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Exodus era.New Order era.
Sentinel Network
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32 ABY

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The Sentinel Network (abbreviated as SeN, SeNet or "Net") is the clandestine framework of Jedi Sentinels and intelligence operatives currently solely affiliated and working for Clan Odan Urr. It is the solid expansion of Shadow Company. The Network originated on New Tython, however, as the system has grown the net points have been expanded throughout the galaxy and now the Net is present on many worlds, allied or hostile. Following the planet's destruction and the Clan's move to the Kiast system, the Network was reorganized into its own independent entity in order to serve as an intelligence branch.

The constituents of SeN exert professionally for one client, in their covert warfare for Galactic freedom.

Nerve Center (NeC)

The original Sentinel Network Nerve Center (SeNNeC or "Neck"), is said to locate in Menat Ombo, Owyhyee, New Tython, but its exact location was never fully confirmed during this era. Since the Clan's relocation, the new location of the SeNNeC is as of yet known, but one has since been established within the Vatali Empire. Since the Network consists of net points, the center can transfer into any of those net points (anywhere within allied territories), depending on the mission. In essence, the Nerve Center has two regions, umbra (the total shadow-main level), and penumbra (fringe region of partial shadow-access level). The main level has full security access and equipment and only top agents or Jedi Sentinels with zenith key holders can enter the level. Other constituents may only reach the accessory level, where they get instruction and provide information to the Net. These locations aren't always physically located in the same place but are at all times connected through comms and data streams. Zenith keys can take any form, from a scannable tattoo, DNA imprint or a retinal scanner. Even data transfer of specific software to predetermined terminals can act as a key.

The Nerve Center can use any buildings or structures and retrofit them with the necessary equipment to serve as the center. Common people cannot recognize the change or modification, since every construction is done as a mundane project, but in timely manner, often using a front organization or company. There are always at least seven entrances to the penumbra - which allow agents to move in and out freely without interaction with other operatives and informants - but only two entrances to the umbra (prox and mesa). The identification of the entrances may vary from time to time, and the encrypted description of each is directly sent to the respective constituents through their encrypted datapad.

The Nerve Center is ultimately different from a safe house and is not used in such capacity. A safe house is only an annex (or cilium) of the accessory level.

Symbol of the Sentinel Network

The symbol of Sentinel Network has two versions: the plain and the subtle. The plain version is like the emblem of the shadow company, with the picture of the eagle's head on it. The subtle symbol is derived from the plain emblem, recognizable only by the zenith key holders. This emblem can, again, take any form on the zenith holder such as temporary tattoos, microchip implants, data transfers, etc.


"Foreknowledge is the ultimate asset."
― SeN motto

Since the SeN fuction is to serve one client, i.e. Clan Odan Urr, their work is to gain any information for the respective Clan and /or government-affiliated with it. Their work can be established as ADDICT protocol (to Anticipate, to Detect, to Distinguish, to Intend, to Caution, to Treat (as instructed))

"Know your targets is half the victory."
― foreword from Gaelin Al Sorra at his first meeting to lead the SeN

The constituents must have and provide correct, factual, objective, up to date, and detailed information to the SeN. The SeN always promotes activities to find the best answer to gain the best solution. A zero-sum game is the last option. The doctrines are explained in the enlistee’s training manual, known as the GUTS book.


Originally there are two big divisions of the SeN. : Operatives and Analysts. However, based on the Network's functionality, there are now six distinct sectors of SeN. Sector I to III, coordinated by the Chief Analyst (CAnSeN), Sector IV to VI, coordinated by the Chief Operative (COpSeN).

Sector I Legal and Civil Order (LeCO)

A sub ring chief leads this sector, with code name “ LeCo-Arm” and directly reports to the Chief Analyst of SeN. This section manages the policy and negotiation, so that the operations can blend smoothly to organizations and regulations.

Sector II Communication and Intelligence (CoIn)

CoIn-Arm leads this sector and reports to the Chief Analyst. This sector handles all types of communication and provides best support and intelligence equipment to the field operatives. Information and data are mainly scrutinized in this sector before being presented to the Chief Analyst or in prime rings meetings.

Sector III Finance and Enrollment (FiEn)

Finance and Enrollment is led by FiEn-Arm who also acts as the leader for all front organizations and fundraising companies. However, the public never perceives the furtive methods of enrollment since this sector only identifies the potential enlistees and directs them to the CamPer Sector discreetly.

Sector IV Safety and Security (SaS)

SaS-Arm leads this sector to provide internal and external safety and security of the SeN’s mission accomplishment. SaS constituents might act like guards, scene sweepers, medical personnel, media info personnel and even executioners. However, the last functions stays restricted, only activated under certain circumstances and close supervision of the assigned Jedi Sentinel. These circumstances are collectively known as Protocol Zero.

Sector V Camouflage and Personnel (CamPer)

This sector, led by CamPer-Arm mainly manages the continuity of personnel enrollment, the training, agent enhancement and disguise. CamPer has extensions, named as CamPer Hubs, who are the instructors of field agents. The Hubs guide in groups, pair rivals or apprenticeship depends on the characteristic of the enlistees and their potential placement value in every SeN sector.

Sector VI Research and Development (ReD)

ReD-Arm maintains this sector to improve the Sentinel system, including the ingenuity and acquisition of the agents. Reports directly go to the Prime Ring, as when this sector performs the project, ReD-Arm will take full control of the program and lead any assigned sector constituents included at the program.

Modes of Operation

Most of operative methods done in SeN are clandestine, which are meant to be hidden. Most of the time the operations were unnoticeable, however, when necessary they can perform covert operations, which are deniable as the perpetrator remains unknown but the public can see the result. In other cases, both modes can be used together in a mission as well. A handful of exceptions have arisen over the course of its existence, becoming more prominent following the exodus from New Tython. The final blow in the conflict between the Vatali Empire and Vauzem Dominion is one such example, with operatives acting openly alongside a variety of other soldiers to ensure the decapitation strike's success.

Clandestine Rings

The SeN administration work in Rings, which are known only by the only client, Clan Odan-Urr Summit. The First Ring is the Prime Ring of Umbra, consist of the Leader of SeN, the Leader of Sector I-III, and the Leader of Sector IV-VI. The Second is the Subprime rings of Umbra which are derived from the first ring. The Subprime can have their own rings in the accessory level. In addition to the SeN Rings there are Nodes, who come from the client, Clan Odan Urr, as they can integrate in any rings construction.

Current Zenith Key Holders


  • Leader of SeN – Ring Acme of Umbra : Gaelin Al Sorra
  • Leader of Sector I-III – Ring Canvas of Umbra : Durzo Es-Piera
  • Leader of Sector IV-VI – Ring Phantom of Umbra : Hail Gollins
  • Odan-Urr Summit


  • LeCo-Arm
  • CoIn-Arm
  • FiEn-Arm
  • Sas-Arm
  • CamPer-Arm
  • ReD-Arm


  • Councillors of Urr
  • Assigned Jedi
  • Assigned military personnel