needs to make important decisions in a short period of time. Additionally, despite being an R3 unit and having the body of an R3 unit, R3-B5 has an R2 unit dome. It is unknown if this was intended by the manufacturer or if it was a modification made by a third party.