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This is for the RL person behind Legorii Kryotek Entar. For the fictional character, see Legorii Kryotek Entar.

Dark Brotherhood

Luke first joined the Brotherhood just after finishing his seventh grade year, in the first few days of summer. He had actually found the Brotherhood about a year before, while Googling for cool Star Wars robes. He ended up coming across robes from the EH and from the DB, and further explored the warbanner and lightsaber concepts. However, he did not join the organization at this time - don't worry, we'll get there soon.

Shortly after the time when Luke was looking for those graphics, he was a major roleplayer on a few Star Wars forums, but was looking for something more. Recalling the Brotherhood's cool robes and lightsabers, Luke joined and found himself in Clan Arcona. He worked his way up to Acolyte until the Eighth Great Jedi War, where he attempted to get involved and help his new Clan, but soon burned out and took time off.

Luke crawled back to the Brotherhood a few months later. He had earned the nickname the "Ancient Arconan n00b", which was ironic given that he was apprenticed to Strategos Thanatos Entar Arconae, who was known as the "Eternal Acolyte". Both nicknames were given due to their long tenures as Acolytes. While there are lots of Brotherhood members who stay at the rank for much longer, most don't return to activity and serve in a distinguished role. Since returning, he has taken on a bigger role in his Clan than a lot get a chance to, serving as Battleteam Leader, Aedile, and Quaestor. He's also become involved in the Shadow Academy and the Wiki, serving as a double Eclectic Pedagogue and Wiki Staffer.

Luke is a freshman at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., and competes on their varsity swim team as well. He is double-majoring in political science and history with a minor in pre-law, and plans on going on to law school afterward. He also enjoys triathlons, reading biographies, and table tennis. Luke is an avid golfer, and works as a lifeguard during the summer.

Written Works


  • Half of the Cian Run-on (Protector, Blue Mist).
  • Journey to Arcona promotion fiction (Protector, 6).
  • Broken Saber Run-on (Protector, Arcona).
  • Time of War: Intercept (Protector, Raken).
  • Swordhand (Protector, Raken).
  • Assassinate the Master at Arms (Protector, Raken).


  • Blood of Brothers Run-on (Guardian, Arcona and Naga Sadow).
  • Ylesian Twilight plot design (Guardian, Blue Mist).
  • Insanity (Guardian, Raken).
  • Time of War: Assets (Guardian, Raken).

Jedi Hunter

  • Emerald Agony lightsaber construction (Jedi Hunter, 6).
  • Operation: Elevated Liberation promotion fiction (Jedi Hunter, 15).
  • Search for the Lost Run-on (Jedi Hunter, Talos and Anubis).
  • Time of War: Direct Action (Jedi Hunter, Raken).
  • Mantle of Darkness (Jedi Hunter, Raken).
  • Legendary: Chi Long (Jedi Hunter, IGs).
  • Legendary: Firefox (Jedi Hunter, IGs).
  • Legendary: Khyron (Jedi Hunter, IGs).
  • Legendary: Trevarus Caerick (Jedi Hunter, IGs).
  • Legendary: Jac Cotelin (Jedi Hunter, IGs).
  • Legendary: Corran Force (Jedi Hunter, IGs).
  • Legendary: Pyralis (Jedi Hunter, IGs).

Dark Jedi Knight

  • di Tenebrous Turmoil (Knight, Great Hunt II).
  • Death of a Clan (Knight, Raken).
  • Prophetical (Knight, Raken).
  • Dark Orb Code (Knight, Dark Orb).
  • Clan Arcona Starfighters (Knight, Dark Orb).
  • Clan Arcona Squadrons (Knight, Dark Orb).
  • Clan Arcona History (Knight, Dark Orb).
  • Clan Arcona Vault (Knight, Dark Orb).
  • All events of the Uneasy Alliances Feud (Knight, Dark Orb).

Krath Priest

  • A bunch more stuff.

Krath Archpriest

  • A bunch of other stuff.