Adriel Ferore

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Adriel Ferore
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Date of Birth:

10 ABY

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Long head-tails



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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Clan Tarentum



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Adriel Ferore is a Protector of House Tridens in Clan Tarentum.

Character History

The Beginning


Adriel Ferore grew up in a dry canyon village on the outskirts of Corvala, the capital of Shili. Having grown up so close to the ultramodern city, she was able to obtain and utilize the vast technologies found there to her advantage. Creating and further perfecting many skills that the great warrior ancestors of her tribe could only dream of. That said, Adriel has been instrumental in the running of her tribe up until the point of her leaving to join the Brotherhood. She supervised the running of her tribe and oversaw many projects undertaken on the Tribe's behalf. Such as administration of territories and treaties.

'The Hunter:

Adriel is skilled at hunting and possesses great agility. She excels at combat, being proficient in swords and pole weapons. As a right within her family, Adriel had to fend for herself for 6 months when she was just 7. It is believed that if someone so young can look after themselves in the harsh land, they can survive anything. This is when Adriel honed her skills with weapons. She also has a keen sense of direction and became a brilliant tracker.

The Stranger:

Adriel encountered a young man by the name of Archean Erinos Tarentae when he visited Shili on a routine mission for his Clan. The then Quaestor took a liking to Adriel and stayed with her for quite some time. Adriel knew he was some form of Jedi, but this did not deter her. Archean noticed her skills and asked her to go back with him to Yridia to train in the Force. When Adriel's younger sister was of age to look after the family, she agreed and went with Archean. Archean has taken on Adriel as his Apprentice. Their bond grows each day beyond the titles of Master and Apprentice.

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Leaving Shili with Archean, Adriel joined the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. She transferred to Clan Tarentum, under the rule of then Quaestor Archean Erinos Tarentae. After he stepped down from Quaestor, they both moved to House Cestus. After a few months the pair both moved back to House Tridens.