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Pre-Republic era

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The Obscuration
Conflict: Okemi turns insane and is challenged by Tiamat who seeks the use the power of the star Ante to stop him.
Date: 2950 BBY
Location: Antei



Sith and Obelisk cultists

Krath cultists




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"Legend refers to these titanic events as the Obscuration."
Antei System description

The Obscuration occurred in 2950 BBY when the Krath High Priestess Tiamat attempted to harness the power of the star Ante to destroy the Sith Lord Okemi. Ferran, under the mind control of Okemi, slew Tiamat interrupting the ritual and bringing about the collapse of Ante and the destruction of the Star Chamber. The only person to survive the event was the now insane Okemi who survived in the bowels of the Dark Hall until disturbed by the Dark Brotherhood millennia later.


The Obscuration began circa 2950 BBY when the sorceress Tiamat apparently lost control of a Krath ritual meant to harness the power of stars. The term has come to generally refer to events which took place at the time and concluded with Tiamat's death. It also, though less accurately, refers to the period spanning some 3,000 years during which nearby Antares pulled the Antei System's bodies into its own orbit forming a composite system.

The name Obscuration stems from the events that unfolded during the actual ritual in which Ante, the primary star of the Antei system, was unnaturally altered by Tiamat. Seeking the star's power for her own, the sorceress attempted to create a conduit between herself and Ante. When the ritual spiraled out of control, the dark Force energies unleashed upon the star caused it to rapidly burn through its hydrogen fuel after which it fell dark and entered classification as a black dwarf.

Ante would later become known as the Dark Star as it emitted but the faintest light. Antares ascended as the star responsible for life in both systems as they merged. Many worlds were lost during the merger as planetary bodies collided with each other's in their new orbits. The system, now referred to collectively as the Antei System, is now stable and no further collisions have been calculated nor foreseen.




  • Ferran, Obelisk High Commander


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