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Production information

Agave-class Picket

Technical specifications

190 meters

Hyperdrive rating:
  • Class 1
  • Backup Class 10
  • Turbolaser cannons (2)
Fire arc: forward
  • Laser cannons (4)
Fire arc: turret
  • crewmembers 28
  • gunners 8



3 months

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The Vespera is one of the last remaining defensive measures the Shadow Academy holds to date. Her service and time in grade is nearly impeccable, showing an outstanding resiliency during the on-going Vong War. Like its sister, the Azura, they heard the call for all ships to rally to the Brotherhood’s needs. However, with the lack of personal defense of the Arcanum, the Headmaster pled with the Grand Master for all attempts on the Vespera and Azura to cease. He was granted his request. As the months passed, the Vespera acted as command of special operations for the Headmaster. The 28 man crew would provide countless intelligence operations to the Arcanum, sacking any chance of sabotage or foul play.

Under direct command of the Headmaster and Praetor, the Magistrates also have direct control over its personnel and mission duties. However, confirmed authorization and a signed document are needed for the Magistrate to board the vessel and command its Captain. During a time of war, the Vespera is under direct Marshal Law, and any member of the Shadow Academy above Magistrate may use it as his or her personal flag ship for the duration of their tenure. This also being rare; most staff members have their own craft. Several key modifications have been made to the Vespera since its acquisition by the Shadow Academy, one such being the cloaking system. Without this, it would be nearly impossible for the Vespera to continue its role as a saboteur and intelligence operative. Other modifications include extended quarters with an abridged library, useful for when a member of the upper Echelon needs council.

After the Eighth Great Jedi War left the Shadow Academy with an outdated fleet and brand new command ship, Headmaster Anshar replaced the Sirona and Corra with the Vespera and Azura. During the Brotherhood's time of exile, both served as centers of espionage and intelligence. Upon their return to Antei, the Vespera served bravely in combat, surviving the battle, and continues to provide intelligence to Shadow Academy forces back on Lyspair.