Trokane Sponada

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Trokane "Duum" Sponada
Biographical Information
Physical Description



1.95 m (6 foot 5 inches)


88 kg (194 lbs)





Personal Information
Known Children:
  • 'Pipes' Sponada (Daughter)
  • Luna Sponada (Daughter)
  • Nikol (Deceased)
  • Emilia (Missing)
  • Haaranovor Chekar (Concealed Stab) - Vibroclaws
  • Aliik (Sigil) - Westar 34
  • Akaan (War) - Westar 34
Fighting Style(s):

Mandalorian Core

Chronology & Political Information
  • Debt Collector
  • Interrogator
Personal Ship:


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A warrior of a different caliber, Trokane, known by his moniker "Duum," takes pride in his mental capacity; often taking joy in playing those beneath him as if it were just another hand of Sabacc, of which he is a master. Mandalorian stock, he grew up in an honor system that has become obsolete to his way of thinking as he respects few and typically looks down his nose at many. A smug and spindly creature, his greed has become the driving force behind nearly all of his decisions; afterall, with wealth, comes power and influence. Currently serving Clan Vizsla as a primary Debt Collector, the hound is always sniffing out gains. Always, he seeks leverage and opportunity as he applies pressure to those whom have fallen behind in their payments. Manipulative and cunning, he is a true businessman with a probing lifestyle.

Character History

New Dawn

Born to a warrior's lineage on Concord Dawn, in the shadow of a prominent Gladiatorial Arena, Trokane Sponada was the black sheep of his family in that he took to learning more than combat. Somewhat of a prodigy when it came to talking his way out of situations others could not, or manipulating his way into a better deal, he was a true word-smith from the very beginning. Requiring a different kind of training, his parents would often become frustrated with him as they were more combat oriented but would inevitably change their stance when they watched him grow into a towering young man with an aptitude for dual-wielding blasters. They grew to admire him, especially when citizens of Concord Dawn became envious of his inherent talents and saw something special within him. Eventually, Trokane would step into the Arena, but not without a suit of Armor.

The Forge

Duum's Armor

The time had come for Trokane to step into the pit. He was skeptical and rightfully so. Outside of the training yards, he was still green and it would show in his first match, of which he lost, decisively. He lacked the pride of his Mandalorian brethren and questioned his purpose until his father took him to see the Armorer located in the Capital. Many Mandalorian's had large, intimidating suits, yet Sponada would receive something a bit more sleek and subtle. It would only be viewed as intimidating later in life, when it would become scarred by battle and when he could afford proper upgrades, until that day, he would step into the Arena again. This time he was prepared and would carry not only a new found pride, but the sigil of his family into battle. This time, it would be a squash match as he utilized the Arena itself to outsmart and outclass his opponent. Leaving his foe badly injured, the towering and now armored Mandalorian youngster was well on his way to becoming an unforeseen monster.

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