Mehrunes Dagon

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Mehrunes Dagon
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6ft 2in


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Jedi Hunter


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Clan Plagueis, Dark Jedi Brotherhood, House Exar Kun

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Mehrunes Dagon is a Jedi Hunter in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, and a member of House Exar Kun of Clan Plagueis.

Life On Coruscant

0 ABY - 11 ABY

Mehrunes Dagon was born on Coruscant in the year 0 ABY. He was the son of rich merchants, Arthas and Cassandra Dagon, on Coruscant.
Coruscant, the place where Mehrunes was born and raised
His life was very good as a child, but at around the age of six his parents divorced, and after much debate and multiple trips to the local court circuit, they split the family fortune, both staying equally wealthy. After his parents split, Mehrunes spent much time traveling from house to house, as he was constantly being handed off from one parent to another. But, during the whole ordeal one thing remained a set in stone reliability for the boy, and that was his grandparents. Living very close to his mother, Mehrunes spent much time with them, as they were always kind and supportive.

Mehrunes went to school against his parents wishes, for it was not fit for a child of high class to go to school with the middle class, but Mehrunes always wanted to fit in and be normal like any other child. He spent the first five years of schooling in a public system, that his noble parents despised. But he eventually began to rebel and his parents saw fit to put him into a private school, where he would spend four years.

But all this changed at the age of 11 when The Jedi Praxeum was built on Yavin 4 by Luke Skywalker. At this time Mehrunes' parents wanted nothing to do with the boy, he had become a pest to the both of them, and against his grandparents wishes, he was sent to Yavin 4 to become a Jedi, as well as to be out of his parents hair.

Path of a Jedi

11 ABY- 26 ABY

At the new Jedi Academy, Mehrunes trained under many masters. He was young, and so he could be shaped, and taught many aspects of the force. He became a padawan at the age of 15, and was assigned to the Jedi Master Cassandra Iradia, a fellow Human.
Mehrunes Dagon, a young Jedi
Master Iradia taught Mehrunes many things about the nature of the force, and the history of the jedi order, and took him on many missions, traveling to many reaches of the galaxy. It was not long before Mehrunes had completely forgotten about his life on Coruscant, and was consumed by the teachings of the Jedi, but he did occasionally think about his grandoarents, who he missed very much. Finally when Mehrunes was 20 years of age, his time as a Padawan had ended and he became a full Jedi Knight, the year was now 20 ABY.
Jedi Knight Mehrunes Dagon
Mehrunes continued to do the bidding of the new masters of the Jedi order, he worked hard, and was still learning much about the force. This is when he met Mal-Dor Lakar, a twi'lek jedi initiate, 14 years of age, who was to become Mehrunes' first apprentice.

Mehrunes trained his padawan well, and taught much about the force, he also trained his padawan in lightsaber combat. His apprentice was very eager to learn, and was constantly asking his master for more lessons, and more missions. Merhunes took his padawan on multiple missions with him, it was during one of these missions that Mehrunes lost his right arm, and had his eyes burned. The two jedi were on Raxus Prime, investigation reports of a droid army being built. Mehrunes was captured by a large group of bounty hunters when they threw Molten Cortosis at him. The cortosis got into Mehrunes' eyes, can he had to use the force to keep himself from going blind, the cortosis also melted the flesh off his right arm, which had to later be removed. Luckily his apprentice was able to free him, and they escaped the planet safely.

Death of an Apprentice

On another mission to Coruscant, Mehrunes made a decision to look for his family. He asked around, and finally found out where they were living. Not wanting his apprentice to know what he was doing, he instructed him to wait at the local Cantina. Mehrunes found his family, who no longer even recognized him, they had not changed at all since he was a child and still wanted nothing to do with him. Mehrunes was outraged, but he accepted their decision and returned to the cantina, only to find his apprentice dead in a back alley nearby, killed by a local street gang for his lightsaber.

Mehrunes sought out the gang and killed them all, he took the lightsaber back and kept it as a reminder of his failure to save his apprentice.

The Fall to Darkness

Mehrunes' fall happened in 27 ABY when he got news of the Vong attack on Coruscant. He cared not for the death of his parents, but for his grandparents, whom he had loved so dearly. He traveled to Coruscant and attempted to locate any surviving family members, but he found none, he was now alone in the galaxy, the last surviving member of the Dagon line.

After the death of his family, Mehrunes left the order to try and find peace with himself. He traveled the galaxy, and turned his back to the force, refusing to use it, and unlearning the teachings of the jedi order.

Jusadih System

28 ABY

It was during this period of time that Mehrunes stumbled on the Jusadih system. By this time he was 28 and he knew what he wanted to do, he wanted revenge, he wanted to make the Vong pay for what they had done, to his family, and to his home world. So Mehrunes enlisted in the Jusadih military, where he hoped he could take a stand, and fight for his deceased family.

Battle of Aerun

One important battle that Runes served in was the battle of Aerun, where he was stationed as a scout working to help explore the jungle for possible sites to colonize. While he was out on a patrol, the Vong launched an attack. During the invasion he was posted at the Ash Citadel, and he fought bravely, he lost many friends during the battle, and gained many scars, but he survived to fight another day.

