Alyssa Vahillus

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Alyssa Vahillus
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

29 ABY (age 14)

Physical Description

Half human, half Valheru






63 lbs

  • Mid-Brown
  • Silver streak

Emerald Green

Personal Information
  • Draken 'Ylith' Atema
Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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Alyssa is the only daughter of Xathia Erinos. She was born in 29 ABY, shortly after her father, Draken ‘Ylith’ Atema, left her mother. During Xathia’s term as Quaestor of House Galeres, Bryna was the one Alyssa saw the most. Her early years were spent travelling, since Xathia feared rumours of both her father and former husband.

Shortly after Alyssa’s fifth birthday Xathia returned to the Brotherhood and Clan Arcona, where Alyssa has since been.

Character History

First Steps

(29 ABY)

Xathia and Draken were married shortly after they had received the news that Xathia was pregnant with Alyssa. Though at first the couple seemed happy the honeymoon period was soon over and they became notorious for their late night arguments behind closed doors. It was not uncommon for Draken to be gone for a few days at a time afterwards. After nearly eight months of pregnancy the news was delivered to Xathia that her husband had left.

Alyssa was born five weeks prematurely, though very healthy and needed little special medical attention. The doctors insisted on both mother and baby staying in the medical bay for a few weeks to ensure that they both were fine before Xathia was released back into her position as Rollmaster for House Caliburnus.

Alyssa was raised solely by Xathia for the first few months, putting pressure on her position as Rollmaster until she resigned, and then returned to her original home, Clan Arcona. Xathia had growing fears amidst rumours that her ex-husband had returned, and was now hunting the woman down to take what she treasured most from her.

A few weeks into Xathia’s appointment as Quaestor of House Galeres, an old friend turned up to help with the child rearing. The Omwati acted as a constant child minder for the baby and toddler whilst Xathia had alternative duties.

Xathia holding a newborn Alyssa

Stair of Doto

The ProConsul of Arcona, Vorion, had a bot drug Bryna whilst Xathia was chasing down an answer as to why her and Tirna had been drawn into protective hiding. Vorion stole Alyssa aboard his ship, the Creeping Darkness, using her as leverage against the Quaestor of Galeres. Though Alyssa was adequately cared for by an assistant of Vorion’s during her stay, the kidnapping only made the Priestess more paranoid as a mother.

Bryna resumed her child caring duties afterwards, especially as Xathia was called forward to deal with the growing threat of Mejas. Alyssa seemed to acknowledge the difference in Bryna and seemed unsettled until the Priestess’ return. Especially since she has gotten towards the walking and talking stages, though she rarely spoke to anyone but her mother.

Alyssa clung to the Equite once Xathia was back after the failed operation attempt to contain Mejas. She often made a fuss when she was to be left with Bryna or Zakath, even though the Aedile had taken the place of her biological father temporarily.

On the Run

(31 ABY)

The four of them escaped from Selen not long after Arcona had reclaimed the planet amidst rumours that both Alyssa’s father and grandfather were chasing down the Krath Equite to take from her what she loved most, Alyssa. The first planet they stopped off at was Kegan, to make sure their ship was fuelled and they had adequate supplies. The locals seemed uneasy around three Dark Jedi. They were all quick enough to leave once they had enough supplies and a brief encounter with Xathia’s second eldest brother, Jayden.

Stopping on Toola for a brief time Bryna and Xathia seemed more comfortable as they focused on staying for a little while in a remote village. It’s icy climate made it harder to access for several months whilst Alyssa seemed to confide only in her mother to the point that she refused to be left alone with Bryna or Zakath.

Leaving after a glancing resemblance to Chal in the sole city on Toola, the four of them landed onto Maridun and were quickly split up, leaving Xathia and Alyssa alone. Alyssa seemed calmer as Xathia stopped on the planet for a few weeks, starting to teach her daughter how to use the Force since she had exhibited powers on several occasions since leaving the Dajorra system.

Xathia stocked up on supplies in hope of returning back to Dajorra and Selen as soon as possible since there seemed to be no return of Zakath or Bryna after nearly three months. Shortly before Alyssa’s fifth birthday, the ship took off with its direction towards the Brotherhood location, and a renewed sense of hatred and protection in her mother. Alyssa had become more aware of her powers, and showed a different sense of preference in the use of them.

Return to Xathia’s home

(35 ABY)

"She is more like a Sith than I ever have been."
―Xathia on Alyssa.

