Adrian von Rholar

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Adrian von Rholar
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10 ABY

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1.79 m


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"In the end, the only person you have to rely on is yourself."
―Adrian von Rholar

Character History

Pre-Brotherhood History

An orphaned child...

The child eventually known as Adrian von Rholar was born in the undercity of Coruscant around 10 ABY, although no official record of his birth exists. His mother was a prostitute named Mara Lix, and the identity of his father is unknown. Several weeks after his birth, an unknown assailant killed Mara Lix during a botched mugging attempt. Soon after, law enforcement officials found her son at her residence and sent him to a government-contracted orphanage. It was the orphanage director that gave his name.

For the next 12 years, Adrian lived at the orphanage. The conditions were spartan at best, but Adrian was a very bright child and made the best of his situation, particularly impressive in academics. However, his life abruptly and dramatically changed after around his 12th year at the orphanage. The director of the orphanage had been caught selling infants over the black market and subsequently had his government contract revoked. Fearing that he cannot support the amount of children in his facility, he began selling off children over the slavery black market. Von Rholar was sold to a scavenger ship captain.

A teenager betrayed and enslaved...

Adrian spent the next 4 years as a slave on board the scavenger ship, living and working in squalor conditions and often abused by the captain and crew. The constant abuse and horrible conditions fed an ever growing anger within Adrian, and at some point when he was around 16 years old, he snapped. The captain was disciplining Von Rholar by whipping for showing up to work late. Von Rholar’s anger boiled over, and he lost control of his emotions. He lunged at the captain, a man over a foot taller in height, quickly overpowering and brutally beating him to death. Von Rholar did not stop there. His rage was uncontrollable, and about an hour later everyone—both crew and slaves—were all dead by Adrian's hand. Although he did not know it at the time, it was likely his innate force abilities that allowed him to overpower so many people—many of whom were both larger and armed—in such a small amount of time.

An adult with nowhere to go...

Following the massacre on board the scavenger ship, Adrian took the ship for his own. He modified its appearance and gave it a fake registry in order to avoid being tied to the former captain and crew’s disappearance. He ran the ship himself, hiring a crew and making a decent living for himself for the next several years.

Around when he would be about 22 years old, a cloaked man approached him in a tavern. The man introduced himself as a representative of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. He offered Adrian a new life, but at a great risk. It seems Adrian's little explosion of anger years ago, likely fueled by the force, caught the attention of something in the Brotherhood. They had an interest in his abilities, and he had an interest in starting a new life. The decision was an easy one to make. Not long later, he was on a transport to the Shadow Academy.

Brotherhood History

A new Apprentice...

Adrian's decision to join the Dark Brotherhood was a leap of faith into the unknown. He had no idea what to expect at the Shadow Academy, but he honestly did not care. He knew he needed to make a drastic change in his life, and he was prepared to endure whatever was required of him to succeed. His time at the Shadow Academy was... strange, to say the least. He didn't seem to be asked to do much of anything, yet was consistently being told that he passed another test as others around him who failed mysteriously vanished. Upon completion of the indoctrination process with the Shadow Academy, Adrian chose to join the Krath order, and was given the title of Apprentice as a member of Dorimad Sol of Clan Scholae Palatinae.

Under the guidance of Aedile Kael Fayne and Rollmaster Kalak Ragnose, Von Rholar quickly rose through the Journeyman titles, currently holding the rank of Protector. He found himself being elevated quickly due to his newly found passion for Shadow Academy studies. A natural academic, he quickly began working on courses hoping to eventually earn a Dark Maven degree. His ultimate goal however, one that he feels is necessary to complete his "rebirth", is to achieve the title of Dark Jedi Knight. Until he reaches this goal, Adrian will still feel as if he is nothing more than a slave boy on a scavenger ship.

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  • Krath Tryo