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Production information

ETA-2 Interceptor


Muz Keibatsu Sadow

Technical specifications

5.47 meters

Max acceleration:

5,200 G

Max speed (atmosphere):

15,000 km/h

Engine unit(s):

Mark IV

Power plant:

Cygnus Mark II reactor


MandalMotors Flexshield Ks-25


Koensayr Promotional Edition B9 Durosteel

  • Laser cannons (2)
  • Ion cannons (2)
  • Concussion Missile Launcher (2)
  • Pilot (1)
  • Astromech droid (1)
Cargo capacity:

60 kilograms


2 days


Fallen Spear



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The Kenshin is the restored Actis ETA-2 Interceptor owned by Muz Keibatsu Sadow.


Yeah, I know it was a cool ship, dad...but 'was' is the operative word. --Sanjuro Sledge Keibatsu

The restored cockpit of the 'Kenshin'

Those who have studied starfighter design recall well how the Actis changed things during the Clone Wars. The nimble fighter was well known as the personal ships of the Jedi Generals, partly because of the fact that only a Jedi's reflexes could maneuver a ship that quick, but also because the notoriously unshielded ship needed a quick hand to keep it out of trouble.

The idea of producing a blazingly fast and yet otherwise bare-bones ship revolutionized the Starfighter industry. Smaller, faster, cheaper, and yet incredibly just as effective as the more expensive and better appointed starfighters, Seinar used the idea to spawn the infamous TIE series, it's influence obvious when seen through the cockpit.

This particular hull was found by Muz on one of his diplomatic missions to some of the Core worlds, the relic rotting away an asteroid, the long-dead pilot having decomposed into the upholstery.


You don't plan on actually flying that piece of poodoo into combat, do you? --Shin'ichi Endymiron Keibatsu

The hull was tractored aboard the Fallen Spear, the rancid interior stripped and disposed of, and stowed in one of the far corners of the Spear's cargo bay. Muz began to use the ship as a hobby, a type of moving meditation that he used to keep his hands busy in order to quiet his mind.

the 'Kenshin'

Stripping the ship down to the hull, Muz threw away the failed equipment and began to seek out new parts that would work within the antique's hull. Working with Raidoner and his Inner Core contact groups, the Herald was able to piece together enough parts to begin restoration.

With considerable help from Tyno, a Dark Knight who had studied the Actis extensively, the two had gotten the relic to the point where it was almost spaceworthy.

Having replaced the interior electronics and command couch completely with more state of the art equipment and testing the airlock extensively, Muz had spent nearly an entire week prepping the ship for a test space run. Amazingly, the ship actually was sound.

Boasting a new custom black and purple paint job and a brace of serious armaments, Muz installed a heavy deflector shield system, picked up from a MandalMotors supply warehouse on the cheap. While eschewing the need for a hyperdrive, Muz did pick up an old R-5 astromech droid to help keep the ship maintained.

While Muz has no real intention of actively flying the collectible in combat so long as he has the far more capable 'Fallen Spear', Muz does keep it aboard, and has been known to fly it from time to time for leisure, and to hone his piloting skill.