Livana Agrona

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Exodus era.New Order era.
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Livana Agrona
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

10 ABY

Physical Description







142 lbs/64.4101kg


Jet Black


Ice Blue

Personal Information

Maa'ka Da'Rani Erinos, Dralin Keona, Celevon Edraven, Fet'ai'narun

Fighting Style(s):
Chronology & Political Information

Weapons Specalist



Personal Ship:

The Black Star

Known apprentices:

Arruna Novar



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Livana Agrona Is a highly trained Eldarian Assassin who has very little recollection of whom she was or who her family was before her training on Eldar save for a vague recollection of her Mother and her Brother. She is an active member serving House Hoth in Clan Odan-Urr


Liv and her brother lived simple lives on the planet of Ando Prime raised by their mother and father. They didn’t often get new clothes due to their families financial standing, they did well but they didn’t make enough to be considered upper-lower class. Livana often found herself wearing her older brothers hand-me-downs when she grew into them, of course there was a point when some clothes just wouldn’t fit due to considerable differences in size so she stuck with what she could wear. Her father and mother seemed stuck with the thought of teaching them to fight starting at the age of six she was beginning her training in hand to hand combat along with her brother who’d began learning a few years before her. She was a quick learner with a big heart when it came to her family and animals.

Losses and Beginnings

Not too long after her eighth birthday, Liv’s father and her brother had been missing for a few months, it was a year before word got back that they’d been killed though her brother’s body was never recovered. It was at this point that Livana’s mother had to make a hard descision. With nine year old liv in tow, her mother headed to the feudal planet of Eldar to try and find a better life for her daughter seeing as she didn’t have enough money to support the both of them after the deaths of Livana’s brother and father. The Echani woman gave a compelling argument to the shogunate during her plea. With a hesitant nod the man accepted. The Shogun however, didn't raise the girl, instead he left it up to one of his many concubines, while she continued her hand to hand training. After reaching the appropriate age, Livana began her training to join the ranks of the Eldarian rangers, for years she was knocked to the ground during combat training and nearly starved in the dense wilderness until she adapted and overcame the daily struggles she encountered. By the time she was of the age of eighteen she was sent on missions by the shogun

"Daughter" of the Shogun

Though young Livana was not the Shogun's real daughter he took her in treating her as if she were, meaning that he was hard on her just as he was his other children. Liv grew up under the guise of Eldarian nobility, her siblings accepted her though reluctantly at first though soon enough the young girl had a family once more.

The Shogun never treated her any better or any worse than any of his other children, though he didn't spend much time with any of them as is. He relied on his wives, and his many concubines to care for his children since their birth. Once Livana was of age he sent her out of Shihon to train with the Eldarian Rangers.


Teenage Livana during training.

Livana underwent years of Rigorous training with the Eldarian Rangers, she was no doubt the weakest of the bunch when she first started out at the academy when she was of only ten years old. Though one man took an interest in the girl's will, no matter how many times she fell during endurance training, no matter how many times she was beaten down in combat training she'd get up for more and more every single time, not stopping until her body was riddled with bruises and she could no longer stand, this was a daily endeavour and her Mentor would limp her back to her bed thinking she'd trained hard enough for the day.

Just like clockwork she was back up the next day covering her bruises with bandages and throwing herself back at the obstacles before her, constantly ignoring each and every break her mentor offered to her. "If I break from training now, I might as well just give up on my training altogether." she'd insist each and every time, it was this display of hard headedness that earned her both her Mentor's Respect and his worry.


Years after Liv had began her training as just a mere hard-headed child, she was finally honored by both her Mentor and the Shogun along with her graduating class. She'd earned the hypothetical 'Rookie of the Year' honors for all the hard work and dedication she'd put into her training, constantly going above and beyond her Mentor's expectations each and every day for ten long years; though, the bruises, scrapes, and broken bones were entirely worth it in the end to Liv as she'd dominated every single obstacle she had set for herself along with those thrown in front of her.


It was on one of her missions that Liv met a Dark Jedi by the name of Kanis Da’uul and his fade Maa’ka; however, her job was to assassinate a well-known sex trafficker. Though her plans ended up taking an unexpected turn when she stumbled upon a man and his wife caught in the middle of an ambush, the female seemed to be lecturing him on how if he actually paid attention. Livana was unsure what the pair were doing there, but she couldn’t shake the want to help them. The way they argued she could tell the pair shared a very deep love for one another and the half-blood Echani woman didn’t want to see a love like that die in such a way. With her bow and throwing needles the assassin managed to dispatch the group around the pair in a matter of moments.

Finding that their patch intersect at the same target, the Eldarian Ranger hesitantly agreed to allow the pair to travel with her and carry out their missions. The 'Boy' was surprisingly skilled to Liv's surprise, she'd previously assumed that he was just some punk kid that was going to be dead weight; however, the entire time it hadn't added up as to why a Mandalorian would travel with just some mere child, but after proving himself time and time again in the way of Combat The Half-Echani woman began to ease up around the pair very slowly, but surely.

