Krant Altair

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Exodus era.New Order era.
Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Krant Altair
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

13 ABY

Physical Description











Light Blue


Cybernetic Voice Box

Personal Information

Kanis Da'uul, Krea Lumiya


The man that removed his tongue

Lightsaber Color(s):

Armory Saber

Chronology & Political Information

Serial Killer




Exodus era


Dark Brotherhood, Clan Arcona

Known masters:

Inarya Tiberius Entar



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Krant Altair

Krant Altair

Physical Description

Krant is a tall slender man, his build perfect for his predator like personality. He has long white hair that drapes down his back and his face. His long white locks cover his grayish blue eyes and cybernetic jaw and throat, most of the time anyways. His clothing is never anything in particular, only thing you could recognize him by if you didn't know his face would be his cybernetics and his glove on his left hand that holds the symbal of the Shadow Clan, Arcona. The only thing not visible that would describe this man physically is his tattoos, they cover from his waist to the rim of his cybernetics.

The Back Story

The short and painful story of Krant Altair

The Hatred

At the age of five, Krant was orphaned, his family killed by unknown raiders. He was then forced to learn how to survive on the streets, then one day, the boy was pressed to kill. He murdered a man for a petty amount of credits, but he was also rewarded with a satisfied hunger. The blood and pain of others made young Krant feel like he had a home again, but this feeling died shortly after the victim. So, he continued his spree, killing unknown amounts of people until on day, his hatred and hunger weren't strong enough to prevail.

The Silence

Krant was eight when he came across the first man to best him. He attacked his prey as usual, but the man was fast and caught Krant with a hard left to the jaw. While Krant was down the man spent a long while beating him, he beat the boy until he was satisfied. He then taught the boy his lesson, he removed Krants tongue. Krant lye in the street for a few hours trying to recuperate from his injuries, then fate smiled on the boy. A member of the Dark Brotherhood found him and took him to the one place he could turn his raw hate and pain into a refined skill.

The Blade

At four teen, a wookie warrior visited the academy. The warrior saw Krant training with three other students, taking them all on at once. The wookie demanded that he have an audience with Krant. They spent hour conversing on battle strategy and the way of the blade. Krant had impressed him to the point that he gave him his blade. The sword was a weapon used to hunt the ritual beast and was only given to the best of warriors.

Young Love

Krant spent eight years of his training with one thought on his mind, revenge, but, then one girl changed it all. Her name was Krea Lumiya, she was a bounty hunter who roamed Korriban when she wasn't hunting heads. Her charm was magic to Krant, although to most she would seem rude and hostile. He spent about half a year trying to woo her then one day his chance came at him furiously.

Passion Fueled Battle

Krant was walking with Krea trying to find a way to prove his skill when a man approached her and said that her bounty was almost as beautiful as she was, he then proceeded to draw his blaster. Krant acted fast and slit the mans throat in on swift blow. Krea was in shock and in, what she realized right then, was love.

The Last Moment

The day of Krant's twenty second birthday, Krea announced she had to leave. She had gotten into some trouble and had to flee the planet. Krant of course couldn't follow because of his training, but he made her promise she would return a year from that day. She agreed, kissed him, turned, and left.

In Present Day

Krant's present day travels.

God Among Wookie

This event in Krant's life was the first real test of skill since he entered the Brotherhood. He traveled with his companion Krea, a wookie named Sirruumuriik, and a mandalorian by the title of Orik Starkiller. They ventured deep into the forest of Kashyyyk in search of the Albino Katarn that roamed the area once every twenty years. The reason for this is, that when Krant was an initiate in the Brotherhood, he met Sirruumuriik and impressed him with his combat skills. So, Sirruumuriik passed on the ritual ryyk blade used to hunt the beast on the terms that Krant would journey to Kashyyyk to kill the beast. In the end of the journey, Krant killed the beast and left with only Krea, Orik and Sirruumuriik had died in the forest. Krant had left here with a sense of accomplishment and his hunger for blood was content for the moment.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

He is at Protector rank in the Dark Brotherhood.

Outstanding Achievements

Anything you're proud of.


Katarn Canines

The top fangs of the Albino Katarn were kept as a trophy for the ritual hunt Krant embarked on. It is all that will remain of the Albino Katarn for another twenty years.