Mechronage Saltherion

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Mechronage Saltherion
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12 ABY

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240 lbs.



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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Clan Tarentum

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Sith Warrior Scion Altera



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"It is I who seek power, and it is I who must obtain it."
―Mechronage Saltherion

Zenith Shearack was a Trandoshan born in 12 ABY on the planet of Trandosha. He was raised and trained by his parents Shaseeth and Harethe Shearack, two of the greatest Trandoshan hunters and poachers of the Wookiee species in all the history of Trandosha and the Trandoshan species. After his family and clan was slaughtered in front of him, he exiled himself and changed his name to Mechronage Saltherion. Soon after, he was found by a cloaked figure that he would soon learn to be Scion Altera.

Character History


Zenith Shearack was born on the planet of Trandosha (also known as Dosha or Hsskor) in the year 12 ABY. Zenith was raised with his twin brother Zenothe Shearack. His parents Shaseeth and Harethe Shearack, two of the greatest Trandoshan hunters and poachers of the Wookiee species in all the history of Trandosha and the Trandoshan species. They isolated Zenothe from Zenith at birth to make sure neither would devour the other. As Zenith and his brother grew, so did all of their senses. Their keen eyes and senses of smell made them excellent trackers. Even their parents noticed the difference in how fast Zenith's abilities and senses grew faster than an average Trandoshan. He practiced for months to use his senses like a skilled hunter where as a normal Trandoshan would have to practice for years to use them like he did. Zenith also learned a lot of languages such as basic and Shyriiwook just to name a few, and that was incredibly rare for a trandoshan. Especially for one so young. Zenith's parents seemed to truly understand the concept of always being prepared and they tried their best to pass that on to the next generation. So they taught him everything they could such as the ways of melee, ranged and unarmed fighting. They also taught him the basics of simple and complex battle strategies which he caught on to as if it were his second nature. He seemed to catch on to the things his parents taught him very quickly. He was very efficient in the use of double-bladed and two handed swords, and he was very good with a sniper rifle. His skill with his customized silenced concussion sniper rifle was nearly masterful. He also seemed in his parents eyes like he didn't belong, mostly because he didn't fit in with most Trandoshans other than his brother and parents.

Zenothe, Zenith's brother.

Zenith earned his right to hunt at the very young age of 10 when he saved his brother by fighting off a raiding party of Trandoshans that his parents unwittingly made enemies with while almost losing his life in the process. The enemy Trandoshan raiding party came swiftly and silently in the night of Zenith and Zenothes 10th birthday. They set up battle positions all around the house, insuring that any runners or survivors would be dealt with accordingly. After that they set up explosives at the front door to the his home and then tossed two stun grenades through the window before setting off the explosives then they entered the now open front doors and saw two Trandoshan younglings. The leader Zenith guessed was the one who entered first and mockingly laughed and spoke to Zenith and his brother like you would to a dog, saying "Were sorry that your parents were bantha fodder and were stupid enough to not make sure that the Clan of Tarenthan had any survivors, and that they came back to get revenge for one of their clansmen." As the leader spoke Zenothe unholstered his birthday present which was an accelerated charged particle repeater gun, which he then unloaded the entire clip into everyone that was attacking them, downing well more than half of them except the leader who dived for the couch which was the nearest cover. Then he came from behind the couch and shot a regular blaster bolt at Zenothe. But Zenith dived in the way just in time, nearly getting his arm completely severed in the process. The leader looked in amazement as the young Trandoshan stood up and grabbed his brothers gun (which he had loaded as the Clan leader shot at him) with his one good hand and fired at the leader with unnerving accuracy. The leader screamed as he was shot from his waist up to his face and then fell with a loud thump to the ground.

Enemy Clan Tarenthan Member.

This caused the remaining Trandoshans outside to all rush the front door. Zenith grabbed the very powerful belt of thermal detonators and killed them by setting the whole belt off at once after tossing it into the middle of the group of the Trandoshans and then setting them off by remote. Then Zenith grabbed and used the one poison-tipped vibroblade his parents always kept around just in case to finish off the ones that didn't run away. Then he heard the words of the last one that ran away. He said " I will return and kill you and your family off". As he said these words, Zenith raised the barrel of his gun, took aim, and fired. He was satisfied at the loud yelping sound that the now out of sight Tarenthan clan member made.

