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28 ABY

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Human (clone)







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Dlarit Special Operations Group

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Lieutenant Dorn

Delta-4, or D-4, was a lieutenant in the Dlarit Special Operations Group. D-4 was one of thirty four Delta-class Advanced Commandos grown in secret on Gamuslag in 27 ABY. D-4 was given the name Dorn after his designation. When the DACs first entered service in 28 ABY, Dorn was assigned as Adjutant to Viceroy Astronicus Aurelius Sadow, the Overlord of Clan Naga Sadow.


Clan Naga Sadow's Summit had their own picks of the DACs; however, Astronicus was given first pick as his position of Overlord entitled him. He chose Dorn along with his brother Cresh. The two seemed to meld well together and were some of the finest in particular fields that Astronicus favored.

Dorn has a particular prediliction for administration, but his brother takes care of the more mundane matters while he sees to the security issues of the Viceroy. While the DAC troopers all came from the same original prime clone they are not entirely identical. Each exhibits a number of individual traits, having been allowed to maintain a degree of independence compared to the regular DSOG troopers. The method of cloning employed also causes the clones to exhibit various phenotypes, leading to a certain amount of inherent variation between them such as hair and eye color. Dorn is more a soldier, retaining the same combat and tactical skills inherent in each of the DAC troopers, but overtly concerned with security than other matters.

Astronicus has trained Dorn and Cresh both in forms of combat that he has learned over the years, including some formal instruction in saber fighting - though for one without proper force training saber techniques are harder to learn. Dorn was also given special instruction in the art of being a sniper.

Behind the Scenes

The name Dorn comes from the 4th letter in the Aurabesh alphabet after Delta-3's numerical designation.