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Exodus era.New Order era.
Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Habib Ali
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Unknown, Assumed 5-6 ABY

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood

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  • Farmer
  • Assistant Manager on Yu Plantation
  • Plantation Owner
  • Rogue
  • Retired

House Odan-Urr

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Habib Ali- a simple person with a complex past

"I'm not one of them... NO! I WONT BE ONE OF THEM!"
―Habib to himself, referring to the Dark Jedi, after his participation in The Rights of Supremacy: Disorder

Character History


Habib lost his memory of everything up to about 5 years ago. The oldest memory he has was of one day waking up in a small yurt in a Tusken camp on the edge of Dune Sea of Tatooine, his body was heavily damaged, from what, no one knows of yet. While in captivity, Habib was treated with a mild neglect, not too much unlike that of a stray pet. On many occasions a Tusken male would come to Habib's yurt, what the Tuskens call a Urtya, and try to communicate. Unable to understand each other, this male, who happened to be that tribe's leader, one day brought a female Tusken, who was able to speak galactic basic, and asked Habib many questions on behalf of the tribe's leader. It was later leart that the Tuskens found Habib in the Dune Sea.
K'nah in her Tusken garb
The female Tusken was named K'Nah, she was human and taken captive when she was just a little girl after her families outpost was attacked. After approximately a year in captivity Habib convinced K'Nah to escape with him. On one a cold night, K'Nah came to Habib's urtya, she brought him some clothing to help disguise himself as a Tusken hunter and the two fled the camp with two massiff hounds for protection from the nocturnal predictors. As they made their way to a small settlement the two were attacked by the town's guards, believing them to be Tusken Raiders. One of the massiffs was killed by the settlement's automated defenses right away, though the other hound managed to attack and kill two guardsmen before it was also killed. This diversion allowed Habib and K'nah to escape the area and the two took shelter in a cave. Habib removed his headwrap, goggles and breathing filter so he could go into a nearby settlement in the morning to find new clothing and some food. K'Nah refused to remove her head gear, she told Habib that it was against her ways to show her skin to anyone but her mate. Understanding, Habib gave her his Tusken cycler rifle he "found" in the camp on their way out, and he headed off to the settlement he and K'nah passed earlier that night. Habib was welcomed and given some shabby clothing as well as some simple food stuffs. When He returned to the small cave K'Nah was waiting for him, he gave her the clothing he got at the settlement and told her she would need to make something from this so the two could go into town without being mistaken for Tuskens. K'nah took the clothing and moved to the far side of the cave and started pulling the thread out of some of the cloth and mending other articles together to make coverings that would go along with her way of dressing, while still being recognized as human.

Starting a New Life

After some time, K’nah came back from the far end of the dark part of the cave wearing what seemed to be a long cream colored robe with a large cloth covering her head and face, leaving only a space where her eyes could be seen. Together they left the cave while the suns were at their apex and the heat of the day was beating down upon the them. On the verge of dehydration and heat stroke, the two wanderers met up with a small trade caravan on its way to Bestine. The caravan gave the pair water, shelter and offered to take them to Bestine, where they arrived two days later. After parting with the merchant troop, the 2 began looking for a way off Tatooine. After a quite a few odd jobs Habib had enough credits to book a shuttle to the core worlds and the duo made their way to Corellia.
Corellian plantation were Habib and K'nah lived and worked.
After landing in Coronet City, the two made their way to a local workforce and refugee service center, where they met with Corran Yu, a plantation owner and local business man. He invited Habib and K'Nah to work on his plantation in exchange for transportation, housing, food and a modest wage. Habib and K'Nah took Mister Yu up on his offer and boarded the transport later that day. They made their way up to the mountains of Corellia's tropical, equatorial region. Over the time of working the fields Mister Yu moved Habib up to a more active leadership role on the plantation, making deliveries and even aiding in business deals for exporting goods. Habib and his wife still lived on the plantation in their humble dwelling made of stone walls and a metal, tiled roof, with a single bedroom and a single bathroom, as well as an attached kitchen and living area. Habib was put in charge of a sector of land and its work force when he and his wife, now pregnant but not showing, moved to a new large house.

