Ravager (Acclamator-class)

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Production information

Rothana Heavy Engineering


Acclamator I-class Assault Ship


Assault ship

Technical specifications

752 meters


460 meters

  • 200 meters (with landing gear)
  • 183 meters (in flight)
Max acceleration:

3,500 G

Hyperdrive rating:

Class 0.6

Power output:
  • Peak (reactor): 2 × 1023 watts
  • Peak (shields): 7 × 1022 watts
Navigation system:

Advanced navicomputer

  • Quad turbolaser cannons x 12
  • Point defense laser cannons x 24
  • Proton torpedo tubes x 4
  • 100 torpedos
  • 74-Z speeder bikes
  • LAAT dropships
  • AT-TE walkers
  • Fighter Carrier Variant - 156 fighters



16,000 troops and support personnel

Cargo capacity:

11,250 metric tons


2 years

  • Troop transport
  • Carrier

House Plagueis


Ascendant Fleet

Known commander(s):

Plagueis Summit

Current Status:



34 ABY

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The Acclamator I-class assault ship Ravager was an integral part of the Ascendant Fleet of House Plagueis. The ship was originally commissioned during the early years of the Empire. Serving as a troop transport, the ship was largely used to suppress rebellion and bolster the Imperial presence in the Mid Rim. Many years after its commission, the well-maintained but dated Acclamator found itself iunderstaffed and full of ground vehicles that last saw true combat during the Clone Wars, the ship nevertheless served as a deterrent to large engagements. All of that changed with the attack of Plagueis, where the ship was captured by Ravagers and Subjugates. Its forces bolstered and its vehicle complement supplemented and repaired, the ship became and remains the workhorse of Plagueian raiding efforts and surface engagements. The Ravager, along with the rest of the Ascendant Fleet, was destroyed in 34 ABY in an attack over Aliso.


Combat Capabilities

Like the Republic ships of the Mandalorian Wars of old, the ‘’Acclamator I’’-class assault ship favored a wedge-shaped design due to its effectiveness in battle. This shape minimized its profile in combat while still allowing the vessel to concentrate firepower. The shape was inspired by vessels from ages past, and would go on to be the basis of the Star Destroyer line.

An Acclamator came equipped with four heavy torpedo launch tubes, twenty-four point defense laser cannons, each rated at six megatons per shot, as well as twelve quad turbolaser turrets rated at a maximum of two hundred gigatons per shot. They also carried concussion missiles. These armaments made it possible for the ships to perform a "Base Delta Zero" alongside others of their kind, or in the case of Plagueis, alongside the Ascendancy and the Predominant. This orbital bombardment effectively eradicated all life on a planet's surface.

Acclamator-class vessels bore armor impregnated with neutronium, used to disperse deadly blasts harmlessly. This made the armor very powerful, and rendered such armaments as fusion rockets nearly useless. This armor aided the craft in engagementsnas a fighter carrier, but proved even more useful during troop deployment. In addition to land operations, Acclamator vessels could also make sea landings and deploy aquatic troops.

Ship Layout

The Acclamator I-class had its sensor and communications suites located at the front of the ship's command tower. The ship was a very versatile model, and carried troops and walkers into battle alongside the House's LAAT gunships, which rested on an overhead circling rail for maintenance. A separate hangar held personnel and equipment for deployment, while elevator platforms connected the two. Most of the ship's passenger and barrack decks were located on the upper levels. The ship's bridge was located in the middle of an arrow-shaped control tower. Rather than viewports, it relied on advanced holoscreens. The bridge of the Ravager follows a typical Star Destroyer setup, with twin crew pits manned by quiet and efficient Subjugates while Dark Jedi man the command area.

