Imperial Winter Palace

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Imperial Palace
General information

30 ABY




Ohmen, Judecca


Trident Construction, Clan Scholae Palatinae Engineering Corps

Physical specifications

5263 meters


2081 meters


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Scholae Palatinae

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The Imperial Winter Palace was built after the Summer Palace, on the ruins of the old Imperial Palace in Ohmen in 30 ABY. The Winter Palace was the second of the major landmarks built during the reign of Emperor Thran the Usurper and is key to the defenses protecting Judecca. Just as the Summer Palace is a symbol of the wealth and prosperity of Judecca under Scholae Palatinae, so is the Winter Palace a symbol of its military might.


Originally, the Consul of Scholae Palatinae had taken up residence in the most glorious of the castles built by the Syrei. Though the castle was old and starting to crumble, the Consuls refused to look into building a palace on the grounds of cost. The anointment of Emperor Occasus changed that, as did the rise of a Rebellion in Judecca. The rebels planted and detonated a bomb that wiped out half the palace and left the rest dangerously near to collapse. Having already built one castle, Arx Ondorii during his time as Quaestor of Dorimad Sol, Occasus immediately set about having a grand palace built for himself in Teyr, the wealthiest city on the planet. Hiring out the same company that designed Arx Ondorii, he gave Trident Architecture and Construction a set time of eight months to complete the contract, although it took much longer thanks to the Rebellion. After it had been completed, Thran moved the various departments responsible for running Judecca, apart from the security of the realm department which stayed in a bunker in an undisclosed location.

After this triumph of architecture, he was moved to create another palace, a stronghold, a fortress in the capitol, Ohmen. Again using Trident Architecture and Construction, he, a military strategist, and several designers from Trident Architecture began looking at blueprints. They eventually came to agreement on a forbidding spike built around and on top of the peak of the mountain that Ohmen was built on. It was laid down that the Consul would reside in his palace in Teyr during the spring and summer, and he would reside in his Ohmen palace during autumn and winter

Lessons had been learned from the problems faced when building the Summer Palace and precautions were taken to make sure insurgents could not disturb the building of the Winter Palace. A prefab landing platform was set up as soon as construction began, and all construction materials were flown in by transports from Verus Transport, a company owned by Acclivis Draco. Temporary barracks were erected up for the workers to sleep in; in fact, they were allowed no contact with the outside world. Phoenix Palpatine personally oversaw the construction and it was finished in six months, eight days. The Winter Palace came to be the exact opposite of the Summer Palace. Stark and metallic, it is as much a symbol of the iron fist of the Royal House, as the Summer Palace is of the bounties caused by it. The Winter Palace is also restricted to members of the House, and high ranking civil servants and army staff.


The Imperial Palace finds itself right in the middle of Ohmen, the capitol city of Judecca. The palace itself is at the top of the Ohmen spire, so that the Emperor may survey his domain with unparalleled ease. It is also in an ideal position for ground defense, but is vulnerable to air attacks. This has been compensated with advanced scanners: Whenever an unidentified air craft comes within a square mile of the Imperial Palace, the shield is automatically activated. To enter the palace, one needs to traverse a winding path that leads up the mountain that is Ohmen, and then gain entrance through a single arch way. This is the only entrance into the Palace.


Defense system - A complex system of defenses protects the Winter Palace. Not only does it possess four turbolasers, but houses around the rock are four retractable laser cannons. The metal "bulge" below the main building houses the Palace Security Base, containing three TIE Interceptors, the soldiers, and several All-Terrain Recon Transports (AT-RT). Mobile weapons turrets are also stored there for times of dire need.

Barracks – Unlike the beautiful palace at Teyr, the Winter Palace is far more militaristic. Two hundred and sixty stormtroopers are garrisoned there, along with twenty scout troopers and twenty shocktroopers. The officers are granted their own small room with a bed, desk, and a set of drawers. The Barracks are actually in the rock itself, with several ways out, thanks to the old catacombs built by the Syrei. Conveniently, they are located close to the throne room and the Palace Security Base, thanks to a large turbolift.

DoR Dome – Housed in a small golden dome, similar in shape and color to the Throne room dome in the Summer Palace, the DoR (defense of the realm), often known as the military think tank is charged with creating, and carrying out policies relating to the defense of Judecca and it’s allied planets. Stratagems, manoeuvres and various procedures have created there, and from the department, issued to the various officers of the Clan’s army and navy. This is the only branch of the Judeccan Civil Service that operates out of the Winter Palace. The department contains several private secretaries, a principal private secretary, ten assistant secretaries, seven undersecretaries, three deputy secretaries and a permanent secretary. Entrance to the defense branch of the civil service is restricted to those who have proven themselves to be sound, and intelligent. It is quite common to find ex-summit members working there.

Throne room – Raised above the rest of the palace, the throne room is comprised mostly of stone. Three of the walls are made of the strongest fibreglass available, complete with black shutters to stop the room baking.
The throne room

Torches burn around the vast room, kept alight by some unholy means. The throne itself is made from burnished gold, taken directly from the only known gold mine on Judecca, outside Teyr. Several of the Emperors Iron Guard are in the room at all times. Hidden behind the throne is a secret exit, which contains a Jetpack, and a very narrow window, through which the Emperor may escape during times of peril.

Training rooms – As the Winter Palace is mostly used by house members, rooms have been specifically designed for use by Dark Jedi. Dueling droids have been imported, and a light dampening field generator has been placed in each room so that when dueling another Dark Jedi, their lightsaber may only sting, rather than cut. Shooting ranges and assault courses have also been provided for more mundane training. A large hall has been devoted to flight simulators.

Mess hall – All soldiers need a place to eat and drink. To that extent, a large dining area has been created, served by a team of cooks. Long benches line the hall, and it is not uncommon for a stage to be up for a band to play while they eat.

Tulak’s hord – A pun on the name of the ancient Sith Warrior of old, Tulak’s hord is a three tiered establishment. The first level is a bar and restaurant combination. This is for the civil servants and the military officers. The second level is a bar, exclusive to the Dark Jedi of the clan. The third level is a restaurant, again, exclusive to the Dark Jedi. There is rumored to be a fourth level where only the Consul and his favourites may dine, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Imperial interrogation and detainment – Contained in the two wings that jut out from the Palace and hang over the mountain’s edge, the Imperial interrogation and detainment center is renowned for the good results it produces. All manner of foul torture devices (and creatures) are kept there, including the armsects, small insects which are particularly interested in a certain type of tissue kept inside the arms. Once they are released, they burrow into the arm and eat it from the inside out. The other wing contains a small number of high security prison cells. These are usually used for force sensitive prisoners, and are lined with Ysalamir. Prisoners are kept under constant sedation, unless undergoing interrogation.

House Quarters – Spartan but spacious, the Dark Jedi are given simple but comfortable furniture, and large suites. The Emperor however has a large suite of rooms, covered in a thick burgundy carpet. Large leather armchairs, ample drinks cabinets and an expensive works of art fill the Consul’s quarters.

Quaestor’s office – The Quaestor’s Winter office comprises of three rooms. The first room contains the secretaries and personal assistants, such as Emily Coral. The second room is the Quaestor’s work room. Plots and projects are all drawn up here. The third room, by far the largest contains a large oval table, around which twelve high backed chairs are arranged. This is where the Emperor meets with the rest of the summit. More often than not, only nine chairs are occupied as one house or another is closed. The ninth or twelfth chair is for the Emperor’s principle private secretary, who takes down the minutes, and provides relevant information as is required.