Memories of The Past

It was at about this time, approximately 3 years after waking up in the Tusken Raider camp and eighteen months after arriving on Corellia, that Habib started to have dreams, flashes of images, people and events, some being very disturbing. It had gotten to the point were Habib started to question his own sanity. K'Nah suggested that they could be old memories trying to resurface, memories for his past. Habib tried to keep things under control, taking medication and local folk remedies to try to suppress the nightmares, but they persisted. As time passed and the dreams only became worse, K'Nah could not sit back anymore and she demanded that they go back to Tatooine, to visit an old seer whom she know of. Habib was in no position to resist his wife's demands, and now that they were financially stable, booking transportation would not be a problem. Mister Yu and Habib had become good friends over the years and Habib received no objections for taking time away from the plantation. At this time K'nah was about 5 months pregnant and starting to show. The two booked their tickets and made their way to Tatooine. Landing in the infamous Mos Eisley spaceport the duo made their way into the outskirts of the city and rented a speeder to make their way into the wilderness where they intended to find the old seer. After some travelling the two stopped for the night and set up camp. That night a small patrol of Tuskan Raiders, most likely attracted to the lights of the camp, made their way to the camp and attacked. Woken from the sound of the perimeter alarm, Habib jumped up and told his pregnant wife to stay where she was and he went out to investigate. As soon as Habib stepped out of the shelter he was attacked by a raider. Although he was injured during the surprise attack it did not register with Habib, and he retaliated, subduing the first Tusken with surprising ease. The last two raiders attacked. One went at Habib with his staff while the other took shots at him with a blaster. Habib dodged the first few shots fired at him and attacked the gaffi-welding raider. Habib was moving and sticking with unrealistic accuracy and speed. He blocked an attack by the first raider and knocked the Tuskan off balance. The raider came back at Habib only to have his arm broken and the bone puncture its way threw the flesh and clothing. The raider fell to the ground and went into shock while bleeding to death. Habib turned his attention to the last of the trio and rushed the Tusken, now trying to reload his rifle. Habib struck the raider in the chest, fracturing ribs and crushing a lung. The muffled gasps of the Tusken were quickly silenced as Habib broke the raider's neck. Habib turned around only to see his wife standing in front of him. Habib looked down to see he was wounded and bleeding, and then he looked around at the camp, and the carnage he had caused. Shocked, Habib began to shake and cry. K'Nah took Habib and held him tight, saying “it's ok, it's ok.” Habib, for what he could remember, did not know how to fight, let alone subdue three Tusken Raiders with his bare hands, killing them. K'Nah attended to her injured husband who was silent until dawn. As morning came to the wilderness, the chill of the night air subsiding, Habib and K'Nah packed up camp and buried the trio of dead Raiders.
the seer's house
The two made their way to the old seer's home deep in the wilderness. She was standing outside the small, old building and Habib, still in shock from the events the night before, just stood by the speeder as K'Nah walked over to the old woman and spoke to her, explaining the dreams and the events the night before. The seer asked the two to come in and Habib made his way with K'Nah to the small mud brick house. Together they sat around a small table as the old seer offered Habib some tea made of special herbs. She said it will help him calm and relax. Habib drank the brew and almost instantly he could feel the effects, as well as lightheadedness and dizziness. The woman began some form of ritual, adding different items to a metal dish and lighting them afire. The seer asked Habib to breathe in the smoke as she did as well. Habib did as asked. The images of people, places and events stared to flash in his mind; painful images of sadness and hate, violence and death, and finally an image of a young man in a dark cloak in a dark room appeared. He turned and ignited a lightsaber, his face remaining hidden in shadow. Habib jumped as the image faded. The old seer saw everything Habib did, and said to him, “Your past is covered in shadow, and it is best to let it be. Know it is the past and is done.” She gave Habib advice on how to meditate to keep his mind clear and to help keep the nightmares away. She also she gave some herbs to K'nah for her to brew into a tea for her husband.

