Black Eagle

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Black Eagle
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

24 ABY

Physical Description





3' 11"


71 Pounds


Light Brown



Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):

Form 0

Fighting Style(s):

Broken Gate, Hapan

Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Scholae Palatinae

Known masters:

Xen'Mordin Vismorsus



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Black Eagle is currently a Jedi Hunter in house Scholae Palatinae, Battle Team Acclivis Draco. He spent most of his life so far on Naboo but a long series of events led him to Judecca and the Brotherhood.

He is a very quiet person when first meeting him but as he gets to know you, he will become much more social. He is know to be a cheerful person who is constantly positive and is rarely seen without a smile. He is very sarcastic at times and can be considered a smart-aleck but is able to control this when needed. Due to his complete lack of narcissism, He is well liked by his peers.

Character History


Firmus Webb was an Imperial TIE-fighter pilot and a member of the Elite 181st Imperial Fighter Wing. Abby Webb, Black Eagle’s Mother, was an aide to an Imperial senator from Corellia. They lived comfortably and planned on a beautiful future with children and got married before Firmus Webb was sent to Brentaal IV to stop a rebel invasion of the wealthy planet. He was listed as MIA after the Battle of Oradin causing Abby to fall into a deep chasm of depression. Life was unbearable until a wealthy businessman, named Dilte Teller, married Abby in 22 ABY so he could get more political influence and spread his influence. 2 years later Abby would give birth to twins: Black Eagle, or Lucius Webb, and Parker Webb.


Abby died during childbirth, leaving Dilte with the twins. Realizing that his hopes for political influence were dashed, he decided that he had no use for the twins and he left them at n orphanage. 3 years later the Yuuzhan Vong attacked Coruscant. The keepers at the orphanage abandoned the children and ran to evacuate. A woman in her late 30s desperate to escape, took the twins in hopes that their presence would convince someone to allow her on the already crowded evacuation ships. All three of them escaped unharmed and they and the rest of the refugees were taken to Naboo. The stranger kept the 2 but had no idea what to do with them. The 2 grew up with no idea of their past, considering the stranger they called Alys as a mother.


Life on Naboo

As they grew up Lucius and Parker became great companions and took great interest in exploring the Mountains and forests of Naboo to feed their desire for adventure. At the age of 11 both were found by a Jedi Knight who immediately asked their step mother to train them. The stepmother refused and demanded that no Jedi ever return for Lucius and Parker. Lucius had eavesdropped on the entire conversation and confronted his step mother about it. She immediately told him that Jedi were greedy scum who deserved nothing but extinction. Having heard much about the Jedi, Lucius was angered over her response. months following the incident, The relations between the twins and their stepmother faltered as she drifted into alcoholism and mistreated them constantly. eventually, during the night, he and Parker ran away from home and stowed away on board a transport to Corellia.


From here both of them were stuck doing odd jobs. Eventually they were able to gather up enough credits to grab a ride off the planet. They didn't know where they were going but anywhere was preferable to Corellia to them. During the trip the captain of the ship was very curious as to their origins and what they were doing running around the galaxy at such a young age, after a long talk they learned of The Cocytus System, a system that was on one of the stops and would allow them to hitch a ride to another planet. Happy to help the twins, the captain told them that he would take them to Judecca. Before arriving though, the ship was attacked by a band of pirates. during the fight between the crew of the transport and the pirates, the twins were separated. He eventually found himself at a corridor in between the pirates and the transport crew. the crew seeing Lucius, advanced to protect him, pushing the intruders back to their ship. however the pirates were able to kidnap multiple people, including Lucius's brother. This crushed him to Seeing the pirate ships escape, He vowed to rescue his brother and make the kidnapper pay dearly.

Upon reaching Judecca and thanking the captain, he ran off into the wilderness sobbing for his brother finally falling to his knees in front of an ancient ruin and lay there falling asleep. He awoke to find himself in the Scholae Palatinae medical bay under the gaze of a curious looking man in a robe would eventually become his master.


While in the Brotherhood, Black Eagle trained in hopes that one day he would find his brother and get his revenge. After a couple of months, He knew that he couldn't delay no longer and set out to find his twin. Upon reaching the nearest spaceport he was aided by the captain who transported him to Judecca. He gave Eagle the logs of his ship and gave him information about the pirates who kidnapped Parker. Later he was caught by a couple of pirates who worked for the person responsible for the kidnapping of Parker. Once he was brought to his cell, The captain was brought in and killed in front of him.

Black Eagle was held for a month before Dilte shows up in his cell. He tells Eagle that he is the leader of the pirates and tell him that he had kidnapped him so Firmus would show himself. Firmus had learned that Dilte had married Abby for political influence and secretly undermined him, leading to him losing his wealth and power. Dilte learned through his connections that Firmus was following the twins and Dilte decided to kidnap the twins in order to lure Firmus out. He attacked the transport Lucius and Parker were in but only managed to capture Parker. Firmus, lost track of both of the twins but realized that they had been captured and went to go help them but was caught.

Firmus and Black Eagle were held in the same cell for a month. Firmus explained to Black Eagle why everything had happened and the two helped each other survive the terrible conditions and treatment. Firmus gave Eagle much of his food they got to keep him healthy, much to Eagle’s dismay. The two had become closer in the month they were locked together and were one day able to escape their cell due to a drunk guard forgetting to lock the door.

The pair separated, Eagle going to find Parker and Firmus going to confront Dilte. Eagle and Parker, after months of being separated, had their tearful reunion. Later, they found Firmus dying with a vibroblade in his stomach. Black Eagle, seeing his saber on the wall on display, pulled it toward him using the force and charge Dilte. Black Eagle, thirsty for revenge, painfully and slowly killed Dilte. With DIlte dead, Black Eagle ran to Firmus, who he now considered his father despite only knowing him for a month. With Firmus’s dying words still fresh in Black Eagle’s mind but his twin alive and with him once again, Black Eagle looks to the future, vowing nothing like this would happen again.

DJB Facts

Positions Held


Outstanding Achievements

Black Eagle achieved a Dark Maven degree in flight at the rank of Acolyte