Dlarit Commandos

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Dlarit Commandos are an elite branch of the Dlarit Special Operations Group. Dlarit Commandos are organised into squads of four commandos led by a sergeant.


A Dlarit commando
Following the Battle of Antei in 27 ABY and the loss of most of the Dlarit Security Force the Dlarit Corporation was forced to drastically rethink its military policy. As part of the reforms, the Dlarit Special Operations Group was created to serve as a unit aware of the corporation's true nature.

However, the administration changes were only the first hurdle the corporation had to overcome, more serious was the loss of key personnel. The Dlarit Security Force had lost tens of thousands of men during the Battle of Antei and no recruitment drive was going to replenish the ranks quickly enough with the threat of further attack with the Yuuzhan Vong War ongoing.

In order to rectify this situation the corporation set about rethinking its cloning policy. The Dlarit Corporation had begun cloning earlier that year after it had acquired a number of Spaarti cylinders on Jaginos from a rogue Kaminoan scientist. The corporation had originally planned to create an army of Delta-class Advanced Commandos but this project was put on hold following the Battle of Antei. Instead, the corporation decided to speed up the cloning program, producing regular troopers directly for DSOG. While not as able as the small number of Advanced Commandos, these clones were as good as any recruit and helped quickly flesh out the ranks of DSOG.

However, though the regular clones were sufficient to serve on the front line or man the gunnery platforms of the warships, the corporation was dissatisfied with their abiliy to analyse unfamiliar situations. Despite being unable to contemplate restarting the DAC program en masse, the corporation chose to compromise and assigned a limited number of Spaarti cylinders to the production of a new breed of Dlarit Commandos. These commandos, unlike the regular DSOG troopers, would exhibit a greater degree of independence, though they would still pale before the proficiency of the DAC troopers.

Due to the limited number of Spaarti cylinders available, the Dlarit Commandos are still in limited numbers, with no more than a few hundred throughout the whole of DSOG. Still, the corporation is pleased with the compromise and though its dreams of an elite army of DAC troopers are over, the regular DSOG troopers and Dlarit Commandos have proved worthy replacements of the veteran soldiers lost at Antei to the Yuuzhan Vong.