Special Forces

During his time in the military Runes advanced very quickly, and this did not go unrecognized by his superiors, after about half of a year he was transferred to special forces. Merhrunes displayed an excellent array of skills in the special forces division of the Jusadih military, and soon got the attention of a Dark Jedi by the name of Kal Vorrac. Kal saw the force potential in the young soldier, and after doing some background research he quickly realized what hate he must be harboring, after his family being murdered and his home world captured.

Kal made a swift move and took Runes to the Shadow Academy, where he would train and take on the new persona of the Dark Jedi Mehrunes Dagon.

After graduating from the Shadow Academy, Mehrunes was 29 years of age and was sent to House Exar Kun of Clan Plagueis, where he would continue his training as a Dark Jedi, while being closely advised by Vorrac.

The Brotherhood

29 ABY - Present

Mehrunes was transferred to house Exar Kun after passing the test of lore, and was soon given his first promotion, to a novice, after talking to the Consul of Clan Plagueis, Braecen Kaeth, about being put in a leadership position. Soon after that Mehrunes took his order into consideration. When first joining the brotherhood, he had been quite rushed, and quickly decided on becoming a sith, but after thinking for a time, he realized the importance of Knowledge over plain power, and consulted the Headmaster to have his order changed to that of the Krath, and his favorite color changed to purple.

Apprentice of Braecen

"'Now... a position I can offer you. And I would like you to consider... is Apprentice. No, not a demotion. But to serve as my pupil in a Master-Apprentice relationship. The choice is yours.'"
―Braecen Kaeth to Mehrunes Dagon

Not long after his promotion to Novice, Mehrunes was contacted by none other than Braecen Kaeth, who offered him a position as his Apprentice. Mehrunes quickly accepted Braecen's proposal and his training began immediately, under Braecen's careful guidance Mehrunes was soon promoted to Acolyte. Mehrunes continued to work hard and hone his skills within the Brotherhood, he soon became an active know member of Clan Plagueis and spent much time focusing on his training. His work did not go unnoticed, and he was soon promoted again the rank of Protector.

Battle Team Exar's Shadow

Around the same time that Mehrunes became the Apprentice of Braecen he was also recruited by Cethgus Incendia Zor-El into Exar's Shadow. He is currently still a member of Exar's Shadow and serves them proudly.

Mehrunes, in his Battle Team Exar's Shadow armor

A War Not Fought

Shortly after his promotion to Guardian, Mehrunes left the brotherhood on a journey of his own, so that he may find peace with himself and quiet the doubts that had been slowly building in his mind. So Mehrunes stole a fighter and left the system, only to journey the galaxy and attempt to find peace with himself.

His journey eventually took him to korriban, where he wished to study the stories of the ancient sith lords, hopefully hearing there tales of greatness would settle his uneasy feelings over what he was becoming. He became particularly interested in the path of Darth Bane, he was amazed that one person was able to reshape the sith, forever.

Mehrunes dove into any work he could find that included bane's teachings, he followed the path of the dark lord, from his early life all the way to his rise as dark lord of the sith, and he finally saw the power that could be obtained through his devotion to the Dark Side of the force.

With his uneasy feelings subsided, Mehrunes returned to the brotherhood a new man, devoted deeply to the teachings of the Sith and those of Darth Bane. In his absence the brotherhood had fallen into war, and had finally reclaimed Antei. The war had done a good job of purging his former clan of the weaker Jedi, but the most familiar faces were still surviving and Mehrunes fit back into the day to day affairs of the clan as if he had never left, but he could feel eyes on him, and he knew that behind his back the younger students had begun to call him a deserter, he did not care though, he had finally found himself and his purpose, to serve the Sith and spread the teachings of the great Darth Bane, he would even take his name as a title and prove to the rest of the clan that he was stronger then he had been when he left.

A Leader is Born

After the former battle team leader Octavia Kuga was promoted to Aedile of House Exar Kun Mehrunes applied for this position. Because of his passed experience as one of Octavia's flight leaders, as well as his solid plans for the future of the team, Mehrunes was made the new Battle Team Leader of Battle Team Exar's Shadow.

Physical Appearance


Mehrunes is a Human male who served in the army so he is fairly muscular, although not overly so. He is pale skinned with short dark brown hair, as well as eyes that change from gray to icy blue when he uses the force. He stands at about 6'2, and weighs about 190 pounds, his body is well filled in and is quite imposing to a normal sized Human. Mehrunes is still young, and his body shows it his skin is wrinkle free, and there is not a Grey hair on his body. He is in his prime.


Mehrunes, in his Dark Brotherhood Robes

Mehrunes can often be seen in either his Brotherhood Robes (left), or his Exar's Shadow armor(Right), not often is he seen in anything else, except when he is battling in the ACC, at those times he chooses to wear a baggy black tunic, along with baggy flight pants, as they provide optimal mobility.

Distinguishing Marks

Mehrunes' arms and legs are filled with scars of various shapes and sizes from various accidents, he also had a broken knuckle that is a bit pushed into his hand compared to the rest. The most obvious marks though are his many freckles.

Personal Possessions

Mehrunes has a few notable possessions. The first being his DL-44 blaster that he received while serving in the Jusadih Military. The second is a medallion in the shape of Coruscant, it also has the symbol of the Old Republic on the back. Mehrunes got the medallion off the body of a fellow Coruscantian solider who died in the battle of Aerun. The final possession is his former Padawan's lightsaber that he keeps to remind himself of his failure.


Mehrunes is very proud to have reached the rank of Protector fairly quickly, it only took him 21 days to be promoted four times.