Orb of Pomojema

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The Orb of Pomojema


In Mimban mythology, Pomojema was a minor god who acted as a healer. The priests of Pomojema were suspected of performing acts of healing enhanced by the use of a legendary crystal. The Temple of Pomojema, originally located on Mimban, was the fabled resting spot of an immense crystal. A monstrous pyramidal ziggurat, the original building appeared to be made of cast iron, not volcanic rock. The building was old and decaying and was guarded by a hulking reptilian lizard-creature. The Temple of Pomojema was the site of Luke Skywalker's first duel with Darth Vader.

After a series of strange events that were never fully documented, House Ektrosis became the owners of the Kyber crystal, and renamed it the Orb of Pomojema. Instead of building a recreation of the original cast iron temple, the Ektrosians built their own structure to house the giant crystal, which had been discovered to have bizarre force powers. The temple was constructed of large stones, and during the Brotherhood’s split with the Emperor's Hammer, it was moved piece by piece into Transport ships and flown to Etkrosis’ new home.

The crystals true abilities only build upon its massive appearance. It can detect the imprint of the Light Side in Jedi and then quickly extinguish it, usually destroying the offending Jedi. It also has the power to heal and focus Dark Jedi on their tasks. Finally, it increases the power of a Dark Jedi exponentially. For all of the Orb's power, however, prolonged use of it will annihilate the user, and most of its powers require the user to hold it.

In 37 ABY a Cult of Dark Siders stole the Orb from its emplacement on the Caeluisian moon of Ostara. These cultists shattered the Orb in an attempt to use its crystals for their own perverse arcane uses. Taldryan recovered many of the larger pieces and destroyed those who had stolen from them but the damage was done. These Pomojema Shards are now awarded to the most loyal Taldryanites, the Taldrya, and are rumored to connect them across great distances.

The Orb of Pomojema was a possession of House Ektrosis and Clan Taldryan when the Brotherhood was part of the Emperor's Hammer. As already noted above, it moved with the Clan following the Exodus.


  • Mejas Doto created the Orb of Pomojema in September 2000 while a Jedi Hunter in Ektrosis. As Tetrarch of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse Phyle, Mejas sought to create an object that his Phyles could battle over.
  • The Taldrya-specfic item available for purchase by authorized buyers as of 39 ABY at the Ornamental Oddments store are the Pomojema Shards resulting from the shattered Orb of Pomojema in recognition of the longevity of this artifact