Forn-16: The Blood Works

"Oh, come now. If it didn’t make you scream, it wouldn’t stop the gangrene, now would it?"
―Dr Emar Xu

Perhaps the most unique part of the ‘’Ravager’’ is Medical Bay Forn-16. Rather than any true physical modifications, here can be found several medical tools, sedatives, and other compounds used for experimentation on slaves.The glowrods in the medbay ceiling are purposefully dimmed, so as not to antagonize sensitive slaves in mid-surgery. Tables, gurneys, and even hanging racks hold slaves who are being experimented on, joined by dead and dissected bodies used in Krath experiments. Those sedated, comatose, or simply in a state of slowed decomposition float in bacta tanks, while tattoos are applied to both Sith and slave alike and cybernetic parts are grafted on to wounded Dark Siders. Known better among Plagueians as the “Blood Works,” Forn-16 has become the stuff of horrified whispers to some and excited, unscrupulous thoughts from others.

Aside from the twisted cyberneticist Emar Xu, captured by Plagueis before the destruction of Jusadih to serve the House, the Flesh Pits are manned at all times by Subjugate slaves trained in the arts of medicine and surgery. The only others to enter the Blood Works are new slaves, destined to either die in experimentation or become Ravagers, Subjugates, or Wraiths, and the Krath of Plagueis. The latter go there to test new theories, learn about the innards and psyche of the enslaved, and conduct experiments in Mechu-deru and basic alchemical sciences; such things often need either cybernetic or living beings to properly be tested. These beings complete the horror of the Blood Works - a dark place full of gory corpses and moaning wretches, crewed by the corrupted and their Masters, and smelling of blood, oil, Sith toxins, and harsh disinfectants.


Commissioned two years after the Clone Wars had concluded, the ‘’Acclamator I’’-class assault ship ‘’Obedience’’ was almost immediately assigned to a vital effort - cleaning up after the end of the War. Specifically, regiments of clone stormtroopers were now aging on an accelerated rate to face droids that were no longer a threat. These doomed soldiers, alongside equipment that was being surpassed every day by the Imperial industrial effort, were recycled to serve a new purpose - quelling dissent and punishing unlawful activities in the Mid Rim.

This service would proceed quietly enough for several years, allowing the stormtroopers on board the ship to be cycled out as they grew too old. Nevertheless, Kaminoan training regiments and discipline showed itself, and the Obedience and its onboard equipment remained well-maintained and properly serviced long after their expected abandonment. While vehicles would be lost at times, Obedience would become a second home for many other outdated machines, effectively replacing them alongside the troopers and providing a plethora of spare parts.

The Obedience did not see true combat until the dawn of the Galactic Civil War, which saw rebel raiders and fleets attack the ship as it attempted to crush dissenters, now at an all-time high. While en route to Kessel following the defeat and capture of rebel forces in the Expansion Region, the ship was boarded by a rebel strike team who set the prisoners free and overwhelmed the ship. Eventually, the remaining crewmen and soldiers - disgruntled to be shuffled off to the sides of the conflict - surrendered and defected to the Alliance. The ship was renamed Prosperity, and was used in a crucial role to help liberate worlds.

Due to its typical use as a landing craft, it was one of the first vessels to fall under slave control. A week of repairs, and the renaming of the vessel as ’’Ravager’’, saw the vessel become a part of the new Ascendant Fleet. Manned by efficient Subjugate crews and deploying bloodthirsy Ravagers alongside its vehicular forces, the Ravager was the workhorse of the Plagueian planetary assault effort.


Because of its mid-sized profile, the Ravager operates as a cruiser in space combat - while the Star Destroyers rip apart larger ships and bases and the gunships tear through fighters, bombers, and small craft, this Acclamator vessel fights in the mid-range engagements and in support roles. This makes the Ravager less devastating than its fellows, but vital to maintaining a Plagueian advantage.

In addition, this vessel operates as a primary center of deployment for raiding forces. Maneuvering through the battlefield, Ravager deploys slave soldiers such as Ravagers, Wraiths, and Subjugates for boarding action against enemies or victims of Plagueis. It is also the initial carrier of captured loot or enslaved crews, allowing it to carry out a subtle and supportive role for Plagueis and deal serious damage to enemy vessels from within their own hulls.

Finally, and perhaps most essentially, the Ravager possesses the ability to operate within atmospheres and land. This allows it to attack an enemy position alongside the gunships of Plagueis, tearing apart defenses and deploying sufficient slave and vehicle forces to reduce enemy fortifications and settlements to rubble.