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This page holds sections of information that will be helpful for members to find and understand better information relating to the Fist-o-Matic which is a Telegram bot used for reporting PVP gaming.

What is the Fist-o-Matic?

The Fist-o-Matic is a gaming bot utilized by the Fist of the Brotherhood in the Telegram Channel: DJB Gaming Lounge. The Fist-o-Matic is a bot that members can login with and use to queue for a specific platform(s) of their choosing. Use of the Fist-o-Maticis required for normal day to day play, during vendettas and other major Brotherhood events.

Presence in the DJB Gaming Lounge is required during vendettas and other major Brotherhood events.

It streamlines the submission process, the challenging process, and the approval of submitted matches.

How do I use it?

The Fist-o-Matic is a Telegram Bot created by the Seneschal. It functions through simple commands, also available as buttons inside the Telegram Client.

To use the Fist-O-Matic open a chat on Telegram with @DJBFistBot

Click Start to initiate the bot.
You will be asked to authenticate. Click the Authenticate Button.
Telegram will warn you that you're opening an external URL, click Open to go to the DB Site and login if you aren't already.

Once you've logged in you will be returned to Telegram and you will need to click Start again (or type /start). This finishes the authentication process and you're now all set to start using the bot!

Click Join (or type /join) and pick the platform you want to queue for.
D3: Diablo 3 Dueling
JA: Jedi Academy
JO: Jedi Outcast
OW: Overwatch Private Matches(Console)
BFC: Battlefront 2015 Battles(Console)
EaW: Empire at War
GoW: Gears of War
SC2: Starcraft 2
XVT: X-Wing Series: X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter
XWA: X-Wing Series: X-Wing Alliance
Halo: Halo
OWPC: Overwatch Private Matches (PC)
PCBF: Battlefront 2015 Battles(PC)
SCCB: Star Conflict Custom Battles
SWBF: Battlefront Series (Pre 2015)
SWRC: Republic Commando
SWTOR: Star Wars: The Old Republic (Duels)
Pazaak: Pazaak
Choose if you want to submit to a competition and if you want to be matched with anyone or only people submitting to that competition also.
You're now queued, when the bot finds you a partner you will need to click confirm.
When you have finished your matches follow the Bot's instructions to report your matches.
If you want you can automatically rejoin the queue after you are done reporting.

Quick Command References

  • /start
    • Authenticate with the bot (One time process)
  • /join
    • Join a queue
  • /leave
    • Leave a queue
  • /status
    • Show our status
  • /refresh
    • Refresh your information (Name changes, Unit Transfers etc)