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Seider is an ex-Imperial Marine Commando trained in the taking of ships and specialized ground installations. He became a knight under Aabsdu, the Consul of Clan Plagueis when he still went by the name Aalos Fier.

Aalos Fier was born on the same day the first death star was destroyed, though his appearance places him as younger then that, it is possible that during his time with the Empire he might have been expiremented on.

Character History

He enlisted at an early age, at 15, and joined the Empire. He joined the Imperial Army and at his first assignment was attacked by a group from Besh squad of the 799th Commando unit stationed at his base. He instinctively fought back and defeated most of the squad members before finally being subdued. Cando Retts showed up to find out who had torn apart his sister squad, as he was the second in command of Aleph squad. Noting the abilities of the young Zabrak he did something that was unprecedented. He ordered the Zabrak moved to his commmand. His CO immediately requested transfer as did about half the members of the team. Aalos however was moved into Aleph and became known for his ability to know when to ambush and when danger was near. Later after all six of the units from the 799th were nearly wiped out Cando retired and Aalos signed up for a two year stint in a group called the Hammer's Fist. This was his final command before becoming a Dark Jedi due to him becoming disenchanted with their leadership andopting to leave their command at the end of his enlistment.

He then worked for a short time as a Mercenary and bounty hunter, which is how he came about getting his custom armor, which is similiar to Mandalorians in appearance. He had raided a collectors private stores and gained several unique items. It was then he was approached and invited to learn the ways of the Force by an unknown member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

He fought as Battle Team leader in the Great Jedi War against the Yuuzhan Vong. He was quickly promoted to Jedi Hunter. He had several engagements and repelled boarders on at least two occasions with his Battle Team, he also singly held the bridge entrance expecting to die when they were boared. Knocked unconcious briefly his Battle Team arrived and pulled him to safety. It is then that he embraced the Dark Side in a way he never had to save those that had saved him, completing a lightsaber at the behest of his master inbetween engagements. Thus a short time after the GJW ended he was promoted to Dark Jedi Knight.

His actions against the Yuuzhan Vong left him scarred because he viewed them in much the same way as he viewed the Sith, using their hatred to gain power. His turmoil weakened his connection to the force, his philosphy thrown into tatters.

He went to Tatooine shortly thereafter where he spent time working for the Hutts as an enforcer. While there an old friend and mentor from his Imperial Commando days asked for his help to rescue his niece who was on her way. His friend Cando found out he was a dark jedi when Aalos killed two bounty hunters after his niece who were trying to capture her because she was force sensitive. His niece K'atel was saved and he disappeared, returning to his life as an enforcer, wearing his battle scarred armor that was noted for having three linked triangles on one shoulder pauldron, and a skull on the other, few know the emblems are also on his shoulders.

About six years later more bounty hunters showed up and killed Cando and his family, leaving K'atel, his niece behind. Turning once more to his force powers Aalos kills two of the bounty hunters and K'atel kills the third in her rage. Realizing there that he had again embraced his powers and that all emotion was a fuel Aalos realized he needed to return to the Brotherhood, that his force connection was back and stronger than ever. He picked up K'atel and they returned, going to House Scholae Palintinae instead of returning to Plagueis, which he views as a shadow of it's former self.


Aalos Fier studies everything there he can find about war, including ancient texts and more modern events.

After his time away from the DBJ he returned under the name Seider.