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She's Got It Where It Counts, Kid.
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Pertinax Yadar Mandalore
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83 BBY

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300 Lbs





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"I may have to report to you but I still don't have to agree with your Ideas"
―Yadar to Gavan

Character History

"Bigger is not always better...now biggest that's a different story."
―Yadar looking at CSP and Arcona's VSDs


Yadar is a Wookiee from the planet Kashyyyk. Though he was born there, he lived on a starship most of his life before joining the Dark Brotherhood. Most of his childhood memories have been lost due to a traumatic event that happened at an early age.

Time as Jedi Knight

Yadar served as a Jedi Knight before he was expelled. He reached the rank of Jedi Knight and was expelled shortly after.

Expulsion from the Jedi Order

Yadar was expelled from the order in 35 BBY shortly before the clone wars. He was expelled for killing is apprentice in a fit of anger and has since been a drifter and joined the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Battle on Almania

However, his adulthood has been a different story, during the Battle of Almania he was severely wounded and lost his hand. It has since been replaced with a silver metallic colored cybernetic prosthetic.

Joining a Family

Yadar passed the trial set to him to become a Mandalore and is now part of the family.


Yadar discovered his father was a Dark Jedi Master who was killed by a Jedi Master on Ambria.

Rite Of Supremacy: Second Darkness

Yadar competed in the Rite of Supremacy following Braecen and Phoenix to many victories. He even went to the well of darkness. Afterward Yadar stood in the audience as one of the many to get a Seal of Darkness. He placed 41st in the overall DB RoS and 13th within CSP.

DJB Facts

  • Yadar is Daniel Stephens apprentice.
  • Got 41st overall in the RoS as a Guardian, something he considers an achievement.

Phobias & Allergies

  • Yadar has a great fear of spiders and enclosed spaces.
  • He is also allergic to smart asses like Cethgus.


  • Sc'rath- This was damaged beyond repair in the Battle on Almainia.
  • E-11 Blaster Rifle- Yadars' first weapon from the Dark Brotherhood.
  • The noobbeating stick - it is a stick for beating that Yadar carries with him all the time.

Positions Held

  • Former Obelisk Trooper for HOO BT Pandragon
  • Former Obelisk Trooper for HAD Mandalorian Comrades
  • Former DV Staff Member
  • Former Obelisk Trooper for HDS Banshee Brigade
  • Current Sith Flightmember for HC Nightshade Squadron


  • Yadar has been hosting the House Caliburnus Trivia.
  • Compiled the information about Sith Holocrons, Sith Amulets, and Sith 'Text'. He also sorted the CSP competitions for Selene d'Tana.

Outstanding Achievements


  • Yadar received third place in the Mixed Media event from The Seventh Great Jedi War: Incursion
  • Third place in CSP-All Stars -Gaming
  • Came in 41st place in the RoS Second Darkness. Also came in 13th place out of the entirety of CSP.




  • Yadar also owns the droid R9-3L.
  • Yadar has been in all three of CSP's houses