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This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

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230 lbs


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Vivackus Kavon, Mograine, Fang Ao Tian, Impetus M'Nar



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Jedi Hunter


Dark Jedi Brotherhood, Clan Plagueis

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Impetus M'Nar, Mograine, Vivackus Kavon

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Character History

Early Years


Du’moth was born in 2 BBY on the small planet of Zolan. His biological father wanted nothing to do with him upon birth and fled the system leaving his mother and him in a state of utter poverty. Although his father left, Du'moth always craved having a father figure in his life. But being born into poverty, Du'moth and his mother were confined to the ghetto. Being poor and slightly overweight led Du'moth to be almost constantly bullied by the other children in the ghetto, and causing him to develop a distinct hatred for all of the Clawdite population. His mother, never having a constant relationship led to him never having a proper father figure. That is, until Merdock came along.


Merdock was a kind and loving Nikto man when he came into Du'moth's life, he was generous and hard working constantly doting on Du'moth's mother and him and making her fall in love with him more and more every day. He started to save money to help get Du'moth and his mother safely off of Zolan and out of poverty. By doing this he earned the love of Du'moth's mother and shortly after fleeing the planet they were wed. After the wedding Merdock set up arrangements to help Du'moth and his mother to come and settle with him on a nice little planet named Kitan in Hutt space. Upon moving to this world, Merdock had run into some friends of his and got sucked into gambling all of his pocket money away. After a few weeks of this gambling he began to get so depressed over his losses that he took up the drink. Leading him to lose more money and become more and more depressed with his life. However there was a spin to this drunken fellow, when he got drunk and lost all of his money, he would come home in a fit of rage and beat Du'moth and his mother into submission, only to feel remorseful later on, causing him to drink even more. Eventually after years of drinking, Merdock's debts had become insatiable and were even larger than the well-off Nikto man could afford, causing him to have to sell Du'moth's mother into slavery. Du'moth hated Murdock for this making him get angry and start to beat the kids that would bully him. When Merdock came home in even more drunken fits, over seeing that his wife and the love of his life are sold by his own hand into slavery, he began to beat Du'moth maliciously, more often than not beating Du'moth until he could not stand.

Adult Years

After years of being beaten by Merdock, Du'moth started growing into a man, and his only means of defense was to work out, and become stronger so that he could fight back against the near murderous beatings that the bantha fodder of a stepfather that he had lashed upon him. Growing bigger and stronger only rose Merdock’s contempt for the boy and made him want to beat him more to erase the resemblance of his mother from Du'moth completely. Eventually Du'moth got big enough that he could fight back against Merdock, quickly using his size and speed to beat the old man in fights. This put fear into Merdock that one day Du'moth would lash out and kill him. So much fear in fact that when Du'moth became of age he conscripted him to the New Republic Army.


Upon joining the New Republic army and completing basic training with exceeding honors Du'moth was trained as an elite black-ops operative. After a few months of training and a few more of combat skirmishes Du'moth was awarded merits of honor for his showings of courage and complete obedience to his superiors. However this did not last very long. In 17 BBY, Du'moth and his squad mates were under heavy fire from pirate forces on the planet Rodia, being bombarded by a constant shower of blaster fire as well as mortar blasts his squad was issued an order to retreat. After being given an order to retreat by his commanding officer Du'moth dived into a bunch of bushes where one of the pirates had fallen, he changed his shape on the fly quickly stripping down and donning his gear to blend in as one of the pirates. After sneaking to the pirates side of the battle field and up to their base camp, Du'moth planted charges on the mortar turrets, his allied forces were able to over-run the pirates and chase them off-world. Although Du'moth was the hero of the day, he had disobeyed a direct order from his commanding officer and was shipped to an outer rim planet known as Dantooine.


Once Du'moth was shipped to Dantooine he was forced back into remedial training. After enduring six months of this training he had become disgusted with his superiors and used his shape shifting abilities to change his identity and pose as a refugee leaving the world for a better life in the New Republic. After fleeing from the Dantooine he fell in on a planet in the called Kapsina in the Jusadih System. He acquired a few part time jobs being a thug for a few crime lords by using his shape shifting abilities. He was on a trip tracking down a gambler that owed a few debts to a local man then the Jusadih military showed up and started asking around about a Rodian that matched one of the forms he frequently used. After hearing these rumors he sought out the military forced and followed one of the troops into an alleyway, after grappling with the soldier for a few seconds he was able to knock him out and shape shift to fit his armor, even if it was a little snug. After taken the soldiers armor and weapons he killed the fallen troop and hid his body in a dumpster outside if a Kantina and sought out the remaining forces. He was going to kill them all until he saw the man that was leading the troops. He did not look like much, wearing only robes with a blaster pistol on his leg and a blade on his belt, which turned out to be a lightsaber, but he had an aura about his that demanded respect and showed that he was a man to be feared. Seeing this man changed the plans of Du'moth and instead of trying to kill all of the soldiers and there leader, who was clearly a Sith, he joined them and thought he had them fooled, but the Sith, sensing his force potential knew that Du'moth was not one of the soldiers he was commanding but allowed him to return with them to their flag ship the Ascension, there the Sith captured Du'moth losing a few of his men doing so, so that he could question him before turning him to the Shadow Academy for training in the Dark Brotherhood.

Physical Description

Du'moth is a largely built Clawdite, being able to change his appearance as well as his size from time to time with enough practice. He was a scar running down the front of his torso from a fight involving a combat knife that is a nasty wound to look at and never fades entirely when he changes. Du'moth has finely toned muscles that present a challenge to anyone willing to get close enough for him to fight. His back left shoulder has a scar running down it from a low-powered blaster bolt that grazed him in a battle during his military years. He also has a scar from a pallet lifter that fell on him on his right arm in the shape of small V. His build may be bulky the youngish Clawdite is still very quick on his feet and has amazing grappling abilities, as well as a preference to a Zabrak form that he has named Zoldan after his birth father.


Du'moth is a very angry individual when need be but is usually very much under control with his emotions, almost coming off as an empty shell of a man. His only joy in life is in combat. He loves to attack with vicious, well aimed strikes that make any opponent doubt there strength. Being a very smart man however he shows control even in the most strenuous situations. Making him a perfect soldier, although Du'moth shows restraint on the battlefield he has a very emotional hatred towards the Clawdite race for forcing him and his mother into poverty when he was young. He also despises most Nikto males for the treatment he received from his Stepfather Merdock.


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