Wattrik Cronis

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Wattrik Cronis
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16 ABY

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5ft 8in







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Maximus Raidoner Mandalore

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Imperial VT-49 (Palma et Letum)

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"Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force Shall free me."
―The Sith Code

Character History

Background and Early Years

Little is known about Wattrik's early life. He was born to a relatively small unknown community on Dantooine; the Matale community. It was a small town that had less than two thousand residents. Two of those residents were Cliea and Nyland Cronis, Wattrik's parents. His mother: Cliea was a short- fair woman with brown hair and hazel eyes. She worked as a tour-guide at the historic Matale estate. Wattrik's father, Nyland, was a slender educated man. Standing slightly over six feet, with brown hair and brown eyes- he served most of his life in the Imperial Navy. After the Civil War subsided with the destruction of the second Death Star, Nyland was offered to remain in naval service for the New Republic, with a severe reduction in rank. At that time, he was a Commander (CDR) in the Imperial Navy- and had served as Executive Officer (XO) on numerous ships. With an offer to transfer to the New Republic Navy as a Lieutenant, Nyland decided to retire to a civilian life. At the time of Wattrik's birth in 16ABY, he was employed by the local district police.

While pregnant with Wattrik, his mother Cliea found out that she was carrying twins, one male and one female. As two normal citizens, they rejoiced. However, halfway through the pregnancy, complications arose. It seems one of the fetal children had become wrapped around the neck by the umbilical cord. The Cronis family was told that a surgery to attempt to remove the cord would without a doubt kill at least one of the fetal children if not both, not to mention have a high possibility to cause serious complications with Cliea. The family decided not to act. As a result, during child birth- Wattrik was born but in the attempt to save his twin, the emergency surgery proved to be fatal to his mother who died that day. Wattrik and his twin sister Stateah both blamed each other for their mother's death.

Twelve years later, Stateah and Wattrik were walking together with a group of their friends near the old ruins. Many stories that the children's parents told them said that this used to be a Jedi temple, however many people just claim it to be an old estate. No one ever knew because other than some toppled wall pillars rising from the hill there was nothing of interest there. Wattrik would always try to find his way up to the top of the hill however, he somehow felt energized by standing in a certain place on the hill. This time as they stopped on top of the hill, the saw a wild Kath Hound digging. All of the children began to make noise and throw rocks at the creature to attempt to scare it off. One rock hit the Kath on the head and it collapsed to the ground. They all gathered around it, as they leaned in, the hound jumped upright and in that motion clawed one of the children at the midsection. That child, who had been their classmate and neighbor screamed and collapsed in that spot having been gutted by the hound. Wattrik and Stateah both then stood facing the creature, and filled with fear and anger- felt a connection, almost as if they could hear each other's thoughts. They jointly focused on the Kath Hound's neck and suddenly it fell to the ground, dead, with a severed spine in the neck. The Cronis twins never spoke of that event to anyone but each other.

Admission to Imperial Military Academy

5 year program. Training-Watt excelled. Saves lives by killing mercs. decorated (14yoa v 17standard)

Stateah and Wattrik continued to focus on each other's thoughts for the next few years in private, cooperating to slowly learn to move objects without physically touching them. However, with the local area declining in population- their father decided to send the children to a Imperial run academy called Lahaye on the plains of Corellia.

Lahaye Academy is one of the few remaining institutions of it's kind left. Not built to indoctrinate young people to become Imperial extremeists, but rather it's mission at the time of their admissions, to supplement the growth and development of young people to become better citizens and prepare them to enter the remaining Imperial armed forces. The academy operates on a five year program ending with the commission of graduates as Ensigns and Lieutenants in the military.

Plebe Year

Age 13

2nd & 3rd Years

Early Commission

Ensign in Imperial Navy. First duty station on Lancer class Star Destroyer: Horizon, under LCDR Aija. Lancer class Star Destroyer Horizon

Service to the Empire

Remnant. LSDs. crash LSD/SAC. Battle meditation?

Defeat & Exile

Enemy Insurgency

Coup Attempt

Last Stand at Daltar


The Dark Brotherhood

"That works..."
Thran Occasus

Scholae Palpatinae

Murder Attempt & Hiding


Master - Student Program


DJB Facts

Positions Held

Outstanding Achievements

  1. First place in "The Saga" fiction competition.
  2. First place in the "Best Overall Category" SWG Decor competition.


  • Wattrik is a fictional character, who is a member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.
  • He is proudly a member of Scholae Palatinae, and formerly of House Acclivis Draco.
  • He uses a mass produced red lightsaber.
  • The person behind the character can be found here: User:Wattrik
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