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Hegemon carrying support TIE/ln
Production information

Corellian Engineering Corporation


Gozanti Cruiser


Light freighter


150,000 credits


Converted C-Roc Cruiser variant

Possession Item:


Technical specifications

64 meters

Max speed (atmosphere):

400 km/hour atmospheric

Hyperdrive rating:

Class 3

Hyperdrive system:

Class 12

Targeting systems:


Navigation system:



Dual laser turret (dorsal), heavy laser turret (ventral)



Minimum crew:




Cargo capacity:

75 tonnes


1 month

  • Anti-Piracy cruiser
  • Transport
  • Carrier
  • Medical Ship
  • Landing Craft

Tython Squadron

Known owner(s):

Mauro Wynter

Current Status:



35 ABY

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Hegemon is a Gozanti-Class Imperial Cruiser owned by Mauro Wynter. The Hegemon was first commissioned as the Raxanna's Remorse, a bulk carrier C-Roc Cruiser variant for the Shipwright's Guild of Daleem before being lost to pirates. Taken as a war prize by Tython Squadron against the Maelstrom Corsairs, the vessel is Wynter's personal ship, and is often used to support Tython Squadron as an auxiliary fighter carrier, transport, and infiltration/exfiltration platform.


The Hegemon was initially commissioned as a C-Roc Cruiser for the Shipwright's Guild under the name Raxanna's Remorse. The vessel spent several uneventful decades as a bulk freighter within the Kiast System and generally fell into disrepair and obsolescence. However, in 35 ABY it was captured by the Maelstrom Corsairs but surprisingly was never listed as missing by the Shipwright's Guild. What cargo she initially carrier has remained unknown, but when encountered by Tython Squadron during a training mission she was found to have advanced weaponry onboard. Her cargo of TIE Defenders became the first batch of front-line craft assigned to Tython Squadron.

Taken as a war prize, the Raxanna's Remorse was a puzzling enigma. Crewed by droids and slave-rigged to fly a pre-programmed course from the Arx System to Kiast, the vessel had been running contraband cargo and gun running for some time. Coded transmissions had both been received and sent from the ship, leaving many in the Tython Squadron intelligence apparatus to deduce she was serving as a relay station as well as a cargo ferry. These leads would be followed and present the first clue that the Iron Throne and elements within the Kiast System had been working to overthrow the Vatali Empire and drive Clan Odan-Urr from the sector.

Realizing the need for a dedicated support craft, Mauro Wynter spent his own credits to convert the vessel to the more militarized Gozanti-Class variant and outfit her with a pair of TIE/LN craft to provide surge capacity for Tython Squadron and act as a quick response force in emergency situations. Furthermore, Tython Squadron pilots have trained on the Hegemon to serve as a medical evacuation ship, ground forces infiltration/extraction vessel, and in a traditional cargo hauler capacity. Her primary mission set, however, is in the ability to operate independently of other craft and launch auxiliary fighter support to assist Tython Squadron.


The Hegemon underwent extensive modifications to convert the vessel from a C-Roc Cruiser back to the stock Gozanti-Class variant baseline craft. The labor intensive and costly project was primarily conducted by the mechanics and pilots of Tython Squadron themselves during off-hours and financed out of Mauro Wynter's personal accounts.

Due to the limited manning and support available to Tython Squadron, Mauro designed the craft with mass automation in mind. A sophisticated droid-brain can be tasked to autopilot the vessel into the heat of battle and advanced targeting systems can assign automated firing patterns and suppressive fire for defensive purposes.


While the vessel is capable of ferrying a diverse portfolio of craft into battle, presently the Hegemon carries three TIE/LN from its docking clamps, the Hegemonic I, Hegemonic II, Hegemonic III, and Hegemonic IV. All three TIE/LN are equipped with experimental shielding, allowing them to better cooperate with the far advanced Tie Defenders of Tython Squadron.


The Hegemon has been heavily modified to reduce crew requirements and allow for automated, remote controlled operations in its primary function as a auxiliary carrier. However, under normal circumstances the ship is crewed by OEF personnel and the complement of TIE/LN craft are flown by temporarily assigned or overflow pilots from Tython Squadron.