Searching For Answers

Habib's vision of cloaked man
The two made their way back into civilization—if Mos Eisley could ever be called civilized, and boarded their transport back to the comforts of home on Corelia. Time went on and the nightmares seemed to have stopped. Things were getting back to normal. Mister Yu welcomed to duo back with a large dinner. Habib and Corran, as per the norm, began talking about sales and the productivity of the plantation and work force. Mister Yu asked, “You know what you tow will be having?” regarding the baby. Habib looked at K'Nah, took her hand and smiled. K'Nah replied shyly, “...a girl.” Mister Yu replied, in his sometimes, over the top, exclamations, “WONDERFUL!” Everyone enjoyed their meal and retired back to their own dwellings for the evening. On the way to Habib's house K'Nah was looking down in silence. Habib stopped and asked her what was wrong. She said “I'm worried.” Habib asked why and she said “I saw how you moved, the look in your eyes, that night, when the Tuskens attacked. I believe there's more you need to know about your past. I am afraid you will have to leave us soon...” K'Nah held her tummy as she spoke. “E would never leave you and our daughter...” Habib explained. K'Nah moved closer to Habib as they started to walk down the path to their home, holding onto his arm. That night Habib had a dream wherein he saw images of cities and planets from orbit, as well as many people, some smiling, some with scowls. He witnessed the same man from before in a dark cloak, surrounded by other people in dark clothing, and old imperial storm troopers. One man stood out: a Chiss male, in a white imperial grand admiral uniform. He was called by one of the people in dark clothing as Ronin. This Ronin commanded the others to “dispose of the traitor” referring to the young, cloaked man, and then walked away. The troopers took aim at the young man at the same time the others ignited sabers, most being red, some a violet, the man stood still as the troopers moved towards him. As the troopers got close the cloaked man ignited a saber as well, a long violet saber, and quickly struck down the troopers with ease, the other dark clothed people attacked, some shoot lighting, the young man was subdued, as he lay on the ground the other people encircled him and started chanting and doing some sort of ritual. Habib finally was able to see the young mans face, it was his face, the young man was Habib, he heard one of the dark clothed man say to drop him off into the desert of Tatooine.
Habib's vision of cloaked man being attacked
:Habib work up in cold sweat, he know what he saw was his past, he told his wife what he saw in his dream, she told him, that she knew this, she confessed that the day he was found and brought into the camp, he wore the robes of a Dark Jedi, and after finding out that he lost his memory and the man he had become, she feared for the day he found out of his pass and she told her husband that he had to go out and confront his past, she told him not to worry about her or their baby. After some discussion, K'Nah convinced Habib to go out and travel and find his past, he spoke with his friend, Corran, about his plans and Corran gave his protection to Habib's family. Habib left K'Nah the vast majority of his possessions, taking only simple personal items such as clothing and the likes. Habib thanked his friend, and spoke to his wife before setting off on his journey, they shard a tender moment and the two bid a tearful farewell and Habib set out to the places he witnessed in his dreams.

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Habib travailed from planet to planet fallowing leads he picked up on his way. As soon as he started talking about Jedi, or dark Jedi people would become uncomfortable, even thou the empire had fallen, people are still uneasy with the idea of the Jedi and the force, the New Jedi Order, lead by Luke Skywalker, superposed son of Darth Vader; the right hand of the late emperor, has made some progress in building its forces but it still only boost a hand full of Jedi and is vary hard to met one, soo talking to a Jedi would be out of the question for Habib. About a year and some months have past and finally Habib got some good information, about an organization set up after the fall of the emperor, and is said to house many dark Jedi, the informant told him the group is in exile form the rest of the galaxy, hiding behind the dark shroud, which he mentioned was impassable. Habib traveled around the system looking for more information about this dark
Jedi group and their headquarters hidden behind this shroud. Ultimately but not to unexpectedly, word got to Antei system about Habib's questions, and the Dark Council on Antei sent out an agent to track and identify Habib and end any threat he may pose to the Dark Brotherhood. This Agent started tracking Habib's movements, but recognized him form the past, the agent approached Habib calling out his old name, which Habib did not recognized, “Tatsu?” Habib looked at the man, “who are you, I think you have mistaken me for someone else” Habib replied. “hmm, don't you remember me?” the agent asked, “I'm sorry but … I had lost my memory, I don't remember anything until about 5 years ago...” Habib responded. The agent looked Habib over “I see hmm... ok... I will take you to met some people, you may remember more.” Habib and this agent left the system and made their way to Antei system. An audience was set up to review Habib to see if he was who the agent thought he was. Leading the panel was Dark Jedi Master Korras, he immediately recognized Habib as Tatsu from when Korras was the Obelisk High Commander. The panel reinstated Habib with all his previous awards and achievements and rank, only after some test administered by the shadow academy, which Habib pasted easily. Habib was placed in Clan Plagueis in House Exar Kun. Many months had pass since Habib was accepted back with the Brotherhood that news made its way to him of the birth of his daughter, this happy moment was overshadowed by what will later be know as The Right of Supremacy.

Rights of Supremacy: Disorder

Habib During the Rights of Supremacy

Time went on for Habib within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, he was instated as an Obelisk Prelate. Habib felt uneasiness within the Brotherhood, he felt out of place, and kept on questioning if he was truly a member of this group or not in the past. Time went on as it usually does. News came to Habib about the birth of his daughter, but the joy was over taken by a sense of heaviness amongst the order of Obelisk membership, whispers of Sith schemes and Krath secrecy lead to mistrust of other orders, even amongst members of the same house. Accusations started to be let loses about who had done what or who's hiding what, finally the only predictable outcome happened, an all out war between the orders. This was the darkest time for Habib, he like most of the other members of his order were overtaken by many emotions, anger at the thought of being betrayed by the other orders and so called friends, wanting revenge for said betrayal, and the excitement of combat. It was at this time Habib gave in to his hidden feelings, to his past self, taking part in many missions for the Obelisk order, including reconnaissances, sabotage, recovering Krath holocrons, and basic combat maneuvers. In the end the Obelisk order, as a whole, came out on top. Habib received 6 Seal of Defiance and special recognition by the Dark Council. Even thou with all his achievement Habib felt he had lost himself, felt he gave in to much to his animal instinct, this weighed heavily on Habib and lead him to question himself. Some time after the dust settled after the "Order's war" word came down from the Dark Council that a treaty was signed between the Brotherhood and a group of Light and Grey Jedi knows as the Disciples of Odan-Urr.