Kai and Dai’Lec came back into Xathia and Alyssa’s service once they had both landed on Selen. Dai’Lec was immediately delegated to taking care of Alyssa in Xathia’s absence as her presence was required in the ACC on a frequent basis. Alyssa seemed calm outwardly around others, though she seemed to trust only the droids and her mother, and spent a lot of time in Xathia’s quarters voluntarily.

Xathia had considered starting physical training with Alyssa when a report came back about her father being on Nar Shaddaa. Not intending to be away for longer than a week or two, Alyssa was left behind. She bonded with Dai’Lec deeply during this time, and came to rely on him in the Priestess’ absence.

A New Addition

Alyssa was brought down to the hangar as Xathia returned with Kratus. Alyssa was curious about her mother’s new relationship with the male, though subconsciously she saw no reason not to trust him.

Jayden had somehow managed to track down the pair and wasted little time in breaking into the apartment that they had been assigned. Alyssa was protected by Xathia as Kratus executed the threat and they fled the following morning to Coruscant. Alyssa was curious as to what her mother was planning, but as soon as she was put into a bridesmaid’s gown she got too excited about the formality of the occasion.

Alyssa's family

After the wedding, the trio and the droid retreated to Naboo in response to a pair of amateur assassins came after the Pirate Lord. Here they were once again confronted, but this time by a Jedi, and then by the Republic Forces before they retreated back to Selen. Alyssa had already shown skills with a blaster and knew what death smelt like. It was not something Alyssa was even uncomfortable with, but more that her mother was uncomfortable with showing Alyssa.

Upon their return Alyssa adopted Kratus’ family name as her own, shedding the last evidence that Draken had been in her life.

Trouble In Paradise

Coming Soon!



Alyssa stands at 3 foot 7 inches, being at an average height for her age, with a pale complexion and a lithe frame. Her emerald eyes sparkle out from under a mid-brunette wave of hair which has a streak of silvery-grey along the front. Her hair is as unruly as her mother’s waves and frequently is tangled around any greenery she has been crawling around in, it reaches part of the way down her back and any attempts at tying it back usually fail. Aside from the silver streak, which many have assumed comes from Kratus and not Draken, there is little to distinguish Alyssa from any other eight year old.

Her preferred clothes tends to be a red shirt with a black skirt, and thick tights to allow her some form of freedom of movement whilst also protecting her knees from the usual rough and tumble that Alyssa has taken to. She also has a small belt around her skirt, holding the daggers that she has been trained to be used in her own protection.


Despite her mother’s attempts to shield her from death it is one thing that Alyssa has become accustomed to and already shows the makings of a strong Dark Jedi. She is childlike in many ways and will take to hiding behind Xathia when she is afraid. She is very quiet and shy around most of her family’s acquaintances, though to a handful of people she shows her true colours. Alyssa can be chatty and has displayed a penchant for blood with a few sitters who were not to the child’s taste.

Alyssa has displayed the makings of a Sith despite her young age, with a desire to become one of the most powerful in the Brotherhood. She is keen to become trained in a variety of weapons in order to make herself as strong as possible, and is quick to draw out her blades when an argument arises with someone who is not family to her.

Alyssa has loyalty to three people: Xathia, Sapphyre and J’akked. She is distrusting of anyone, even her own leadership since she is also in the lower ranks of House Plagueis; a feature she seems to have picked up subconsciously from Xathia, though her mother encourages a low level of trust towards their superiors.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • highly intelligent given her age
  • versatile with daggers and blasters
  • quick on her feet
  • subconsciously taps into the Force to augment her natural abilities
  • quick to learn


  • Inexperienced with life
  • Average Strength
  • Average Constitution
  • Average Dexterity
  • Unable to control emotional outbursts (youth issue)
  • easily frustrated when faced with problems
  • liable to hide when scared

Hobbies, Penchants and Talents

  • Alyssa has an innate ability to mimic whatever she observes.
  • Alyssa has a preferred penchant to spend time in the gardens, usually climbing trees whenever she is allowed out of the quarters.
  • She spends time watching the archives of battles from the Antei Combat Centre, already showing her own initiatives for battle strategy and tactics.
  • Alyssa has shown a talent for jump rope and has taken to annoying her parents in confined quarters with this when she wishes to roam outside.
  • She has a knack for knowing which wires when cut will do the most damage, and it has been assumed that she also has the same knowledge for repairing the technology.