The Hunt Begins

The next day, his parents then explained to him why they had attacked so savagely. His parents spoke of a raid on Kashyyyk that had happened years before with a now rival raiding party of Trandoshan slavers and poachers, they told Zenith that there was a raid that was set up by two raiding parties, their own, and that of the Tarenthan Clan. They said that as they set up there communications on the opposite side of the Wookiee outpost then the other clan ,that their scouting party had retrieved information that the outpost they were going to attack rivaled both raiding parties in men three to one. And just as they set up their communication devices that the Tarenthan Clan went in by themselves underestimating the Wookiee's defenses. As they came back to Hsskor they got a communication signal from the Tarenthan saying that their whole clan would hunt them down and slaughter them, their clan, and their offspring, and their offspring's offspring as long as there was a single Tarenthan left alive.

His parents then apologized for not warning him, then they gave him a new belt of assorted grenade types (his favorite one was the one his ancestors had made, it was his families own design which was a mixture of the grenade types; fire, poison, concussion, and thermal detonator and it had a remote detonator) and a Trandoshan Double-Bladed Sword that was forged with the rare ore Chalon and could be split into two blades, and that was passed on to the best hunter of each generation in his family. They told him they bestowed this honor onto him for attaining his first jagganath points, and a lot which is rare for a Trandoshan to get even in their second, third try.

Earned Right

As is the belief of the Trandoshans, his parents devoted their entire lives to their goddess, the Scorekeeper (a deity who exists beyond time and space) so that they could be sure that their family beliefs went on. So Zenith led a very dangerous life at the young age of 11 so that he could get jagganath points(and to impress his family and make them proud). He normally went on hunting raids to Kashyyyk (a neighboring planet in the system and home of the Wookiees, who's pelts are worth a lot of jagganath points) with his parents leading the raids and his brother at his side.

In the first couple of months Zenith collected enough jagganath points to bring him and his next generation to great honor, and to also impress the Scorekeeper. He quickly gained prestige and jagganath points as he was a natural and athletic hunter, and poacher. He quickly became known as the "Trandoshan with brains" as he created many new strategies and put them to use, winning his raiding parties respect. Within only a few years he earned more respect and more jagganath points then most Trandoshan slavers and mercenaries do in a life time. At the age of only 16 he became heir to his parents as the leader to the raiding parties now known to be named the Shearack clan. He carried out a few raids when his parents were ill or on another raid for slaves and riches themselves. He became so good at carrying out these missions of slaughter and slavery that for his 18 shedding they would let him carry out a raid of his chose as the leader and strategist of the whole operation for a present.

A couple of members of Zenith's clan.

Baptism By Fire

Zenith had been waiting a long time for this day, it was planned perfectly at a point of his chose against a species of his chose. And of course it had to be on Kashyyyk. He enjoyed raiding the Wookiees because it provided a challenge he would rarely find against any other species. It also brought back alot of good memories, such as the time that he and his brother came from behind a village of Wookiees that their parents were leading an attack against the main entrance to. Zenith and his brothers job was to cut off three of their rear escape roots by setting them on fire so that it would cause any Wookiee hiding in any nearby huts that would be forced to run that way to have to run to the main entrance only to get shot or cut down by the frontal assault of raiding Trandoshans. Afterwards, he and his brother were given brand new weapons and to be given some of the best treasuries that they were able to find. All of this was happening as the other raiders looked for and found any of the surviving Wookiees that would mostly be used as slave laborers and a few of the less capable ones to be used as food and their bones as jewelry as was the tradition of his family. Now he stood looking down on a small village of Wookiees, feeling the same way he did years before. Anger, fear, excitement, and happiness rushed through him as he looked at the members of the clan named after his family. He felt anger as the rush of the pre-battle adrenaline flowed through his body. He felt fear for his family and friends stood next to him ready to give their lives for each other loyally, while at the same feeling excitement at the simple thought of a battle that could change his life at any moment. And happiness at the thought of him fighting at his friends and families sides for respect and honor (and not to mention the jagganath points).