First Meting With The Jedi of Odan-Urr

Habib and his family's new house in the It’kla District of Menat Ombo
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Redemption From The Past

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A New Future

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Rogue: Family Before All Else

  • Coming Soon (based on the events of GJWX and HOU's RO)

A Since of Normalcy

  • Coming Soon (based on Habib's decision to stay on Coreila with his family, giving up the force and turning his back on the Jedi, both dark and light side.)

Personality and Traits

Habib has a strict self moral code. He will do what he believes is right and speak out and even fight against what he believes is wrong, most often, with out or against the orders of the leadership of his order and house. In Habib's past he was one of the most brutal of the Dark Jedi within the brotherhood, but when he was found out to be part of the rogue brotherhood he was captured, tortured and cast out and left for dead, in this event he lost almost all of his memory, if only temporary. After he had regain some of his memory he vowed to do all he can to not become the person he once was. Habib does try hard to stay away from violent conflict, mostly out of fear of falling back on the path to the Dark side. Habib is also a perfectionist, perhaps due to his past as an Obelisk warrior. If Habib starts a project or some training he has to complete and or master it.

Relationships with other people

Habib is mostly a serious man, being so, when he does make a joke, it usually is such a shock to other around him the punchline is often overlooked or completely ignored. Habib can sometimes come off as arrogant and belittling to other members of his house and order, but there is no malice in it. When Habib is with his family he is vary soft spoken, calm and easy. Habib's family means a great deal to him and he will do anything it takes to protect them, he also relies on moral support from his wife, K'Nah.

Powers and abilities

While Habib was a member of the Dark Brotherhood, before and there after the Exodus he had leaned a great many skills and abilities, and has retained this knowledge even after he lost his memory.


Habib has practice in many saber froms, mastering the form of Shii-Cho and becoming and Adept in the Makashi form.

Hand to Hand

Habib is a master of numerous hand to hand martial arts including; Broken Gate, Carinor, and the renowned art of Teras Kasi. Habib is also adept in K'thri and moderate in the art of Dulon.

Force powers

Habib, being a perfectionist, has mastered every force ability he has ever trained in which includes abilities such as; Communicate, Equite Speed, Throw, Draw, Leap, Grip, Telekinesis, Strike, Sense, Seeing, Precognition, Dodge, Barrier, Sight, Primal sympathy, Beast Control, Read/Write Language, Cloak, Cure, Heal, Heal Others, Control Pain, Cure Poison, Breath Control, Hibernation Trance, Tapas, Mind Trick, Illusion, Drain Energy, Dissipate Energy, and Shock

Other Abilities

Habib has other abilities that are not directly related to using the force or combat, Habib has an high aptitude in maniacal and electronics, he has also learned to cook many exotic and tasty dishes from his friend Corran Yu while living on Corellia.

Possessions and Property

Possessions and Property Outside the Brotherhood

Note- This List of Items Belong to Habib and His Family and Could be Used in Future Fictions

Land Owned

  • 15 Acre Corellian Plantation (Subdivision of Yu's Plantation) with a workforce of 25 people

Craft Owned/Used

Possessions and Property Within the Brotherhood

Note- This Category Will Change When Prestige Possessions System is Activated

Craft Owned\Used

  • Odan-Urr Naval Militia Z-95 Headhunter (The Raihana)


Miscellaneous Possessions

Family and Friends

  • K'nah Habib's Wife
  • Corran Yu Habib's Friend
  • Koga Kage Habib's Brother, but he does not know it due to his memory loss and time apart



  • Habib has been a member of the DB for along time. At the time of the EH/DJB split he was a Squadron Commander(CMDR) of Storm Squadron of wing XIX on the SSD Avenger, and was Quaestor(QUA) of House Auctoritas of Clan Alvaak. Some time after the EH DJB split, he served on the EHDB Dark Council as the Herald and help set up the EHDB's saber system. At that time Habib went by the name of Tatsu Kogarasu.
  • For role playing purposes, the Tatsu character's memory was wiped, similar to that of Darth Revan, and a new persona was established.
  • Habib has become a relatively wealthy man and owns part of Corran Yu's Plantation on Corellia but keeps most of his wealth hidden from the Brotherhood.
  • Habib's real life page can be found here