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Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Ar’rik Rayne
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10 ABY

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Blue/Hazel Eyes

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Ar’rik is a lower ranking Sith of the House Marka Ragnos within the Clan Naga Sadow. Little is known about his past as his history had not begun in official Dark Brotherhood recording until he entered the halls of the Academy. His name however, does have some mentions within the Sith history. Some 1,000 years ago a Sith Lord by the name of 'Rayne' cut a swath of destruction across the galaxy. Some of his more infamous exploits had managed to survive the test of time within recorded history.

It is written that before he disappeared from the galaxy, the powerful Sith claimed he would one day return. None of his peers or masters know the truth behind Ar’rik's name whether he is a descendant of the former Dark Lord or merely a pretender seeking fame and recognition for exploits that were not his own.

Character History

Ar’rik Rayne has proved successful where so many others have failed. His past is a dark mystery known only in detail by himself and the master who he follows. Whether the cloak of information was done intentionally by himself or his master or perhaps the will of the force leaves many to question whom he is and his loyalties.

Rayne was taken into the Brotherhood upon the return of Master Teu as she journeyed away from the halls of the DJB for a time.

Personality and Traits

Physical Traits

Ar’rik is fairly large and well-built humanoid. Standing at two meters, he often towers over most others of his species. The pale colour of his Caucasian skin contrasts against his light golden blonde hair which is cut short. He is usually seen wearing the armour of the Sentry with his order's colours, often leaving out the robes or cloaks so that his sky blue eyes can match with whomever he is speaking to.


Ar’rik is a rather reserved individual. He does not normally converse but if there is a subject he can find interest in he will talk at length on it if engaged. If he's passionate about a subject he will speak continuously on it near to the point of babbling and can be quite stubborn about his views. This does not make him very popular but this means of socializing is something he has developed in his self-defense, for he has in the passed used his intelligence to act rashly and belittle others and ended up regretting it at times. Often he chooses not to speak in order to avoid saying the wrong thing. It is obvious to anyone with a good sense of investigation that Ar’rik is in hiding. His lack of interaction with others and the fact he is never seen bolstering his achievements unlike many of his peers, serves as a good indicator he wishes to go unnoticed most of the time.

Ar’rik is highly intelligent and can use some of it for piecing together clues and progressing in his studies. His greatest talent being that of Jedi lore. For some reason he can recite the Jedi Code, detail events in Jedi history and notable figures and he also knows many of their policies and protocols.

Ar’rik is also a bit of a bookworm, often found studying in the Shadow Academy for long hours, soaking up as much information as he can. Because of this, many would question Ar’rik's path, why he chose to be Sith if he showed such little ambition and preferred study to conquest. But the truth is Ar’rik's ambitions are far more reaching then others would give him credit for, his plans for the future are his true driving force.

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