Soon the trio found themselves running missions together as the Dark Jedi sought her assistance with certain jobs time and time again, until Livana finally found herself working closely with Qel-Droma as a mercenary. Over the years she watched the Coruscanti boy grow and stumble the path between light and dark obviously confused, though she didn't worry herself with the problems in his life for she saw that it was something that only he could come to terms with in the end.

Life in the Brotherhood

The Loyalist

Not too long after becoming close knit with some of the members of Qel-Droma Dralin Keona, Maa'ka Da'Rani Erinos, and Arruna Novar. Liv felt like more than a mercenary, and with the blessing of the Shadow Lady and the summit, she was inducted into the House and Clan as a loyalist. It wasn't long after this accomplishment that Dralin made a strong request to the Half-Echani.

His request was that she continue the training of his apprentice Arruna while he sought redemption for the horrid mistakes he'd made in his life. Admiring what was probably the only really mature decision she'd ever seen the young Dark Jedi make she agreed to continue the training of his Twi'lek student.

Two Best Friends


Friends share a bond like no two strangers; however, best friends are inseparable and share most of their lives. Livana has never really "bonded" well with most people due to being minorly socially awkward, though that didn't stop her from making at least one very close friend. The Half-Echani would get strange looks for it, when in public; though, that never really stopped her from enjoying her time with Itsy, her pet Red Panda the two are as inseparable as family and they share nearly everything from laughs, to secrets, to food.

The Fade Initiative

Elaine Magnuri Erinos is Wife and Fade to Livana, they do pretty much everything together. Elaine rarely lets Liv out of her sight in fear something horrible may happen. The pair can usually be found in Liv's hut back in the dense jungles of Eldar.

A Family to call her own

Due to her past, Livana has never really known what it was like to have a family, or rather she didn't remember. After a while she began to seek meaning, wanting her life to be about more than Retribution, and Contract killings, it was then that she remembered when Kanis had told her that if she ever felt lost she could always rely on Rrogon Skar, someone whom was a very dear friend of the young Dark Jedi. The Major sought out the Kaleesh finally making her Plea, Rrogon was suspicious at first, though after further conversation and a show that her intentions were pure and her mind was set, the man accepted her, it was soon after that, that she would give her story and reasonings to Zakath, and from there she still had one more family member to convince, determined to earn both Zakath's and Nath's full trust over the next few years.

Changing her ways

Upon deciding to try and join the Agronas, Livana decided that she'd taken enough lives, and ruined enough families. She fell back on her training and began to live a relatively peaceful lifestyle, teaching any who came to her, gladly teaching them Echani, not just as a fighting style but as a lifestyle, to enjoy what life they have, and what they have in that life, to get to your destination but not in such a hurried manner that you let the world zip by, and to always cherish your loved ones no matter the circumstances.

Deep Cover Alias

Kalyn Mattix.

Alias Name: Kalyn Mattix

Physical Description: Kalyn is a lover of all things both dark and colourful this is demonstrated by her hair piece, and clothing. Fit tightly to her neck is a choker with Elsy's name etched into a small metal plate on the front.

Occupation & Skills: Drug Dealer, Smuggling, Infiltration, Intel Gathering, Assassination.


Physical Description

Liv is a woman of what most would call stunning beauty, standing at a steady 5'6" and a lean 142 lbs athletic figure. Her piercing icy blue eyes seem to peer right through her targets, due to her methods and calling cards it has become known as "The Raven's Stare" she can often be found in her Equite Robes with a long Kiseru pipe, or in her usual combat garb, the Kiseru Pipe is a tool of relaxation used by the Eldarian.

Most of the time in combat situations, Livana will be seen wearing a bluish-purple wolf mask, the eyes glow blue when she dawns it, none know the reason for this, some say that the glow belongs to the souls of those she's slain. The mask not only hides her facial features, but also masks her voice in some unknown way, giving it an echo that seems to come from all around, it also gives her tone a more gentle, almost motherly tune.

Liv's Kiseru Pipe
Livana's mask

Phychological Profile

Livana possesses two unique mind sets due to her training, one is a battle hardened assassin who is disconnected with her emotions balancing on the line between what she feels is right and wrong, not allowing human emotion to jeopardize a mission. The second being a quiet and sometimes quirky personality where she enjoys to be surrounded by nature, sometimes animals, and on a rare occasion she will surround herself with people with whom she will mingle, though she never truly drops her guard and in an instant as fast as something can go wrong, she can transform herself into 'The Raven.'


  • Energy Bow
  • Electro Whip
  • Throwing needles (x30)
  • Throwing Knives
  • Fan Blades (x2)
Liv's Fan Blade
Liv's Throwing needles