Ky'Lian Family

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Ky'Lian Family
Societal information


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Political Information
Family Leader:
  • Astor Ky'Lian (deceased)
  • Mrs. Ky'Lian (deceased)
  • Drayen Ky'Lian (deceased)
  • Ceyra Ky'Lian
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The Ky'Lian family were a family immigrated into the Caelus-System during the reign of the Galactic Empire.]

Astor Ky'Lian took control of the Caelus System since the fall of the Empire. Astor Ky'Lian, his son Drayen, and his daughter Ceyra were all part of the family. Stating official intelligence reports from Clan Taldryan, the Ky'Lian family owns at least one estate located on the moon of Kasiya.

After killing his father, Drayen attempted to take control over Clan Taldryan, but was himself killed by Andrelious J. Mimosa-Inahj after capturing Taldryan's Consul, Rian Taldrya.