Damon 'Snabbie' Tye

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Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Damon Tye
Biographical Information

Empress Teta (Koros Major)

Date of Birth:

15 ABY

Physical Description





1.90 Meters


85 Kilograms


Jet Black


Sulphuric Yellow

Personal Information
Fighting Style(s):
Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi


Flight Cadet

Known masters:


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Character History

Life before the brotherhood

Damon was born in 15 ABY in one of the poorer sectors of the planet Empress Teta, which is formerly known as Koros Major or Cinnegar. Because he was different from any kids of the same age, Damon was bullied whenever he encountered any of them. Therefore he spent most of his time out on the streets alone. Damon often quarreled with his parents, who wanted to see their son study and get a decent job instead of fighting and walking around in the city all the time. Around 21 ABY he could not stand the nagging of his parents anymore and deserted them and went to live outside in the city permanently. Around the age of twelve, the Qel-Droman joined an illegal fight club to earn money so that he could get off of the streets. After several weeks, one of the trainers noticed Damon’s natural skills with fighting and begun to train the young man in Dulon.

While he earned a decent amount of credits from winning his fights, it wasn’t enough. Damon joined one of the Underworld Gangs and became infamous for his fighting skills and extreme level of intuition, which he would later discover was his latent Force abilities showing. Not long after joining, Damon received a tattoo to symbolize his membership within the gang. After several more years passed, Damon was taking part in a robbery to get a little cash on the side. However the authorities were alerted and were waiting in an ambush. Damon, who was leading the attack was trapped in the midst at least 40 police officers. The Human fought off several of the officers before he was subdued and thrown in jail. During the fight, a passerby happened to be a member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, who noticed the young man’s untapped Force potential. Within several weeks, this Dark Jedi had utilized his influence and numerous bribes to have the charges against the nineteen year old Damon dropped. Before long, the Force-User dropped Damon off at one of the training facilities of the Dark Brotherhood. As soon as Damon had learned the basics, he was transferred into House Qel-Droma of Clan Arcona, where he met his true family.

Clan Arcona

A new world opened for Damon as he was admitted into the brotherhood. Shortly after arriving one could already find him in the Shadow Academy. The young human took it upon himself too learn as much as he could. After a few days he had already passed several exams on a variety of subjects, and he didn’t show any sign of stopping. Within two weeks he was promoted from the rank of apprentice to the rank of Novice.

In the next month the Qel-Droman continued to work on his knowledge, and at the end he was promoted to the rank of Acolyte.

Just before this promotion a Jedi Hunter named Kalon approached Damon with the proposal to join the Void Squadron. Damon accepted immediately, happy to be part of another group.

Shortly after the promotion a Dark Jedi Knight came to the Acolytes personal quarters. Damon, who had seen this man a few times before, looking at him when he was studying or practising. The Knight introduced himself as Celevon Edraven. He said he had seen Koros Majorian work, and that he was impressed. He also told him that he saw great potential to become much more, and then he offered to take Damon on as his apprentice and to teach him.

The Acolyte, a bit overwhelmed by this offer, retreated into his bedroom for a day to think, but finally decided on accepting.

Together Damon and - his now master - Celevon started working on the Qel-Droman’s abilities and flaws. About a month and a half later, Damon was again promoted to the rank of Protector.

Personal Information

Physical Description

Above the average human, Damon stands just above six foot tall. He has a muscular body, which he has to thank from all the fighting done in his past.The Qel-Droman has black hair and his eyes are an almost feral shade of yellow. With this in mind, Damon also prefers his clothes in the same black/yellow combination.

One special mark on the humans body is the tattoo he received while part of the underworld gang. The tattoo covers all of the backside of his arms, legs, and his back itself. On these parts all of the bones are tattooed above their exact place in the body itself. This often leads to strange glares of people who see this for the first time.


Damon’s harsh and lonely youth has led to a strong survival instinct. Together with this is the fact that the Koros Majorian has fully embraced his darker tendencies, unknowingly tapping into the Dark Side of the Force. While fighting he often toyed with his opponents, inflicting wounds and cuts just to see them suffer. Only after they have begged him for mercy would he release them or put them out of their misery. For this reason he was feared throughout the planet’s underworld.

One more important characteristic is the short temper of the Qel-Droman. Damon is known to get violent when something angers him. He lets this anger fuel his rage and with it he becomes a powerful opponent. The downside to this is that he can’t control it, and often he doesn’t stop before he has severely injured or even killed the person who caused it.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

- Member of Battleteam Void Squadron


Member of the The Old Republic Guild.