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Production information

Star Destroyer

Technical specifications

1,040 meters

Hyperdrive rating:

Class 1 (Backup Class 10)

Targeting systems:


Navigation system:

Verpine Navigator SPS



  • Heavy turbolasers (40)
Fire arc: 10 fore, 10 aft, 10 port, 10 starboard
Fire arc: 10 fore, 10 aft, 10 port, 10 starboard
Fire arc: 5 fore, 5 aft, 5 port, 5 starboard
-30 missile magazine each
Arc: 3 fore, 2 port, 2 starboard, 1 aft
  • Starfighters (60)
  • Shuttles (10)
-Typical complement organized into one starfighter wing
  • Crew (2,795)
  • Gunners (244)



Troops (1,600)

-Capacity complement
Cargo capacity:

15,000 metric tons


Six months

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Gauntlet was one of two powerful Nebula-class Star Destroyers in the Eighth Fleet. Her twin vessel was Dark Star.

Vessel Info


In 25 ABY the keel for Dark Star was laid at the Kuat Drive Yards facility at Xa Fel in the Kanchen Sector. Primary construction was completed two years later and the vessel was surreptitiously transferred to Roche where Verpine engineers installed several advanced warship systems.

Vessel Info


Captain Kalan a’van; Commanding Officer, Gauntlet

  • Species: Bothan
  • Home World: Bothawui
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 1.43 meters
  • Weight: 54 kilos
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown

A graduate of the Bothan Military Academy, Kalan joined the Galactic Civil War instead of serving in the small, Bothan defense force. Aspiring to become a powerful commander in the Imperial forces, Kalan was forced to offer his services to a struggling Rebel Alliance when his application to the Imperial Academy was refused on the basis of his non-Human lineage. Kalan joined the rebellion, but kept his politics to himself and instead enjoyed the war as a thrill seeker. An intelligent military strategist, Kalan was utilized in a number of priority engagements and was well-respected by his commanding officers. After the war ended, Kalan resigned from the military feeling that the more peaceful New Republic navy would not satisfy his craving for danger and adventure. For many years he worked as a smuggler enjoying the thrill of slipping through the cracks of society to earn credits.

Chance eventually brought him into contact with Brotherhood recruiters after the great Exodus in 19 ABY. With his impressive background in naval strategy, Kalan accepted the Brotherhood’s offer of employment as a great chance to rejoin the grand battle. He was made Executive Officer of a Destroyer in the Antei Defense Force. When his commanding officer was killed during the Seventh Great Jedi War, Kalan assumed command of the vessel and fought free of the conflict. He continued to serve as Commanding Officer having been field promoted for his actions during the Dark Jedi crisis. After the catastrophic Battle of Antei, Kalan was selected as one of the few commanders worthy of being awarded command of the recently acquired Nebula-class Star Destroyer.


Under Task Force 63, Gauntlet and her Strike Group served as part of the Eighth Fleet's primary naval battle force. Coordinating with Joint Task Force Rancor Gauntlet supported III Legion, 13th Starborne Division of the Army of the Iron Throne.


Vessel Complement


Vessel Aerospace Wing Five (VAW-5)

  • Strike Fighter Squadron 72 (VFA-72) "TBD"
  • Strike Fighter Squadron 77 (VFA-77) "TBD"
  • Strike Fighter Squadron 91 (VFA-91) "TBD"
  • Strike Fighter Squadron 93 (VFA-93) "TBD"
  • Logistic Support Squadron 89 (VLS-89) "TBD"
  • 4th Assault Battalion, 11th Aerospace "TBD"*

*This unit was organic to the Army of the Iron Throne but was coordinated through its supporting vessel's Commander, Aerospace Group.


III Legion

  • 3rd Special Troops Battalion
  • 1st Battalion, 41st Infantry
  • 6th Squadron, 9th Reconnaissance
  • 4th Assault Battalion, 11th Aerospace*

*This unit was organic to the Army of the Iron Throne but was coordinated through its supporting vessel's Commander, Aerospace Group.