Emar Xu

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Emar Xu
Biographical Information
Physical Description

Human cyborg






122 lbs




Brown left eye

  • Right eye lens array
  • Scanning lens
  • Infrared lens
  • Analytic lens
  • Microscope lens
  • Vocabulator
  • Vocal chord replacement system
  • Internalized comlink
  • Contained breath mask
  • Liquid food port
  • Cybernetics tool array
  • Flamethrower
  • Right arm
  • Surgical array
  • Blaster cannon
  • Left shoulder
  • Laser sight
  • Rocket launcher
  • Flashlight
  • Chest-contained power unit
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Both legs
  • Repulsorlift module
  • Magnetized feet
Personal Information

House Plagueis

Chronology & Political Information
  • Cyberneticist
  • Geneticist
  • Surgeon



Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


House Plagueis

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Doctor Emar Xu was a leading cybernetic surgeon and a prodigy of modern medicine for the Galactic Alliance's medical universities, until his experiments in the fields of cybernetics and genetics went too far and he was forced to work for underworld cartels. Apprehended by the forces of House Plagueis in early 36 ABY, he was offered a choice by the Aedile; submit to the will of Plagueis and serve, or die.

For a man whose obsessions had already consumed him, it was an easy choice.


Medical Prodigy

"But professor, why should we repair the limbs that exist? With a little augmentation, we could make these people stronger, faster, and better than ever!"
―Emar Xu, first-year medical student.

Born on Corellia, Emar Xu was the top student in his class within his Corulag school. Upon his graduation, his parents, who had little, used what money they could muster to send him to Coruscant for schooling at the planet's sophisticated medical universities. There, he became skilled as a surgeon and showed talent in the field of genetics, but what always truly captivated him was the field of cybernetic replacements and enhancements.

Graduating with top honors, Xu would become a successful geneticist and surgeon, though he would rarely have the pleasure of working with cybernetics. He worked in this field for years, garnering accolades and recognition, but would secretly grow to resent the policies and rules of the establishment. When insufficient opportunities to augment living flesh presented themselves, he resorted to replacing his own bodily tissues, heading off diseases whenever he could. Like many prodigious minds, though, he soon found that even this was not enough.


"I've made you better, don't you see? You're stronger, faster. You're beautiful."
―Emar Xu, after forcing cybernetics on a patient.

Xu's fall from respectable practice came when a patient under his care showed indicators for a possible genetic mutation. Striving to fix this and feverish with the possibilities of his work, Xu tried to persuade and then to coerce the woman toward cybernetic work, but to no avail. With no other options left, Emar broke into her records and modified her condition to one of severe necessity. Sedating the patient, he went to work, ordering what parts he needed under false pretenses and extensively replacing limbs, organs, eyes, and even portions of the spinal chord. When his work was complete, Xu was in tears of joy, and showed his patient her new appearance; rather than expressing joy over the grandeur of his work, she was horrified, throwing herself out of the window of her room.

An inquest followed, naturally, and soon Xu's tampering and misdeeds were brought to light. He was sentenced to seven years in prison, the revocation of his license, and a permanent ban on practicing medicine anywhere. However, before his actual incarceration, Emar used a scalpel to stab his bailiff and make a getaway, though he took a grazing wound from a blaster pistol. Fleeing, Xu managed to get away through a contact he'd developed while forging records, stowing on board a freighter headed to the Mid Rim Territories. While on board the ship, Xu's wound worsened, but by using medical supplies he'd stolen, rudimentary emergency prosthetic parts, and parts from a droid, he was able to augment himself and survive. It was then that he finally found the fix he was looking for. To support this new obsession, he began working for underworld cartels in secret, gaining the favor of several high-profile gangsters and Hutts. Their clients typically needed much more extensive work and didn't complain about enhancement, so they sated his need for a few years.

After a few years, he found his needs escalating, and even the most violent offenders were soon not enough.

Darkest Darkness

"I do not need the money, nor do I want the work. Look at me; really look. This is what I am. This is all that I want, all that I need. My answer is yes."
―Emar Xu, when offered death or service.

Xu's work would garner all kinds of attention. Having already received several cybernetics due to lightsaber wounds during the Reclamation of Antei, Plagueian Aedile Kal di Plagia Vorrac soon became aware of the cybernetics addict. Issuing a mission to his subordinates, he had the doctor captured and brought before him. Vorrac offered him a simple choice - serve the interests of Plagueis, creating cybernetics and performing horrific experiments, or die. For Emar Xu, it was an easy choice.

He soon began his service of House Plagueis.

Physical Description

Emar Xu stands roughly five feet and eight inches tall. Clad in a grey lab coat, he lets his black hair - bald on top, uncut around the edges - hang down his back. His right eye is brown, his left eye a cybernetic replacement with several different lenses and modules. His chest and abdomen are studded with cybernetic devices and access panels, as he has removed most of his organs in favor of better-working machines. His left arm is mechanical from the elbow down, consisting of a base five-digit hand but splitting apart into approximately sixteen attachments. Some of these are surgical, others for generic use and a few even weaponized, but the man changes them out as he sees fit. His left shoulder has been largely removed and replaced by a better shoulder joint and a shoulder-mounted blaster cannon, aimed by his left eye's targeting mode. His right arm is also mechanical below the elbow, but splits apart like the former into a variety of tools. This can also reconfigure into a large blaster cannon, firing huge blasts at enemies.

Xu's legs are mechanical from the hip down, and can work either like ordinary legs, on treads for mobility, or on repulsorlifts for hovering purposes. They have built-in magnets and even possess two pairs of astromech-like booster jets, allowing him to fly around if he must. This, combined with his subtle enhancements to his own musculature, makes him very mobile when he needs to be and also very good at hiding. His skin is pale white, and his face has largely been replaced by a built-in breath mask and vocabulator.


Xu is, by and large, a professional; he has good bedside manner and is quite polite. That said, he's thoroughly insane, consumed by his macabre work; he will be calm and collected as he slices into screaming patients and hooks up cybernetics. He has been known to be quite friendly as he speaks to people who he is removing shrapnel from. All in all, he has taken to his new home, unaffected by the horror of the work he does or the lack of contact with the greater galaxy. While his work has escalated a thousandfold, there is always a chance of him escalating further and needing to do more and more terrible things. Only time will tell.


  • Emar Xu was first designed as the target in a Plagueis competition.
  • The original idea for his creation came from Kabal's ending in Mortal Kombat 2011, and was expanded.