The plan was a simple, bold, and dangerous strike against a Wookiee Chieftain known only as that "giant mess of fur and claws" to Zenith and his clan mates. And of course there was the small Wookiee guard there to protect him. There numbers were barely above three dozen, and they it was only a small hut with rocks and wood surrounding it creating good cover for the Wookiee guard, but he still didn't want to take any chances. So his plan was for his raiding team including his parents to attack the front of the hut to create a distraction and hopefully destroy or capture some or all of the Wookiee guards, while he and his brother attacked the hut from behind after a set amount of time to see how the battle in front would play out. After he saw that his clan and parents were more than holding their own, he and his brother struck quickly, blowing a hole in the back of the Chieftain's hut and entering. He and his brother were attacked by three large Wookiees that were the best of the Wookiee guard, three of them in total. He and his brother unloaded their main weapons into the first to making quick work of them, but the last one had been angered into a battle frenzy, he reared his head and let out a terrible roar before rushing Zenith and his brother's position and knocking both of their weapons to the ground at the opposite side of the hut, Zenith then pushed his brother out of the way of a massive and incredibly strong attack only to be knocked unconscious himself.

Zenith in a feral rage after seeing his brother's dead body.

As soon as he came to, he looked to his left to see his brother had been killed by the last Wookiee guard, this caused him to become feral with anger and rage he no longer cared if he himself died. He stood up and picked up his brother's and his own weapon, then he walked up to the last Wookiee guard that had his back turned the whole time speaking to the Chieftain about something that sounded urgent. He caught a few words like "another pack" but he wasn't paying attention. He then lifted up the two weapons, put them to the back of his head, and pulled the triggers.

The murderer of Zenith's clan, and parents.

After he had dealt with the Chieftain, he stepped outside to see that his clan mates had been slain by the Wookiees or so he thought until he heard the familiar words of another clan member. "Welcome" the words said as he turned to see that his parents had been the only survivors from his now deceased raiding party. They were on their knees and surrounded by the enemy Clan Tarenthan, with the new leader (to Zeniths guess) standing in front of them and pointing his gun at his mother's head. The next words to come out of his mom's mouth would stay with him forever. She said "I will always be there for " and then was cut off by the sound of a high-powered blaster shot. Then the enemy leader said in a condescending tone, "told you so" as he unloaded another shot into his father's skull. Then the Tarenthan leader said " any last words" as the barrel of his gun was pointed in Zeniths location. Then Zenith said " only one thing". He then said "never wound a creature and let it get away. You just might get what is coming to you" before running into the nearby woods.


The blaster shots going off behind him and the ones flying over his head were almost as loud as the drumming in his ears. He had been running for about half an hour before stopping at a clearing. He took a minute to see what state he was in, before noticing the pain in his left shoulder. He looked down to see the large trickle of blood going down his left breastplate of armor before realizing he had been shot. He then realized he needed medical attention right away. He then looked up to see a ship had landed in the clearing and it looked like nobody was home. So he quickly looked at his options, 1. break into the ship and look for medical supplies or 2. wait there and possibly bleed to death. He took the logical option and ran across the clearing to the back of the ship. He then looked up to the see the name on the ship (a ship he had never seen or heard of before although looked somewhat like a transport shuttle) was named Shadow Academy, but he didn't take his time to read the rest of what it had to say. He went to the back and hot wired his way in(a trick his father had showed him years earlier) and immediately started looking for the medical room. He found it within one minute and was rewarded with a room with more than what he needed to patch himself up. As he was heading to the cockpit of the ship to hijack it, he was thinking of a new name for himself so that he couldn't be as easy to find by his enemies (and also so he wouldn't be as easily reminded of his family). He picked the one name he liked the most, he named himself Mechronage. He was so busy thinking about how he might seek out his revenge that he almost didn't notice the cloaked figure sitting in the pilots seat.

The cloaked figure then said "Come in and take a seat, I have an offer I don't think you can refuse". Zenith listened while he took the farthest seat away (he was still on edge about the whole I'm the last one of my family still alive thing) from the cloaked The figure then said "I was witness to what just happened to you, your family, and your friends" he continued " my offer is simple, come with me and you can lead a new life forged from the shadows." Mechronages answer was a simple one " I will come with you, and I will have my revenge". Then the cloaked figure snickered, turned his seat, typed in the hyperspace coordinates and flew into the sky.

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Current Positions Held

Apprentice to Sith Warrior Scion Altera, Quaestor of Clan Tarentum.

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Unlocked all the achievements for Star Wars The Force Unleashed for Xbox 360.