Perdition (carrier)

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Production information
Product line:


Technical specifications
Hyperdrive rating:
  • Class One
  • Backup: Class Ten
Navigation system:

Verpine Navigator SPS

  • Heavy turbolasers
  • Turbolasers
  • Ion cannons
  • Assault concussion missile tubes
  • Tractor beam projectors
  • Two starfighter wings
  • Two shuttles
  • 2,000 crew
  • 50 gunners

800 pilots and troops

Cargo capacity:

1,500 metric tons


Six months


Starfighter Corps HQ

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Perdition was a carrier under the juresdiction of the Clan Plagueis Naval Command. She was acquired after the Eighth Great Jedi War to help replace Plagueis' crippled Navy. She was chosen as the ship to design the Plagueian Fleet around until she was moved to a secondary role under the reign of Alaris Jinn di Plagia. Following that, Kal Vorrac turned the Perdition into the mobile headquarters of the Jusadih Starfighter Corps. She was eventually destroyed during the fall of Jusadih during the Horizons Crisis.

Command Crew

Commanding Officer

Garrad Reynolds

  • Species: Human
  • Birthplace: Corellia
  • Height: 1.73 M
  • Weight: 82 Kg
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Brown

Reynolds was born in 23 BBY, just before the rise of the Galactic Empire. Reynolds was encouraged to join the Imperial Academy by his parents so that they could become more influential and possibly gain the Emperor's ear. Their dreams were never realized for by the time Reynolds was a Lieutenant, the Emperor was killed by Anakin Skywalker.

Reynolds initially continued to serve under Grand Admirals Thrawn and Pallaeon, but grew weary of losing wars against New Republic and eventually resigned his commission in 17 ABY, two years before Pallaeon signed a treaty with the New Republic. Reynolds purchased an old YT-2000 light freighter and began to explore the outer rim with an old friend of his, something he had never had the opportunity to do before.

In 28 ABY, while out in the rim, the ship came under attack by pirates. The small freighter was boarded and Reynolds' friend was killed. Empowered by adrenaline, Gerrad used his only side arm and effective drove the pirates from his ship. The damage, however, had already been done. His friend was dead and the ship's hyperdrive was damaged beyond compare and the sub-lights didn't have enough fuel left to get him to the nearest habited planet.

He was set to kill himself when a Victory-Class Star Destroyer came out of hyperspace with transponder codes he didn't recognize. The ship had clearly been upgraded and rebuilt several times. When the freighter was discovered, a shuttle approached from the VSD and boarded him. A man in black robes approached him and along with the Storm Troopers accompanying him, took him into custody. After they discovered his Military History, they offered him the choice of either joining the Clan Plagueis Navy or death.

He was placed as the XO of the FFC Perdition because of his combat and tactical history, and eventually, after the original CO angered Lieutenant Supreme Commander Yzarc Rellik Kaeth, Reynolds was promoted to Captain and given command of the Carrier.

Bridge Crew

  • Executive Officer: Cdr. Kyle Harper
  • Navigation: Lt. Kip Tringo
  • Communications: LCdr. Kimberly Rivers
  • Weapons Commander: Lt. Bradford Cliff
  • Hanger Bay Chief: JCPO. Nil Branta


Construction of the Perdition began in late-mid 19 ABY. Among the first ships constructed it received one of the few inspections of its future Dark Jedi masters. The ship was sent to the Roche asteroid belt to be further upgraded by the Verpine. As the Brotherhood regrouped from its disastrous Eighth Great Jedi War the Perdition was placed under the control of Clan Plagueis and served as the primary carrier. When Alaris Jinn took command of the Jusadih Starfighter Corps he was assigned the Perdition as his Headquarters.

Ship Designation

Perdition served on Task Force Oberon as part of the Offensive Designation. At the 2nd Battle of Kapsina, the Perdition's Fighter and Bomber Compliment successfully kept the JIC/Tide fighters at bay while the Carrier itself fed power into Omicron Platform to help boost its firepower and to boost a signal sent to Alaris Jinn on board the Ballista.