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cluster of asteroids

Orbital period:

426 standard days


Barely tolerable. 70% N2, 25% O2, 1% Ne, 4% other (CO2, H2SO4, Halogens, O3 etc)





Primary Terrain:

Moutainous, Barren

Native species:

none indiginous


less than 1,000

Major exports:

ditanium, sulfur, halogens, exotic mineral deposits


Dark Jedi Brotherhood, Taldryan

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Merach is an inhospitable planet that is rather rich in mineral wealth. Taldryan won this planet through its victory in the Seven Day War, a skirmish between the Clans of the Brotherhood over who would retain rights to the rich deposits on the planet's surface.

Planetary Deed to Merach


Merach is a large terrestrial type planet. It circles the parent star, Moroketh. Moroketh is a small red dwarf star, and Merach has a close orbit. The proximity to the star has left the planet tectonically active, with extensive volcanic fields and rift-type lava plateaus. Tidal effects contribute to the intense volcanism observed.

The planet is fairly inhospitable, with elevated pressures and temperatures. The atmosphere tends to be highly corrosive due to the high oxygen/ozone and sulfuric acid content. Daytime temperatures can vary from 31 deg. C in the highlands to a blistering 68 deg. C in the low valleys. As well, the planet has extensive sulfuric acid rain, frequent lightning storms of strong intensity, and high pressures in the low valleys.

The planet possesses very little in the way of flora and fauna, although some chemosynthetic bacteria do exist in the harsh upland regions. Some vegetation has been able to adapt to this environment, mostly in the upland areas.

Merach is known to possess ditanium veins, as well as a rumored Adegan crystal deposit somewhere near one of the active volcanoes. The highly active (and reactive) environment makes for a unique assemblage of industrial resources for the well-equipped prospector. Pyroclastic flows, lava, and ejecta make prospecting difficult and dangerous. However, the resources make such endeavors profitable.

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