Arias Lewin

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Arias Lewin
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

49 BBY (age 85)

Physical Description





2.01 Meters





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Chronology & Political Information

Army Officer (Brigadier)


Commander of Regimental Combat Team Alpha

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Arias Lewin is a Pau’an military officer in the service of Clan Plagueis holding the rank of Brigadier. Arias led an extensive military career with the Galatic Republc and its successor, the Galactic Empire. Arias was involved in both the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War. participating in multiple engagements against Separatist and Alliance forces respectively, with great success. Following the fall of the Empire, Arias worked as a military advisor and mercenary commander for various Mid Rim-based weapons manufacturing companies before being recruited by General Ranthe Benzayn. Arias currently commands Regimental Combat Team Alpha in the recently restructured Ascendant Legion.


Arias was born on Utapau in 49 BBY. His family was moderately wealthy and well-connected with the ruling faction on the planet. More importantly, their family had vested business interests and allegiances to the Galactic Republic. From an early age, his parents were grooming their only son for service within the Galactic Republic, providing him the best education their money and influence could buy. Their hope was that their son could become involved in politics and further their business interests through mostly legitimate means.

In 35 BBY, Arias was sent to Coruscant to undertake advanced level studies. He resided with his uncle, Tovar Lewin, a Chief of Staff to one of the Pau’an senators. There he would study at various schools and academies of the arts and sciences. He also received direct tutelage from his uncle in the ways of politics, diplomacy, and economics. However, the young Pau’an protégé was unsatisfied with mere education, and yearned for a more thrilling experience.

Republic Military Career

In 32 BBY, at the ripe young age of 17, Arias enrolled himself in the Judicial Academy. His intention was to complete the four year program and graduate as an officer of the Judicial Forces. Though he had enjoyed his more civilized studies, he didn’t feel as if he could make a difference simply studying. His parents condemned his decision to pursue a military career, and broke of all contact. Following this, he immersed himself in his military training, balancing his studies in strategy, tactics, and other military doctrine with intense physical training and leadership development. The Pau’an quickly gained a reputation as a calculating and aggressive leader, and distant among his peers. Though not well liked, the majority of his fellow officer candidates respected the Pau’an’s ability.

Arias graduated in 28 BBY and was pressed into service in the Outer Rim. He served on various ships and planetary installations, usually as a platoon or company commander. By the beginning of the Clone Wars, when the Judicial Forces were folded into the Grand Army of the Republic, Arias held the rank of Captain. For the duration of the war, Arias worked alongside Clones and non-Clones alike in various engagements. By the end of the Clone Wars, Arias had distinguished his combat ability and near-zealous loyalty to the Republic.

In 19 BBY, when his homeworld was occupied by the Separatists, his family was executed for their connection to Arias. Arias felt little remorse or pity for his family, who had disowned him following his enrollment in the Republic military.

When Order 66 was issued by the Supreme Chancellor and the Clones began to turn on their Jedi brethren, Arias willingly complied with the order without question. His loyalty was to the Republic, first and foremost.

The Imperial Era

The Pau’an’s loyalty to the Republic was rewarded. Following the consolidation of the Republic into the Galactic Empire in 19 BBY, Arias attained the rank of Colonel. His experience as an effective infantry commander was recognized by his superiors. He was given command of the 317th Reconnaissance and Light Infantry Regiment, one of the three regiments that formed the 102nd Legion. His appointment within the Legion was controversial, as it was rare for non-Humans to occupy positions of power and authority within the Empire. However, Arias served with distinction, deploying multiple times against pirate and Rebel forces, furthering his reputation was a competent and dependable military commander. He was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General and given command of the 102nd Legion, which fought extensively during the Mid Rim Retreat. By the time of the Empire’s drastic defeat at the Battle of Endor, Arias and his Legion were stationed on Malastare, well away from the fighting.

At the end of 4 ABY, Arias had resigned his command of the 102nd Legion, to the dismay and disgust of the majority of the Imperial Moffs attempting to re-organize the Empire. Arias realized that the Imperial machine had been broken following their defeat at Endor. He made the choice not to risk his life in pursuit of what he considered a lost cause. He made his way to the Mid Rim, finding work and some relative security in the employment of a weapon’s manufacturing company on Falleen.

Plagueian Era

Arias made a name for himself as a knowledgeable advisor and security expert. From 5 ABY to 33 ABY, he worked on multiple Mid Rim worlds. He was a military contractor, advising various companies and other, less-than-legal mercenary groups in various capacities. At times he also led mercenary forces into battle, eliminating various threats for various parties.

By 34 ABY, Arias was working as a military advisor and head of security for Cerean-based firm. Concurrently, General Ranthe Benzayn was tasked by the Dread Lord of Clan Plageuis, Teylas Ramar, to find and recruit capable military commanders for the Ascendant Legion. Benzayn met with the disenchanted Arias on Cerea, and the offer of command was eagerly accepted. He traveled to Aliso and assumed command of Regimental Combat Team Alpha.


Physical Description

Even for a Pau’an, Arias has an intimidating presence. Standing at just over two metres of height and weighing nearly three hundred pounds, Arias was a giant. To add to his menacing form, his furrowed gray skin was covered in a multitude of scars from past battles. His sunken black eyes were thin, and though he was hairless, he had a wide jaw and heavy brows that seemed to be constantly furrowed.


A military officer first and foremost, Arias is normally clad in a crisp, clean military uniform. His uniform jacket is tucked into well-tailored black pants, and he wears knee-high black leather boots. On his waist he has a fashionable utility belt, with his blaster holstered on the right side. During duty hours, Arias would display his rank on the left side of his chest.

Personality and traits


Arias was a cold and calculating individual whose sole philosophy was to maintain control, and as much of it, for as long as possible. His loyalty was difficult to win, but when it was, he would zealously pursue and forward the interests of his superiors at any cost.

As a tactician, Arias was known to be aggressive and calculating on the battlefield. As an Army commander, he relied on lightning tactics and the forward momentum of his troops, forcing the enemy into a reactionary stance on the battlefield.