Zxyl Venzos

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Zxyl Venzos
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

1500 BBY

Physical Description





2.0m / 7'0"



  • Heterochromatic Irises
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Purple
    • Orange
  • Right Hand
Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):

Purple / Red

Lightsaber Form(s):
  • Lightsaber
  • Bryar Pistol
Fighting Style(s):
Chronology & Political Information
  • Assassin
  • Gladiator
  • Aedile of House Ektrosis
  • Praetor to the Regent
Personal Ship:



Dossier - Character Sheet

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Zxyl Venzos is a Force Disciple aligned with the dark side of the Force that is strongly affiliated with Clan Taldryan, currently serving both as Aedie of House Ektrosis and the first-named Praetor to the Regent of the Brotherhood. An ancient being from the height of the Sith Order during the Old Republic era, Zxyl served several masters before freeing himself of their influence. He was later frozen in stasis for almost two thousand years. After his awakening from stasis by the Sith Alchemist Nihlus Vexrii, Venzos was recruited into the Brotherhood.


The Old Republic

Not So Humble Beginnings

Zxyl was born into a small Dashade colony and similarly small family of just himself, his mother, and his father, on a terrestrial planet rotating a binary star deep inside the Outer Rim away from galactic politics and the wars between the Jedi and their counterparts. His people had formed a colony on the small unknown world to escape prosecution from those that wished to do them harm, but imposed themselves on the native Human species that resided there. Because the colony had took what they wanted, when they wanted it, they were in near-constant conflict with the Humans and were often engulfed in war. During the first several years of Venzos' existence he was immediately seen among his people as a trouble maker for the small colony, and required constant saving from situations he forced himself into; whether it be getting trapped, nearly maimed, or just downright causing trouble within the colony.

Even from a young age the Dashade was taught to be a killer and hunter, which only contributed to the hardships he'd face as he got older. Zxyl was wildly detached from the norms of his people, often breaking tradition or protocol to do something that would end disastrous for him. During one hunt for local fauna just after his tenth birthday, Venzos' kill was stolen by a younger Human occupant in a close-by village that had strayed to far in a similar hunt for fauna. In complete anger the young Zyxl had lashed out at the Human boy, slaying him from behind and leaving his body to hang. The encounter was traced back to his colony by the Human population there, starting another conflict after two years of uninterrupted peace between the two. Although his family and species kin had defended him, he was considered a major outcast among them for bringing harm and war to the colony.

Not long after he came of age, the Dashade came upon a departing starship meant for Known Space. Stowing aboard the craft, Zxyl made his escape from the colony and Human population that hated him dearly. His plan had backfired almost immediately however as it wasn't long before he was discovered, and forced into temporary servitude by the ship's Human crew once he was subdued, for the many months that the journey took. The starship eventually made its way into Hutt Space and landed on the moon Nar Shaddaa, where Venzos was sold into slavery to the Hutts.

Slave to the Hutts

The Fighting Pits

The Dashade was sold to Fargor the Hutt, a fat and slimy beast that dwarfed most members of his own species. Fargor owned several fighting arenas across the sector, and recognized the Dashade almost immediately for his brutish and no-holds-barred fighting style. Venzos was subsequently forced first into the smaller fighting pits as an enslaved gladiator, made to fight smaller - though still dangerous - fauna and other slaves of Fargor for show. Those who watched the encounters yearned for a spectacle, but Zxyl almost constantly disappointed them by dispatching his targets quickly. It was during his sixth encounter in the smaller pits that he was forced to fight several opponents who had graduated from simple slaves to deadly killers - two Humans, one Trandoshan, one Weequay, and a scorched Wookiee - truly testing his skills in combat. Although Venzos dispatched the first three foes - both Humans and the Wookiee - with little fanfare using a simple Vibroblade, the weapon was destroyed by the Weequay and his leg suffered a serious injury by the Trandoshan target. For the first time since being forced to fight, the Dashade's life was truly on the line.

With the crowds cheering at the first sign of Zxyl's weakness in the pits, the Weequay - who had lost everything prior to becoming a slave - rushed ahead without thinking and came to strike him down with a large overhead slash from his own weapon, a massive vibrosword almost as tall as the Dashade himself. The injured Venzos managed to successfully maneuver his devastated leg into a position of leverage however, and shoved the broken blade of his sword directly through the armored chest of his opponent with incredible strength he was unaware he possessed. The massive vibroblade never connected with him, and was dropped to the ground with a dying curse from the impaled opponent. With only one target remaining he took the Weequay's weapon, and launched empowered strikes against the final foe, struggling to keep his footing with his diminished appendage. The Trandoshan opponent held the upper hand for almost a full minute, quickly forcing the reptilian into defense. Zxyl bided his time, and waited for the most opportune moment to strike out. He severed the Trandoshan's right arm from his body, severely weakening his ability to block strikes from the massive sword bearing down on him.

The large Dashade eventually dispatched the Trandoshan with a game of feline-and-rodent as well, but not without suffering great blood loss. He collapsed at the end of the round to roaring crowds, and later awoke in the medical area of a completely different arena on the world of Nal Hutta. The Dashade's Huttese master had been enamored with his skills, and moved him to a larger arena to attract greater attention and personal wealth from bidding on the fights. While Venzos won most of his fights with little damage, continuously honing his abilities as a killer, there were several instances in which the hulking behemoth suffered greatly and took many planetary cycles to recover. Still, his hatred for his situation allowed him to persevere, and continued to build a name for himself as a gladiator. With each person he defeated, he devoured their life essence to feed his hunger and quicken the healing process compared to other individuals.

Zxyl's final encounter in the fighting pits came shortly after his twenty-third birthday. Fargor had set-up a hand-to-hand match between the Dashade and his opponents, two Twi'leki brothers skilled in that form of combat. Though the two initially had the upper hand against their reptilian foe, Zxyl's brute strength and clawed hands made quick work without much of a spectacle. Finally accepting his slave was no show-man and would never bring him the wealth he desired through the fighting pits, Fargor chose to free Venzos from that endless conflict if he agreed to hunt for him - bounties and other high valuable targets. Yearning for some freedom, the Dashade accepted and graduated from the arena fighter he had spent several years as to an assassin. Although he would still be in servitude, he was no longer bound to a small holding area filled with others. He could dress and arm himself as he saw fit with liberties the reptilian did not have before, and concentrate without the roaring of the crowds at his backsides. Venzos immediately took advantage of the situation, setting out to do some more harm for bad people.

Hunter for the Hutts

Returning to Nar Shaddaa until his master called for him, Zxyl took several several jobs for his own pleasure to continue honing his skills and amass a small bit of wealth to operate freely, always taking pleasure in the kill and ensuring he devoured the life essence of is enemies. Under his first job in his new position for Fargo, the Dashade was tasked with hunting down a businessman in the Inner Rim that had shorted the Hutts on protection payment. Although he had taken his sweet time in locating his target, Venzos was quick to return him to the Hutt after spending mere moments with him and discovering he was incredibly annoying. It didn't take long after returning the man to Fargor before the slimy beast took the businessman's life via his guards. The second task the reptilian killer had been given was the assassination of a corrupt Senator from a well-known world in the deep core, Anaxes.

Sith Servitude

A Devourer Unleashed =

Broken Chains

Abilities & Traits

Prized Equipment


Production information
  • Designed by: Lord Phuxall
  • Constructed Zyxl Venzos



Single-Bladed Lightsaber



Possession Item:

Epic Lightsaber

Technical specifications






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