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Corvo Loor
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21 ABY

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"You will be of use to me. In life or in death"
―Corvo speaking to a pleb.

Born in the slums of Coronet City, Corvo spent most of his young life as a street rat, musician, swoop racer, and criminal, trying desperately to eek out an existence. Yet, being unknowingly strong with the Force and driven by raw emotion, it wouldn't be long before his life of petty crime would be trampled by opportunity. Found by fellow Corellian, Bentre Stahoes, Corvo's true potential would be revealed upon his acceptance into the Tarthos University of Central Learning in Markosian City. Excelling as a pilot in the Warhost Navy, the elders of Clan Naga Sadow began to draw out his dormant Force potential and granted him the privilege of leading the Night Hawks Squadron.

Character History

Bird Of Prey

Born on Mustafar to a scientist father, Boris, and an aristocratic mother, Vya, Ignus Corvo was named after the fires that consumed his place of origin. Few galactic beings could handle the heat of the volcanic cauldron but his father, born an Imperial, was loyal to the cause. On the surface, he was surveying the world for hidden resources, yet his true motive was the research and development of a secret weapon. A weapon that would aid the fallen Empire during its waning years. Studying the toxic gases and sulfuric clouds, he was able to concentrate them and test their effects on living organisms. What he created was a liquid toxin that when vaporized would scorch the lungs and respiratory systems of the victims. This grotesque and sadistic mission desensitized Corvo at an early age. The boy's sense of humor became dark, morbid even, and he had developed a propensity for violence. 

On the one hand, while Boris was a brash and heavy-handed intellect, on the other, Vya was shrewd and cunning. She was a diplomatic being that fought her battles in the courts and Senate chambers, thus serving the fractured Empire with her own set of talents. Her mission was the procurement of trade rights and the maneuvering of power to various families in exchange for political support and funding in an attempt to aid COMPNOR. Naturally Ignus would adopt the nuance of manipulation and would often leverage or coerce his peers, whether it be for gain, pleasure, or entertainment. His parents were impressed and even admired the speed of which he was able to learn and reason. They knew that he was special and different in a gifted way kind of way. 

Dragon Of Tarthos

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