Tyrant (yacht)

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Production information

Light freighter

Technical specifications
  • Yacht
  • Light freighter

Clan Scholae Palatinae

Known owner(s):

Clan Scholae Palatinae


22 ABY

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The Tyrant, a yacht that served Clan Scholae Palatinae, was originally meant to replace the destroyed Emperor's Will pleasure yacht. The sole province of the Clan Consul, it went wherever he went. Rumor has it that the yacht had been extensively modified with various pleasures to the liking of the Consul.


With the loss of the Emperor's Will, Clan Scholae Palatinae needed a replacement to serve as the private transport for their Consul. After some discussion, newer model yacht was selected and purchased.


As previously mentioned, the Tyrant was based in Clan Headquarters on Judecca, but it followed the Consul wherever he traveled as a means of a quick escape. There were always at least two extremely good-looking (And well paid) female pilots standing by for whatever emergency may come up.